Verona Airport Departures VRN

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Verona Villafranca Airport
Address: 37066 Caselle Province of Verona, Italy
Departments: Pascucci
Height: 73 m
Phone: +39 045 809 5666
Province: Verona
Aircraft movements: 33,138
Passengers: 3,638,088 (2019)
ICAO airport code: LIPX
Alias: Verona Villafranca Airport and Valerio Catullo Airport


Discover Verona Villafranca international Airport departures

If you want to travel to Italy in style, you may need to familiarize yourself with the Verona airport service. This is an airport that covers all of northern Italy for you to explore for new communes. Although the airport is in a central part of the country, it is good that you know some details of its installation and Verona departures.


The airport in northern Italy has been in operation since 1970 for Valerio Catullo Airport departures when it was opened to the public with its commercial flights. In that same decade, the airport took the GardaAeroporti Company as its operator, which expanded its operations to increase the Verona Villafranca Airport departures. In subsequent years the airbase has been rebuilt, modernized, and expanded its capacity to receive passengers.

At the airport, you can take Verona flight departures with Neos, Volotea and Air Dolomit, which is one of the most important airlines in Europe. It is an airport that served more than a million people in 2020, which is why it marked a milestone in its installation.

Location for VRN airport departures

Verona airport is located in northern Italy, very close to the city of Verona. You will have to travel about 14 km from the city center to reach the national airport.


If you arrive at Verona airport in Italy you can take these public transport services without problems:

  • Be on time for your Verona Villafranca flight departures when renting a care. Rent a vehicle at the air terminal and go to the A4 motorway that will take you to Milan. You can also take the A22 motorway, which can lead you to Modena-Bennero within 5 miles.
  • Verona airport departures by bus: Wait for the Verona bus that passes every 30 minutes through the airport. It is a public bus that will also serve to get you to the Verona train station that the capital city of Italy can send you.

Verona airport has two terminals for VRN departures in which you can find low-cost commercial flights. In this terminal, there are ten loading gates, 20 check-in counters to start the Verona departures, and two waiting rooms. Inside the terminal, you can find the office to wait for the bus, car rental, and information about Verona.

For now, it has ten direct domestic Verona Villafranca Airport departures with more than 15 active airlines. It is a single runway airport with one company offering cargo flights from Rome or Amsterdam.