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Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport
PO Box 7, Ben Gurion Airport, 7015001ISRAEL

Tel: +972 (0) 3 9723344.9755555
Fax: +972 (0) 3 9752387
Owner: Israel Airports Authority

Airport Codes
IATA code: TLV

About Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport arrivals

Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is a major international airport situated in Israel. This is said to be the busiest international airport in Israel with most arrivals. The international airport is situated in the city of Lod in the northern outskirts. It is located at around 45 kilometres and 28 miles to the northwest of Jerusalem. It is 20 kilometres and twelve miles southeast of Tel Aviv.

Airlines and destinations

The airport was called Lod Airport, and in 1973 it was renamed after David Ben-Gurion so since then there were Ben Gurion arrivals. He was the first Prime Minister of Israel. The airport majorly serves flights such as El Al, Air India, American Airlines, British Airways, Israir Airlines, Skype, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Korean Air, Arkia, Finnair, and Sun D’Or.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion arrivals with passengers are coming from places like India, France, Australia, United States, UK, Italy, UAE, Turkey, and almost all other Israel airport. In 2019, the airport witnessed around 24 million passengers. That were 167,886 Ben Gurion flight arrivals. This number proves that the airport is one of the busiest and most used airports for flights, airlines and passengers in the area.

Tel Aviv ben Gurion airport security

Before but mainly after TLV airport arrivals, it is considered to be the world’s most protected and secure airport. All the airport security operations are taken over by the Israeli police and soldiers, along with the airport security guards and staff.

All the cars, taxis, shuttles, and trucks will have to go through a preliminary security check when they have Ben Gurion airport arrivals and exit the airport. The passengers will find armed security personnel stationed at the airport terminal entrances and exits who keep a close eye on all the passengers entering and leaving the building. All the security measures are taken by the airport authorities to avoid any terrorist activities and unlawful attacks.

Arrivals at Ben Gurion international airport

All the passengers who arrive at the Ben Gurion international airport must keep their belongings and personal items safe. Though the airport staff takes great measures to avoid any threatening activities such as theft, one must take responsibility for their luggage. In case of any stolen items, the airport shall not be liable.

After TLV arrivals and landing at the airport, all the passengers are requested to reach their respective stations to collect their baggage from the checkpoint. After the luggage has arrived, they can collect it and move forward to the Ben Gurion arrivals hall. Several places offer currency exchange. One can also get a mobile internet connection from the counters at the airport.

It is extremely easy to get transportation after Tel Aviv airport arrivals. There are several taxi and car rental services available at the airport. One can also pre-book a taxi or cab to reach their desired destination. There are shuttle buses that operate for commuting the passengers. At the exit, the passengers will also find a train and bus facility to take them in and about the city Tel Aviv arrivals. The locals are very welcoming and accommodating to all the passengers that arrive at the airport.