Milan Malpensa Airport Departures MXP

Aeroporto di Malpensa

Address: 21010 Ferno, Province of Varese, Italy
Departments: Ambulatorio di Vaccinazioni Internazionali
Airport code: MXP
Elevation: 234 m
Province: Varese
Phone: +39 02 232323

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Discover Milan Malpensa airport departures

The Milan Malpensa airport is the largest in northern Italy in the Milan metropolitan area. This airport is serving 17 million people from Lombardy, Piedmont, and the Swiss Canton of Ticino. The first Milan Malpensa departures took place in 1910. It is located next to Ticino’s river and is 49 kilometers to the northwest of central Milan. The airport possesses two terminals and runways for Malpensa departures with a dedicated cargo terminal. Discover the transportation facilities from and to the airport and visit surrounding places for a unique experience.

Transportation Milan Malpensa airport

When we plan to go on a tour to another country by booking Milan airport departures, transportation facilities are essential. Sometimes we may not be familiar with the place and require any medium to reach the destination without any hassles. If you are new to Malpensa and are landing straight from another Italian destination, you can go by public transport for the best travel experience. There are many Milan departures by bus.

Go with private transport noted below to ensure safe and best travel. Know who to reach and depart from Malpensa using private transport:

  • Milan Malpensa airport is reachable using the A8 or the A9 motorway if you are coming from Milan from the North or East. Using the A4 motorway is preferred if you want to reach the airport from West or South of Milan. Look for parking facilities or book before your MXP airport departures take place.


  • There are Milano Malpensa airport departures by radio taxi facilities to the city. Calling the contact number can benefit you with the right taxi. Get to know the contacts for a better travel experience to reach the airport.
  • If you want to travel from Milan Central station to the airport, there are bus connections with every 30 minutes MXP departures. There are three bus lines operated: Terravision, Malpensa Bus Express, and the Malpensa Shuttle.

There are two passenger terminals at Milan Malpensa Airport. Terminal 1 was most recently built and completed in 1998. It is also considerably larger than Terminal 2. The terminal is divided into three parts. Part 1A is for all domestic flights as well as intra-schengen flights. Part 1B covers all long-haul flights and non-Schengen. Part 1C is similar to 1B, but with additional security technology that is used for flights to the US or Israel.

MXP departures Milan Malpensa

Terminal 2 is the old terminal located to the north between the two runways. The flights that are operated here are with the airline Easyjet.

Destinations from the Malpensa airport

There are many destinations that one can travel to from Milan Malpensa airport. There are some popular routes that have more Milan Malpensa Airport departures than others. Here are some of the cities and countries that you can visit by booking airlines in Milan:

Other important destinations of the airport:

Airlines connecting to Malpensa

There are many Milan flight departures by different airlines, and knowing about those airlines connecting with Malpensa is essential. Here you go the details of airlines that you can book for experiencing a flight journey:

  • Air France
  • Aer Lingus
  • Alitalia
  • Vueling
  • Air Europe
  • Ryanair
  • Blue Air
  • Belavia
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Easyjet
  • Luxair
  • Alitalia
  • Free Bird

Above airlines offer many destinations to all over the world with Milan Malpensa departures. Based on the statistics of 2020 travel, the number of passengers traveling to other countries from Malpensa has decreased from 28 million to 7 million due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are many busiest routes, both domestic and international, that operate with more passengers. If you plan to go on a tour to foreign countries or visit the Italian cities, then book your flights immediately.