Hiroshima Airport Departures HIJ

Hiroshima International Airport

Address: 64-31 Hongocho Zennyuji, Mihara, Hiroshima 729-0416, Japan
Airport code: HIJ
Elevation: 331 m
Phone: +81 848-86-8151

HIJ Departures today

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To have a photo of the place where the Hiroshima bombing occurred, you will have to travel there by air. You can locate and go to the Hiroshima airport, a few miles from the bombing area. Know in-depth the aerial installation, how its terminal is divided and what Hiroshima departures you can take from there.

Flight routes

During the pandemic all international routes have been cancelled and some of the domestic ones as well. The domestic flight departures will be offered by Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Ibex Airlines.

  • Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Naha, Sapporo, and Sendai

Hiroshima Airport opened its doors in 1993, replacing the old Hiroshima airfield for Hiroshima flight departures. Although this airbase is public, it is very large and has to renovate facilities. Although the airport does not reach 30 years in HIJ airport departures, its time has served to gain fame.

In this airport, you can find nine commercial airlines that can give you very attractive international Hiroshima airport departures. You can go from Hiroshima airport to countries like China, Malaysia, and Indonesia if you prefer. Domestic HIJ departures are another profitable option for you to take from this beautiful airport.

Location for Hiroshima departures

The airport is situated in the metropolitan city of Mihara, which is in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan. It is an airport far from the metropolitan area to provide security guarantees for your flight.


From the Hiroshima airport in the city of Mihara, you can take two profitable means of transportation:

  • You can go to Shiraichi train station to eventually have Hiroshima flight departures. It can take you form any area of Mihara in a few hours. This rail system works almost everything and is operated by two lines that pass through the entire city.
  • At the airport, you can have HIJ airport departures by renting a car or take a taxi to go up the San’yo highway that connects you with the city. You have the classic car or limousine service if you want to travel in style.



The air terminal only has one building for the Hiroshima airport departures of its flights with a 9,843-foot long runway. You can have 7 boarding gates in this terminal that divide A through D for domestic flights and E through G for international HIJ departures.


You can contact commercial airlines like Spring Airlines Japan, HK Express, or China Eastern Airlines. The airport also offers layover Hiroshima departures for you to go anywhere.