Palermo Airport Arrivals PMO

Aeroporto Falcone Borsellino

Palermo Airport, Societa di Gestione dell´Aeroporto,
I-90139 Punta Raisi, Italy

Tel: +39 (0) 91 7020111
Fax: +39 (0) 91 7020394
Owner: Gestione Aeroporto Palermo S.p.A.

Airport Codes
IATA code: PMO

Falcone Borsellino Airport

PMO Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
13:50 April-17 13:56 April-17 Zurich (ZRH) Air Baltic LX1742 estimated
13:55 April-17 13:50 April-17 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1787 estimated
14:00 April-17 13:45 April-17 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1799 estimated
14:25 April-17 14:22 April-17 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4906 estimated
14:25 April-17 14:13 April-17 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR4969 estimated
14:30 April-17 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1781 scheduled
14:35 April-17 14:58 April-17 London (STN) Ryanair FR3918 delayed
14:35 April-17 14:30 April-17 Milan (MXP) easyJet U23505 estimated
14:55 April-17 14:41 April-17 Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR4798 estimated
15:10 April-17 Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR4099 scheduled
15:20 April-17 15:09 April-17 Tarbes (LDE) Volotea V72186 estimated
15:25 April-17 Bucharest (OTP) Ryanair FR7868 scheduled
15:45 April-17 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR1028 scheduled
16:10 April-17 Florence (FLR) Volotea V71409 scheduled
16:25 April-17 Milan (MXP) easyJet U23507 scheduled
16:35 April-17 Marseille (MRS) Ryanair FR6785 scheduled
16:35 April-17 Pantelleria (PNL) DAT DX1826 scheduled
16:40 April-17 Naples (NAP) Ryanair FR48 scheduled
16:40 April-17 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1775 scheduled
17:05 April-17 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4904 scheduled
17:05 April-17 Paris (ORY) Transavia TO3816 scheduled
17:10 April-17 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR6149 scheduled
17:20 April-17 Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2713 scheduled
17:25 April-17 Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR3926 scheduled
18:20 April-17 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1795 scheduled
18:30 April-17 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1375 scheduled
18:55 April-17 Venice (VCE) Ryanair FR836 scheduled
19:00 April-17 Lampedusa (LMP) DAT DX1804 scheduled
19:05 April-17 Trieste (TRS) Ryanair FR1759 scheduled
19:05 April-17 Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR4917 scheduled
19:30 April-17 Nuremberg (NUE) Ryanair FR903 scheduled
19:35 April-17 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1793 scheduled
19:45 April-17 Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR4933 scheduled
19:55 April-17 Parma (PMF) Ryanair FR4498 scheduled
20:15 April-17 Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR6283 scheduled
20:20 April-17 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1791 scheduled
20:30 April-17 Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2719 scheduled
20:45 April-17 Naples (NAP) easyJet U24105 scheduled
20:55 April-17 Florence (FLR) Vueling VY6922 scheduled
21:45 April-17 Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR4341 scheduled
22:00 April-17 Cagliari (CAG) Ryanair FR1009 scheduled
22:00 April-17 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR7874 scheduled
22:00 April-17 Milan (MXP) easyJet U23511 scheduled
22:10 April-17 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR1150 scheduled
22:30 April-17 Verona (VRN) Volotea V71533 scheduled
22:50 April-17 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1783 scheduled
23:00 April-17 Venice (VCE) Ryanair FR4847 scheduled
23:00 April-17 Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2717 scheduled
23:05 April-17 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4908 scheduled
23:30 April-17 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1771 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Genoa (GOA) Ryanair FR2910 scheduled
00:05 April-18 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR6451 scheduled
00:40 April-18 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR1438 scheduled
00:55 April-18 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR5840 scheduled
01:55 April-18 Olbia (OLB) Poste Air Cargo M4761 scheduled
07:00 April-18 Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR4099 scheduled
07:10 April-18 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR3946 scheduled
07:20 April-18 Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR3916 scheduled
07:35 April-18 Athens (ATH) SKY express GQ1402 scheduled
07:55 April-18 Lampedusa (LMP) DAT DX1802 scheduled
08:15 April-18 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR1015 scheduled
08:35 April-18 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1763 scheduled
08:45 April-18 Milan (MXP) easyJet U23501 scheduled
08:50 April-18 Zurich (ZRH) Helvetic Airways LX1740 scheduled
09:20 April-18 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1777 scheduled
09:20 April-18 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR2289 scheduled
09:30 April-18 Verona (VRN) Ryanair FR4915 scheduled
09:40 April-18 Venice (VCE) Ryanair FR577 scheduled
09:55 April-18 Turin (TRN) Ryanair FR2313 scheduled
10:00 April-18 London (LTN) easyJet U22495 scheduled
10:12 April-18 Trieste (TRS) Air Mediterranean scheduled
10:20 April-18 Pantelleria (PNL) DAT DX1822 scheduled
10:20 April-18 Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28536 scheduled
10:20 April-18 Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2711 scheduled
10:35 April-18 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1773 scheduled
10:40 April-18 Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) Ryanair FR4749 scheduled
10:45 April-18 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH338 scheduled
10:50 April-18 Nuremberg (NUE) Ryanair FR903 scheduled
11:25 April-18 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1765 scheduled
11:33 April-18 Cagliari (CAG) scheduled
11:40 April-18 Naples (NAP) easyJet U24103 scheduled
11:55 April-18 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1785 scheduled
12:10 April-18 Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO3810 scheduled
12:30 April-18 Tunis (TUN) Tunisair Express UG1758 scheduled
12:35 April-18 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR1028 scheduled
12:55 April-18 Memmingen (FMM) Ryanair FR4947 scheduled
13:15 April-18 Milan (MXP) easyJet U23505 scheduled
13:15 April-18 Lampedusa (LMP) DAT DX1806 scheduled
13:25 April-18 Naples (NAP) Ryanair FR48 scheduled
13:30 April-18 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4902 scheduled
13:55 April-18 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ1787 scheduled
14:00 April-18 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1799 scheduled
14:05 April-18 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR4969 scheduled
14:05 April-18 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX1742 scheduled
14:05 April-18 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY6600 scheduled
14:20 April-18 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR4904 scheduled
14:30 April-18 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1781 scheduled
14:30 April-18 London (STN) Ryanair FR3918 scheduled
14:30 April-18 Ancona (AOI) Volotea V71511 scheduled
14:40 April-18 Vienna (VIE) Ryanair FR7316 scheduled

