Milan Linate Airport Departures LIN

LIN Departures today

Address: Viale Enrico Forlanini, 20090 Segrate MI, Italy
Height: 108 m
Phone: +39 02 232323
Serves: Milan
ICAO airport code: LIML
Alias: Linate Airport and Enrico Forlanini Airport

Get to know Milan Linate Airport and why it is one of the busiest airports in Italy

You should take a little of your time to learn about Milan Linate airport and thus know why it is a busy airport in Italy. Italy is beautiful, and to go from, you probably need Linate airport departures or just by car. You can know about the airport’s history, its routes of transport to leave or enter, and the available destinations.


It was built in 1930 to start Linate departures because the demand for flights to the country had grown a lot. This airport was the replacement for the airfield that was less than 1 kilometer from the Milan border to the south.

IATA-code for this airport is LIN. The Airport was rebuilt after the end of the Second World War in the 1950s. In 1980 the airport had a new improvement to expand its operations and accommodate a greater number of Milan Linate departures.

The airport’s official name is “Enrico Forlanini,” but it is colloquially known as “Linate” due to its location. This airport cares about travelers’ experience, so in less than two decades, many improvements have been made and the Milan Linate airport departures has risen a lot.



When you arrive at Milan Linate airport, you will have some Suburban and private transportation if you prefer. You can rent a car to leave the airport or go there by taking the intersection on the A51 autostrada.

If you do not have enough money to rent the cars, you can have Milan departures by bus to the airport. You can take bus 73 to send you to “Piazza duomo” from the city center. These buses at the airport can also take you to Bescia, Monza and the other airport in Milan: ‘Malpensa Airport’.

In the next few years you will be able to take the metro from the city center before Linate flight departures. With the arrival of covid-19, the implementation of the metro to Milan has been delayed, but it is expected that they will restart their operations.



You can locate Milan Linate airport between Segrate and the commune of Peschiera Borromeo in Italy. This airport is very close to the capital so it will be easy for you to go there. It may take you 30 to 40 minutes to get to Milan Linate airport depending on the means of transport you choose. Keep that in mind because you often have to be 2 hours prior to Linate airport departures.

Tracks and airlines

Several terminals in operation at Milan Linate airport go to your destination within Europe or intercontinental. You can have the best airlines in Italy at this busy airport such as Alitalia. Within the airport, you can also recognize other commercial airlines with LIN departures such as:

• Volotea

• Silver Air

• Scandinavian Airlines

• Lufthansa


• Iberia

• EasyJet

• Bulgaria Air

• Brussels Airlines

• British Airways

• Blue Air

• Air France

• Aer Lingus

• Air Malta


Milan Linate departures can take some distinctive national routes such as:

• Roma

• Naples

• Bari

• Cagliari

Palermo Airport PMO

• Reggio Calabria

• Lamezia Terme

• Alghero

• Brindisi

• Olbia

If you want to travel around the rest of Europe taking Milan Linate airport as the main point, you can have Linate flight departures to:

  • Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow, Frankfurt, London Gatwich, Paris-Orly, Brussels, Madrid, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London-City, Vienna, Bucharest, Dublin, Stockholm, Malta, Barcelona and Munich.

Some popular carriers you can use for these routes are Air France, KLM, Britisch Airways, Easyjet, Brussels Airlines, Ibera, Niki, Aer Lingus, Scandinavian Airlines, Air Malta.

Each of these flights is backed by the best European airline for you to contact now. You can receive some flight miles if you are frequent when traveling with Milan Linate airport departures. Don’t forget to organize yourself, plan your flight, and head to this large airport as soon as possible.