Bologna Airport Departures BLQ

Aeroporto di Bologna-Guglielmo Marconi

Address: Via del Triumvirato, 84, 40132 Bologna BO, Italy
IATA airport Code: BLQ
Altitude: 37 m
Telephone: +39 051 647 9615
Province: Bologna
Alias: Guglielmo Marconi Airport and Bologna Borgo Panigale Airport

Guglielmo Marconi Airport

BLQ Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
04:30 04:45 Mannheim (MHG) Businesswings JMP803 estimated
05:45 05:45 Nuremberg (NUE) Ryanair FR3940 estimated
05:55 05:55 Ibiza (IBZ) Ryanair FR3811 estimated
05:55 05:55 Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR4292 estimated
05:55 05:55 Thessaloniki (SKG) Ryanair FR9974 estimated
06:00 06:00 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1582 estimated
06:05 06:05 Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR549 estimated
06:05 06:05 Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR574 estimated
06:15 06:15 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH291 estimated
06:20 06:20 Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN8245 estimated
06:20 06:20 Bucharest (OTP) Ryanair FR3990 estimated
06:30 06:30 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1029 estimated
06:30 06:30 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1312 estimated
06:30 06:30 Fuerteventura (FUE) Ryanair FR3936 estimated
06:45 06:45 Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR620 estimated
06:50 06:50 Copenhagen (CPH) Ryanair FR2676 estimated
06:50 06:50 Madrid (MAD) Iberia Regional IB8763 estimated
07:30 07:45 Trapani (TPS) Ryanair FR2009 estimated
07:30 07:45 Bournemouth (BOH) estimated
07:35 07:50 Mykonos (JMK) Neos NO5038 estimated
07:45 08:00 Southampton (SOU) estimated
07:55 10:35 London (LHR) British Airways BA543 estimated
08:15 08:30 Florence (FLR) VistaJet Malta VJT503 estimated
08:30 08:30 Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air W43848 estimated
08:35 08:35 Catania (CTA) Wizz Air W48184 estimated
08:55 08:55 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY6525 estimated
09:10 09:10 Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR4863 estimated
09:15 09:15 Paris (ORY) Vueling VY8577 estimated
09:35 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1229 scheduled
09:40 09:55 Olbia (OLB) Volotea V71824 estimated
09:55 10:10 Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN8239 estimated
09:55 10:10 London (LTN) Ryanair FR3407 estimated
10:05 10:05 Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR3916 estimated
10:10 10:25 Seville (SVQ) Ryanair FR4348 estimated
10:15 10:15 Cagliari (CAG) Ryanair FR3966 estimated
10:30 10:30 Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR739 estimated
10:30 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS548 scheduled
10:35 10:35 Prague (PRG) Ryanair FR3768 estimated
10:35 10:35 Trapani (TPS) Ryanair FR4301 estimated
10:40 10:55 Zurich (ZRH) Helvetic Airways LX1669 estimated
10:45 10:45 Brindisi (BDS) Ryanair FR3774 estimated
10:45 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK2684 scheduled
10:45 11:00 Cannes (CEQ) estimated
10:55 10:55 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1322 estimated
11:00 11:15 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH283 estimated
11:05 11:20 Fes (FEZ) Ryanair FR8674 estimated
11:20 11:20 Berlin (BER) Ryanair FR137 estimated
11:20 11:35 Berlin (BER) Tyrol Air Ambulance estimated
11:30 11:45 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ1314 estimated
11:40 11:40 London (LHR) British Airways BA541 estimated
11:55 12:10 Marrakesh (RAK) TUI TB7602 estimated
11:55 11:55 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal (Star Alliance Livery) TP871 estimated
12:00 12:00 Eindhoven (EIN) Ryanair FR788 estimated
12:00 12:15 Athens (ATH) Ryanair FR6018 estimated
12:00 12:00 Tunis (TUN) Tunisair TU363 estimated
12:05 12:05 Trapani (TPS) Ryanair FR8003 estimated
12:15 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB8757 scheduled
12:15 12:30 Brno (BRQ) JetStream VTB500 estimated
12:35 12:35 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR3912 estimated
12:50 13:05 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT947 estimated
13:25 Munich (MUC) Air Dolomiti EN8241 scheduled
13:45 14:00 Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Wizz Air W43394 estimated
13:50 13:50 Malta (MLA) Ryanair FR3778 estimated
13:50 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1584 scheduled
14:20 14:20 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR3813 estimated
14:20 14:35 Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air W43878 estimated
14:25 14:25 London (STN) Ryanair FR195 estimated
14:30 14:45 Tirana (TIA) Albawings 2B228 estimated
14:35 Elba (EBA) Flexflight W25270 scheduled
14:45 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH285 scheduled
14:45 15:00 Catania (CTA) estimated
14:50 14:50 Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR789 estimated
14:50 14:50 Zaragoza (ZAZ) Ryanair FR3934 estimated
15:00 15:15 Zurich (ZRH) Helvetic Airways LX1671 estimated
15:05 15:05 Rhodes (RHO) Ryanair FR1913 estimated
15:05 Chisinau (KIV) FlyOne 5F232 scheduled
15:10 15:25 Vienna (VIE) Lauda Europe FR4768 estimated
15:10 15:25 Iasi (IAS) Wizz Air W43790 estimated
15:25 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1829 scheduled
15:25 15:25 Brindisi (BDS) Ryanair FR4338 estimated
15:30 Tirana (TIA) Air Albania ZB2006 scheduled
15:35 15:35 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK94 estimated
16:05 16:05 Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR9367 estimated
16:10 Lyon (LYS) Twin Jet T76616 scheduled
16:15 16:15 Crotone (CRV) Ryanair FR5116 estimated
16:25 16:25 Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR3938 estimated
16:30 Karpathos (AOK) Neos NO5001 scheduled
16:35 16:50 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3683 estimated
16:35 16:35 Alghero (AHO) Ryanair FR753 estimated
16:40 16:40 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus Airlines PC1218 estimated
16:45 17:00 Cologne (CGN) Eurowings EW839 estimated
16:45 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN3126 scheduled
16:50 16:50 Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR1085 estimated
17:05 17:05 London (LHR) British Airways BA545 estimated
17:15 17:30 Luxembourg (LUX) Luxair LG6582 estimated
17:25 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1592 scheduled
17:35 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT953 scheduled
17:50 17:50 Lamezia Terme (SUF) Ryanair FR1011 estimated
18:00 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1329 scheduled
18:20 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH289 scheduled