Get to know the popular Palermo flight arrivals

The genuine facilities of the airport can support your PMO flight arrivals in Sicily in Italy. You can learn a little about the airport’s history, which are transport and how it is composed. Before you make your tour of Palermo, you should know how to get to the airport from the different airlines that it offers you.

Palermo airport or “Falcone Borsellino” was established in 1985 in for its first Falcone Borsellino airport arrivals. This airport was named “Falcone Borsellino” by anti-mafia judges Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone. In 1994, GESAP administered the airport for a 20-year term.

This company that manipulates the airport has achieved great achievements, as in 2004 it was certified to expand operations for more Falcone Borsellino arrivals. The airport offers domestic and international flights to almost every area in Europe for you to visit.

Palermo Airport ground transportation arrivals

When you have Palermo arrivals, you must understand that transportation can be expensive to get to the city.

You can take the train at the Punta Raisi station, located northwest of Palermo. This airport connects with the Palermo Centrale train at a schedule of 22 hours every day. If you decide to take the train at the airport, then you have every 30 minutes PMO airport arrivals for them to take you to your destination.

Another option of transportation that you can take to or from the airport is public transportation by bus. You can also take a private bus to take you to the outskirts of Palermo from the airport.

Car rental is also another option when having Falcone Borsellino flight arrivals. There are several car rental companies like:

  • Europcar
  • Alamo
  • Sicily by car
  • Maggiore
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
Terminal at Palermo Airport

It is a fairly large airport in which it only has mainly Palermo airport arrivals for you to travel throughout Europe. You will have to adapt to a base terminal where Air Frances is providing their operations. This airport is very busy, accommodating more than 7 million (2019) passengers each year. That are more than 40.000 PMO arrivals.


Palermo Airport location

You can locate the Palermo airport at Punta Raisi, which is 22 miles west of the city of Palermo in Sicily, Italy. This airport is the second most used on the island of Sicily, followed by Catania-Fontanarossa airport.


At Palermo airport, you can see some well-known airlines throughout Europe that have Palermo arrivals such as:

  • Air Dolomiti
  • Air Malta
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • British Airways
  • Blue Air
  • Brussels Airlines
  • EasyJet
  • Eurowings
  • Iberia
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Neos
  • Luxair
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Transavia
  • TUI fly
  • Volotea
  • Wizz Air
  • Vueling
Palermo Airport flight routes

The impressive thing about this airport, in addition to its variety, it have a large screen for check-in flights. Some of the most flown routes and Falcone Borsellino arrivals are:

The airport also lends itself to connecting international flights such as New York and Berlin for you to take into account. You must book your flight in advance because the airport is highly sought after.

You will have the best customer service on the airport website to motivate you to make the reservation and have Palermo flight arrivals. These national and international connecting flights have an affordable cost you must Palermo to request.