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Venice Treviso Airport
Via Noalese, 63 / E,
I-31100 Treviso, ITALY

Tel: +39 (0) 422 315111
Fax: +39 (0) 422 315129
Owner: Aeroporto di Treviso S.p.A.

Airport Codes
IATA code: TSF


Get To Know All That Venice Treviso Airport Has To Offer For Passengers!

People who want to know everything about the history of Venice (from its myths to its foundation) can move to this wonderful place. To get to this charming city, it can be done differently, being the Treviso Airport an impossible way to get lost. This is a very small airport, and it is located at an exact hour from the city of Venice; in this place, it is almost impossible to get lost.


The Treviso airport was originally born as an airfield to be able to satisfy all the requirements of the Treviso Aeroclub. By the mid-30s (20th century), it became a civil airport, but it was in 1953 that the first passenger terminal was built. In May of that year, the first international flight was established, where the destinations were known to Vienna and London.

In the summer of 1998, Ryanair was able to launch its first alliance flight with London. 2007 was a key year for this airport since it had a new opening of the passenger terminal with a larger size.


Treviso Airport is located 40 kilometers north of the city of Venice and 3 kilometers southwest of Treviso. It is about 60 kilometers northeast of Padua and is used by some low-cost companies such as Ryanair.


Passengers and tourists have a wide variety of comfortable transportation methods to get to the airport or move from it to different destinations:

• ATVO bus

This bus company is ideal for all those who want to get from Treviso to Venice. It makes several stops: two in Mestre, one at the train station and others in the city of Venice in Piazzale Roma.

• Transfer service

Those who have a large budget can request a transfer service, being a very comfortable option. A driver will be in charge of waiting in the airport terminal for the passenger and will transfer him to a pier or the hotels in the city.

• GoOpti

This is an international company specializing in the transport of passengers by road from/to the different international airports. It provides high-quality transfer services that are available to everyone, being very respectful with the environment.

• Train

Treviso airport is connected by a bus and taxi service that are close to the train stations. These stations are close to Treviso and Venezia Mestre, and the travel time does not exceed 20 minutes.


This airport has a runway that is in charge of receiving all international and local flights. The direction of this track is 07/25, its measurement (length) is 7,940 feet (2,420 meters). The surface of this single track is full asphalt.


The airport has only one passenger terminal that was inaugurated new and expanded in 2007. The terminal is dedicated to the artist/sculptor “Antonio Canova.” By 2008, this terminal had more than 1,700,000 passengers.


Passengers who want to fly with this airport can count on a wide variety of airlines: Air Arabia; Belle Air; Germanwings; Ryanair; Transavia; Wizz Air; Wizzair Ukraine and Wizzair Bulgaria.


Passengers will be able to move to different very important international destinations in which the following stand out: Casablanca – Morocco; Tirana – Albania; the main Spanish cities and Amsterdam – Netherlands. There are also destinations to Sofia – Bulgaria; Prague – Czech Republic; Warsaw – Poland, and other regional towns in Italy.

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