Lamezia Terme Airport Arrivals SUF

Lamezia Terme International Airport

c / o Aeroporto Internazionale, I-88040 Lamezia Terme,
Calabria, ITALY

Tel: +39 (0) 968 414333
Fax: +39 (0) 968 411032
Owner: Società Aeroportuale Calabrese S.p.A.

Airport Codes
IATA code: SUF

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Maybe you are in the Italian region of Calabria, and you want to know the country in-depth, but you can’t find how to travel. The only profitable option you have to travel from the Sant’Eufernia district in Italy is with the Lamezia Terme airport. This airbase has been operating Lamezia arrivals for more than half a century, and you should know it thoroughly to start your travels.

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Lamezia Terme airport, operated by Sacal SpA, has been operating since 1976 for Lamezia flight arrivals of one of the largest communities in Italy. This is the main airport in Calabria, in the southwest of Italy, which is why it is so important. You can see that the air facility has more than 20 companies available that offer domestic and international SUF airport arrivals.

For 2019, the airport broke its passenger record by accommodating 2,978,110 in more than 25 thousand Terme airport arrivals. Undoubtedly, these passenger figures make the Italian airport known as one of the largest.

Location for Lamezia Terme arrivals

Lamezia Terme airport is located in the Italian district of Sant´Eufemia in the commune of Lamezia Terme. This airport corresponds to the Calabria region that is in southern Italy.

Transportation Lamezia Terme Airport

From the airport you can take various means of land transportation, among the most used are:

  • Rent a car after Terme flight arrivals: You can rent a car at the air terminal that allows you to move throughout the city of Italy. You have to travel about 10 miles from the international airport to the city of Lamezia Terme.
  • Go by bus when having Lamezia airport arrivals: From the airport, you can take some buses that take you to the tourist spots of the Italian city. These services are very good for tourists visiting the region for the first time.
  • After SUF arrivals hall you can travel further by cab: As the last option, you have at your disposal taxi services that can take you anywhere in Italy.
Lamezia Terme Airport Terminal

The air terminal was built in 1976 and was modernized for the 1980s for more Lamezia arrivals. This terminal has a single runway to process Lamezia flight arrivals, measuring 9,900 feet and is under the management of 10/28.

In the air facility, you will have more than ten national and international destinations per stopover. You will have 12 boarding gates to have SUF airport arrivals, a large plaza that divides the airport, and several commercial premises for you to visit.


You can also have car rental services so that you can take the most convenient car to travel. The terminal will be renovated in the coming years to increase its tourist capacity, which increases every year in the region.