Kagoshima Airport Departures KOJ

Kagoshima Airport

Address: 822 Mizobechofumoto, Kirishima, Kagoshima 899-6404, Japan
Departments: Kagoshima Airport Post Office
Airport code: KOJ
Elevation: 276 m
Phone: +81 995-73-3638
Serves: Kagoshima

KOJ Departures today

Get To Know Kagoshima international airport departures

Although Japan stands out for having many airports in its prefectures, for you to go to Kirishima, you need to go to Kagoshima airport. This airport is located a few kilometers from the city, but it is the closest for you to stay there. You can get to know the aerial installation in-depth and be convinced that you need it to travel and have Kagoshima departures.

Flight routes

Most busy routes:

Kahoshima airport offers a dozen more domestic flights like Tokunoshima, Naha, and Tanegashima. During the pandemic there were international flights as well. Those flight routes might start in the future again. Some of these destinations are: Seoul–Incheon, Taipei–Taoyuan, Shanghai–Pudong, and Hong Kong.

About Kagoshima Airport

It is an airport that was opened in 1972 for Kagoshima flight departures, replacing the airfield of the Imperial Japanese Navy. This new airport with KOJ airport departures is operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation Kagoshima Airport Building. It is one of the busiest air areas on the island of Kyushu and, of course, the city of Kirishima.

By 2015, the airport received more than 5,000,000 passengers with up to 66,000 Kagoshima airport departures. The airport has alliances with Durazno, Japan Airlines, Jeju Air, and China Eastern Airlines, the most popular airline.

Location for KOJ departures

The airport is located in Kirishima, which is part of Kagoshima prefecture and hence its name. The airport is located less than 10 miles from the metropolitan city of that well-known prefecture in Japan.

Kagoshima Airport Transport

When you leave the air facility, you can take some public transport services such as:

  • Kagoshima departures by cab: You can pay for a taxi to take you to Kagoshima-Chuo Station located in Kagoshima City. This trip is 29.6 kilometers, so it will take about an hour to get there.
  • KOJ airport departures by train: At Kagoshima-Chuo train station, you can go to any prefecture in Japan in a short period.
  • Kagoshima airport departures by bus: You will have several routes available that can take you to Kirishima, a few minutes away or Kagoshima.
Terminal at Kagoshima Airport

The airport has a beautiful air terminal that was remodeled less than a decade ago. This terminal is the base of New Japan Aviation and Japan Air Commuter operations and ten other airlines to process the Kagoshima flight departures. At the airport, you will have a runway available 3,000 meters long by 50 feet wide.


This terminal has nine boarding gates for Kagoshima airport departures, a single main gate, and several ticket offices. You can also have several commercial premises inside the terminal to have information about Kagoshima city.