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These are the 4 busiest airports in Ireland

Dublin Airport
Passengers: 30 million

Dublin Airport is located 10 kilometers from the capital of Ireland. The airport has been put on the map by the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair who is based here. This also applies to the Irish national airline Air Lingus. Dublin airport receives more than 10 times the number of travelers every year than the second airport in Ireland.

Cork Airport
Passengers: 2 million

This airport is located in the very south of Ireland, just outside Cork city. It is Ireland’s second airport. Due to the increase in the number of tourists in the summer, the number of passengers landing on Cork via low-cost carriers has increased considerably in recent years. Modernization of the airport is planned.

Shannon Airport
Passengers: 2 million

Shannon Airport is located in the center of Ireland, 10 miles from Limerick. The airport was opened in 1942. Since Shannon has a very long runway and is a relatively quiet airport, it is used by many airlines for test flights. Shannon was also the alternate airport for the American Space Shuttle.

Knock Airport
Passengers: less than 1 million

Airport Knock was opened to make it easier for pilgrims to get to the pilgrimage site of “Our Lady of Knock”. The small airport is located 15 kilometers northeast of Knock. The airport opened in 1966 and it is mainly Ryanair that uses the facilities.