Milan Bergamo Airport Arrivals BGY

Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport

SACBO Via Aeroporto 13,
I-24050 Orio Al Serio, Italy

Tel: +39 (0) 35 326323
Fax: +39 (0) 35 313432
Owner: S.A.C.B.O. Spa.

Airport Codes
IATA code: BGY

BGY Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
02:30 June-23 Krakow (KRK) Ryanair canceled
04:05 June-23 Cologne (CGN) Maersk Air Cargo DJ6402 scheduled
05:08 June-23 Cologne (CGN) Maersk Air Cargo DJ6498 scheduled
07:30 June-23 Wroclaw (WRO) Ryanair FR8845 scheduled
07:35 June-23 Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) Ryanair FR3455 scheduled
07:40 June-23 Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR846 scheduled
07:45 June-23 Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64351 scheduled
07:55 June-23 Bratislava (BTS) Ryanair FR4643 scheduled
08:00 June-23 Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR3660 scheduled
08:10 June-23 Vienna (VIE) Lauda Europe FR1532 scheduled
08:20 June-23 Chisinau (KIV) HiSky H4483 scheduled
08:25 June-23 Riga (RIX) Ryanair FR4715 scheduled
08:30 June-23 Krakow (KRK) Ryanair FR889 scheduled
08:35 June-23 Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43131 scheduled
08:45 June-23 Comiso (CIY) Flexflight W28514 scheduled
08:45 June-23 Comiso (CIY) Aeroitalia XZ3814 scheduled
08:55 June-23 London (STN) Ryanair FR2696 scheduled
08:55 June-23 Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air W43845 scheduled
09:00 June-23 Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR3529 scheduled
09:05 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) easyJet U27807 scheduled
09:10 June-23 Poznan (POZ) Ryanair FR3594 scheduled
09:10 June-23 Pescara (PSR) Ryanair FR4016 scheduled
09:20 June-23 Naples (NAP) Ryanair FR3562 scheduled
09:25 June-23 Brindisi (BDS) Ryanair FR3449 scheduled
09:30 June-23 Bergen (BGO) Norwegian (Vilhelm Bjerknes Livery) DY1848 scheduled
09:40 June-23 Stockholm (ARN) Ryanair FR3656 scheduled
09:45 June-23 Cagliari (CAG) Ryanair FR3201 scheduled
09:45 June-23 Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR3654 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Mahon (MAH) Ryanair FR3320 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Tirana (TIA) Air Albania ZB2007 scheduled
10:10 June-23 Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR3433 scheduled
10:10 June-23 London (LGW) easyJet U28291 scheduled
10:15 June-23 London (STN) Ryanair RK2738 scheduled
10:20 June-23 Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28417 scheduled
10:20 June-23 Rome (FCO) SkyAlps XZ1102 scheduled
10:40 June-23 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus Airlines PC1211 scheduled
10:50 June-23 Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR2262 scheduled
10:50 June-23 Fes (FEZ) Ryanair FR3546 scheduled
10:55 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) Ryanair FR1785 scheduled
11:00 June-23 Luxembourg (LUX) Ryanair FR3493 scheduled
11:05 June-23 Kefalonia (EFL) Ryanair FR4994 scheduled
11:15 June-23 Cairo (CAI) Air Arabia Egypt E5542 scheduled
11:15 June-23 Marrakesh (RAK) Ryanair FR3403 scheduled
11:15 June-23 Tirana (TIA) Air Albania ZB2007 scheduled
11:40 June-23 Birmingham (BHX) Ryanair FR5103 scheduled
11:45 June-23 Istanbul (SAW) Turkish Airlines TK7794 scheduled
11:50 June-23 Madrid (MAD) Malta Air FR5493 scheduled
