Eilat-Ramon Airport Departures ETM

ETM Departures today

Address: Be’er Ora, Israel
Phone: +972 8-955-3888
Opened: January 21, 2019
Location: South, Israel
Serves: Eilat

Planning to opt for a flight from Eilat-Ramon Airport? Here’s everything you should know

Located in the northern part of Eilat City, the Eilat Ramon Airport (ETM). It is the best option for travelers to have Eilat Airport departures who wish to visit Israel’s southern areas. It’s perhaps the country’s most modern airport. The state-of-the-art airport is nearest to the Red Sea Resort. Travelers can have Eilat departures to reach the city in just ten minutes. ETM made life easy for tourists and residents of Eilat. The town is just 18 kilometers away from the airport; on the other hand, the old Ovda VDA was 48 miles away. Tourists from abroad can directly reach the Red Sea and save time as well as crowded old airports. Passengers can use bus-shuttles or taxis from ETM to get to Eilat or the Red Sea resort town.


The single-runway airport for Ramon departures was inaugurated in January 2019 with an intention to ease traffic at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. Tourists visiting the Red Sea Resort can save their travel time with flights to ETM. From aesthetically pleasing bathrooms to passenger-friendly waiting areas, all the airport’s internal and external aspects are world-class.

Desert diamond

Travelers are attracted to Southern Israel due to attractions like ancient fortresses at Masada, the coral reefs of the Red Sea, or the wondrous mountains of the Negev Desert in the nearby Jordan.

Flight routes Eilat Airport

Besides low-cost Eilat flight departures from ETM, the airport also handles domestic flights that were previously managed at the Ovda Airport. International and domestic Eilat-Ramon Airport departures from Ural Airlines, Edelweiss, Finnair, Transavia, SAS, Ryanair, Israir, Arkia Israeli Airlines, and WizzAir are the most preferred ones. It is estimated that the airport managed to handle around 2 million passengers during its first year of operation. Unfortunately, operations were halted when the coronavirus gripped the world in its clutches.

Pandemic at the airport

The world economy has already begun recuperating and rebounding from the pandemic lows. And these signs are visible at ETM as well. Airlines may resume Middle-East and European intercontinental Eilat Airport departures later in 2021, depending on the coronavirus pandemic situation. At present, the airport is partially open and offers flights to Moscow and Tel Aviv.

Web-check-in has been restricted at some airports around the world due to the pandemic. Eilat-Ramon Airport authorities may also do so, as and when required. Wearing a mask is mandatory, and passengers who do not comply may end up facing fines or other punishments. Reports suggest some airlines around the world are even adding names of passengers in their no-fly list if they fail to comply with pandemic related regulations.

There are several protocols and restrictions in place. So, travelers should check with the airline and ensure they carry negative RT-PCR test results or vaccination certificates with them if required. It’s always better to check Eilat-Ramon Airport departures to ensure your flight to the selected destination from ETM is on schedule and not canceled. Lastly, it is crucial to note that certain passengers may need to remain quarantined on arrival for a few days. So, the trip needs to be planned after considering all these factors.