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Address: 07026 Olbia, Province of Sassari, Italy
Height: 11 m
Phone: +39 0789 563444
Serves: Olbia
Annual aircraft movements: 34,086
ICAO airport code: LIEO
Alias: Olbia Airport


Discover How Striking Olbia Can Be By Landing At The Fantastic Olbia Airport

If you want to go on vacation to one of the most important Italian regions, you should look for relevant information. Olbia corresponds to one of those places in Italy that you should know because of its proximity to the emerald coast. You can land at the great Olbia airport, which is right in the tourist spot center.


Although the Olbia airport was inaugurated in 1945, it started its operations in March 1963. This airport was paused with the arrival of the Second World War, but later it came promoting tourism in the region. Alisarda is the focus airline the airport has been with since its inception and which you should take.

The airport operates with Wizz Air, Volotea, and EasyJet on most flights across Europe. Something relevant at the airport is that it offers many vacation plans from its facilities for you to take now.


The airport is located in the commune – city of Olbia, which is in the entire region of Sardinia in Italy. The aerial installation is located a few meters from the emerald coast, where tourism abounds in Italy.


As a tourist, you can access these means of transport from Olbia airport:

• You can rent a car or take a taxi to go on the SS729 or SS125 motorway that sends you to the center of the Olbia commune. You can take the van to move with your whole family through the Italian region. Among these services.

• Public bus services are available with the ASPO Olbia company to take you to the city center.

• There are several vacation packages that you can take from the facility to get to know the entire Italian region in depth.


Until 2004, Olbia airport had only one air terminal, but its operator expanded it to date. In this new terminal, the airport opens its way with international flights for you to visit.

The two terminals can accommodate 3 million passengers and more than 10,000 air movements. In 2019 the airport broke a milestone by accommodating some 2,900,000 passengers. The air terminal has a single terminal that is about 9,000 feet long, and its surface is asphalt.

You can have a very large reception in the terminal with ten ticket offices, customs room, etc. You can also have two large waiting rooms for domestic or international flights.

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