Discover Bologna International Airport departures

Bologna G. Marconi Airport is also known as Borgo Panigale Airport. Bologna Airport serves more than three million passengers per year. It serves Marconi airport departures as a connection point between a medieval Italian city and famous foreign destinations. In the northeast, this international airport is 6 km/3.5 miles from Central Bologna. It is the 7th busiest airport in Italy.

Most flights are operated by carriers Ryanair, Wizzair, Iberia, and Air France. There are daily planes to and from the Italian city. Many top routes are to other cities in Italy but Spain, France, Germany, and the UK also offer many options. There is 1 terminal and also 1 runway. Since the 1980’s, there has been an enormous growth in passenger numbers from less than a million to almost 10 million passengers per year.

How to check in?

You can conveniently check in using a smart device or by visiting the official website of the airline you have Bologna departures with. You can complete the operation at the airport. Since the procedure is so simple, it is advised that you take it gently. For security purposes, all passengers are advised to check-in early. Your passports and boarding pass carried at all times. Different airports have different policies when it comes to passenger check-in. It could take up to three hours in all for Guglielmo Marconi departures. Checking in for international travel will take even longer than it does for domestic travel.

ID checks

Both travelers having Bologna flight departures to countries outside the European Union, and those departing from countries within the European Union but not adhering to the Schengen Treaty’s rules, will be subjected to a personal ID search (passport or identification card). New automated ABC Gates, capable of scanning the new bio-metric passports, have been installed to speed up operations.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your luggage is numbered with your name. Make sure your luggage does not exceed the free baggage allowance for the ticket class you purchased. Excess luggage will be charged at the ticket counter before Bologna Marconi departures. All of your belongings, including hand luggage, should be labeled with your name, phone number, and address. The weight limit for over^-sized and bulky luggage is 75 kilograms. At the airport, be careful not to leave your luggage idle.


You can find free airplane seating charts for every major airline on the internet, which are updated regularly. Make sure you know where you’ll be sitting in advance. It will make the flight more comfortable and calming. This can be often done with the check-in procedure to start your Bologna airport departures.

Booking fee

On the official website of Bologna International Airport, you can purchase BLQ departures tickets online. And apart from that, phone ticket reservations and customer service are open. The information desk at the airport will provide you with all of the required contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses. The cost of a Marconi airport departures ticket may also vary depending on the airline. If you travel often, get to know the ticket prices and booking options.

To make control operations at the terminal before Bologna departures easier, it is important to:

  • Separate your scarf, hat, and overcoat from other items on the special tray.
  • For x-ray control, place all items in your pockets on the tray.
  • Before you go through the tests, make sure you place all liquids in a clear container.
  • Separately from the luggage, check the liquids envelope (cm 20 x 18) (max 100 ml bottles).
  • Let your laptop and other mobile equipment out of your carry-on luggage for a separate inspection.
  • Pass into the x-ray control without placing your hand luggage in the tray.
  • Proceed to the metal detector.
  • Recover all of your personal belongings.
Bologna Airport Terminal

There is 1 terminal with several floors, which has a total surface area of more than 36,000 m2. There are 24 gates for Guglielmo Marconi departures which will then depart from the only 2,800 meter runway.

Ground floor with check-in area:


First floor with Bologna flight departures area:


Bologna Airport Airlines and destinations

It is an airport mainly used by low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Blue Panorama Airlines, Neos and Wizz Air. Other carriers you see regularly are:

  • Air France
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Eurowings
  • Iberia
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
Domestic flight routes

Most of the domestic Bologna Marconi departures go to the island of Sicily. You have the choice to fly to Catania or Palermo. Other domestic routes are to:

International Bologna Airport routes

Because it is a popular city in Europe, there are also many routes and flights from outside Italy. Think of Bologna airport departures to:


The Bologna departures have been rising since 1985 with a single dip from 500 thousand to more than 9 million passengers in 2019. This has dropped to 2.6 million in 2020 but luckily increased to more than 4 million in 2021.