12:00 June-23 Timisoara (TSR) Wizz Air W43551 scheduled
12:00 June-23 Faro (FAO) Ryanair scheduled
12:05 June-23 Budapest (BUD) Ryanair FR2108 scheduled
12:05 June-23 Gothenburg (GOT) Ryanair FR3664 scheduled
12:05 June-23 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR4038 scheduled
12:05 June-23 Thessaloniki (SKG) Ryanair FR4775 scheduled
12:20 June-23 Dusseldorf (DUS) Air Baltic EW9800 scheduled
12:20 June-23 Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9710 scheduled
12:40 June-23 Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR4041 scheduled
12:50 June-23 Helsinki (HEL) Ryanair FR3393 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air W43869 scheduled
13:10 June-23 Tbilisi (TBS) Georgian Airways A9731 scheduled
13:15 June-23 Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR2290 scheduled
13:15 June-23 Cologne (CGN) Ryanair FR5532 scheduled
13:30 June-23 Eindhoven (EIN) Ryanair FR3461 scheduled
13:30 June-23 Trapani (TPS) Ryanair FR4651 scheduled
13:35 June-23 Toulouse (TLS) Ryanair FR5981 scheduled
13:40 June-23 Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR6174 scheduled
14:00 June-23 Tarbes (LDE) Ryanair FR5109 scheduled
14:05 June-23 Lamezia Terme (SUF) Ryanair FR1418 scheduled
14:15 June-23 Catania (CTA) Flexflight W28419 scheduled
14:15 June-23 Catania (CTA) Aeroitalia XZ1104 scheduled
14:25 June-23 Rhodes (RHO) Ryanair FR4202 scheduled
14:45 June-23 Crotone (CRV) Ryanair FR3397 scheduled
14:45 June-23 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR5656 scheduled
14:55 June-23 Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28505 scheduled
14:55 June-23 Rome (FCO) SkyAlps XZ1202 scheduled
15:00 June-23 Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR496 scheduled
15:00 June-23 Cagliari (CAG) Ryanair FR3481 scheduled
15:05 June-23 Olbia (OLB) easyJet U26003 scheduled
15:20 June-23 Tel Aviv (TLV) Ryanair FR2006 scheduled
15:20 June-23 Tenerife (TFS) Ryanair FR2832 scheduled
15:20 June-23 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR5991 scheduled
15:25 June-23 Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR4968 scheduled
15:45 June-23 Sofia (SOF) Ryanair FR3438 scheduled
15:50 June-23 Ibiza (IBZ) Ryanair FR8335 scheduled
15:55 June-23 Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR3143 scheduled
16:05 June-23 Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR821 scheduled
16:05 June-23 Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR4659 scheduled
16:10 June-23 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus Airlines PC1213 scheduled
16:16 June-23 Kos (KGS) ETF Airways NO5680 scheduled
16:20 June-23 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR3399 scheduled
16:30 June-23 Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR4945 scheduled
16:52 June-23 Pisa (PSA) AlbaStar scheduled
17:00 June-23 Athens (ATH) Ryanair FR1318 scheduled
17:30 June-23 Bristol (BRS) Ryanair FR3560 scheduled
17:38 June-23 Porto Santo (PXO) Malta MedAir MT1241 scheduled
17:40 June-23 Berlin (BER) Ryanair FR3311 scheduled
17:40 June-23 Brindisi (BDS) Ryanair FR3483 scheduled
17:40 June-23 Pescara (PSR) Ryanair FR3509 scheduled
18:10 June-23 Alghero (AHO) Ryanair FR2255 scheduled
18:15 June-23 Edinburgh (EDI) Ryanair FR3646 scheduled
18:15 June-23 Corfu (CFU) Ryanair FR4981 scheduled

Location for the Bergamo International Airport arrivals

Orio al Serio Airport is located between the cities of Milan, Brescia and Bergamo (nearest at 6 km / 4 miles). The airport is located around 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Milan. Because of this, the airport is said to be a part of the airport system in Milan. It is located in the heart of northern Italy, which is also a great tourist spot. Therefor many decide to go for Bergamo arrivals at this airport.

Busy European routes


About Milan Bergamo Airport

Milan Bergamo International airport is the third busiest airport in Italy, according to the latest statistics. It is also known as IL Caravaggio international airport, Milan Orio al Serio Airport, and Bergamo Orio al Serio airport. It is one of the busiest airports in Italy at 3rd place behind Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa. In 2020 there is a decline of -72.3% Milan flight arrivals due to corona.

Since it is an international airport, it serves international as well as domestic flights. The airport services mostly Orio Al Serio arrivals of low-cost airlines. This makes the airport particularly popular of travelers with the purpose of a short holiday or business.

Because the airport is pretty close to Milan, it is very busy during the entire year, there are especially during holidays and festivals many Bergamo airport arrivals. It has several airlines taking off and landing at the runways (mainly just at 1 runway since the other is somewhat short and only used for very small airplanes). Some of the passenger flights are with the following carriers:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Air Cairo
  • Almasria universal airlines
  • Alabaster
  • Neos
  • Blue Air
  • Onur Air
  • Tunis Air
  • Ryanair
  • Wizz Air
  • DHL aviation
  • UPS Airlines, and many more.

The airport also serves some international flights that take passengers from and to London, Edinburgh, Middle East, Tel Aviv, and many more places.

Bergamo Airport ground transportation

Milan is 35 miles (51 km) and can be reached by various buses or taxi. There are Bergamo arrivals every half hour if you travel by bus. Travel by taxi and it is a lot more expensive of course, but perhaps a lot easier. A ride to Milan costs around 100 euros and to Bergamo around 30 euros. Traveling with your own transport by renting a car is of course also possible. There are several car rental companies at the airport:

  • Autavia
  • Joyrent
  • Leasys
  • Enterprise
  • Budget
  • Goldcar
  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • Thrifty
  • Sixt
  • Avis
Terminal Orio al Serio Airport

There is 1 long terminal where on the ground floor you can find the check-in counters for checking in, the security to go to the first floor for departure and at the back of the building is the Milan Bergamo arrivals lobby with baggage claim. There are currently renovations and extensions to the terminal in 2020/2021.


Milan Orio al Serio airport arrivals

When you have Milan flight arrivals, you will have to first collect your baggage from the check post at the Orio Al Serio arrivals hall. After you have collected your bag, you will find several car hires and rental desks, and companies at the terminal building. The passengers can also find general information about the Bergamo Airport and other information from the Tourist Information Office at the Milan Bergamo airport arrivals hall. The passengers can book cars, cans, hotel rooms, and purchase tourism cards and packages to get them discounts on public transportation while staying in Bergamo.

Suppose the passengers have a problem walking or any other physical disability. In that case, there is an incredible service available at the airport that offers wheelchairs, ramps, and devices for hearing impairment. There are also special toilets at the airport.

After you are finished with the immigration, baggage, and customs, you will have several choices to get you from the airport to your desired destination.

  • Passengers can hire a rental car at the Bergamo Orio al Serio flight arrivals hall.
  • They can pre-book private transfers and seats on private shuttle buses.
  • There will be taxis available just outside the airport and terminals.
  • The passengers can also catch a bus to reach downtown Bergamo

If the passengers need foreign exchange and banking facilities, general information at Milan Bergamo will give the complete details about the amenities available.

Milan Bergamo Airport numbers and routes

As said before, it is an important airport with many annual passengers. In 2019 there were almost 14 million, but unfortunately due to corona there were less than 4 million in 2020 (38,668 BGY airport arrivals). That will undoubtedly not be at the old level by 2021. There are still regular flights with Ryanair, which has the largest market share.

Domestic flight routes

Many domestic flights go to:

The biggest flight routes are going outside Italy to European destinations.

International flight routes

London Stansted is an important route in this, but also the following ones:

In addition to the many Ryanair Milan Bergamo arrivals, there are many flights with the carriers Wizz Air, Albastar, Neos, Easyjet, and Belle Air.