Kempegowda Bengaluru Airport Departures

Kempegowda International Airport

Address: KIAL Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300, India
IATA  airport code: BLR
Phone: +91 1800 425 4425

BLR Departures today

Also known als Bangalore Airport
Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
10:35 September-27 10:38 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK565 estimated
10:35 September-27 10:35 Belgaum (IXG) IndiGo 6E7285 estimated
10:45 September-27 10:35 Tirupati (TIR) IndiGo 6E7257 estimated
10:50 September-27 10:50 Kolhapur (KLH) IndiGo 6E7445 estimated
10:55 September-27 10:55 Cochin (COK) AirAsia India I51622 estimated
11:00 September-27 11:00 Pune (PNQ) IndiGo 6E6104 estimated
11:00 September-27 11:00 Jodhpur (JDH) IndiGo 6E6032 estimated
11:05 September-27 Cochin (COK) Akasa Air QP1353 scheduled
11:05 September-27 11:05 Vadodara (BDQ) IndiGo 6E807 estimated
11:10 September-27 11:10 Vijayawada (VGA) IndiGo 6E7071 estimated
11:15 September-27 11:45 Delhi (DEL) AirAsia India I5741 estimated
11:20 September-27 11:21 Colombo (CMB) IndiGo 6E1167 estimated
11:20 September-27 13:10 Shirdi (SAG) IndiGo 6E232 estimated
11:20 September-27 11:10 Bhubaneswar (BBI) IndiGo 6E6535 estimated
11:25 September-27 Belgaum (IXG) Star Air S5105 scheduled
11:30 September-27 11:30 Port Blair (IXZ) IndiGo 6E133 estimated
11:30 September-27 11:30 Chandigarh (IXC) Vistara UK657 estimated
11:30 September-27 11:30 Delhi (DEL) Vistara UK816 estimated
11:35 September-27 Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E6189 canceled
11:40 September-27 11:40 Agra (AGR) IndiGo 6E5916 estimated
11:45 September-27 11:45 Delhi (DEL) Air India AI507 estimated
11:45 September-27 11:45 Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ509 estimated
11:50 September-27 11:50 Jeddah (JED) Saudia (SkyTeam Livery) SV867 estimated
11:50 September-27 11:40 Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) IndiGo 6E6144 estimated
11:55 September-27 11:55 Bhubaneswar (BBI) AirAsia India I51562 estimated
12:00 September-27 12:00 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia Airlines MH105 estimated
12:00 September-27 12:00 Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E503 estimated
12:00 September-27 11:50 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E869 estimated
12:00 September-27 12:10 Leipzig (LEJ) DHL 3S531 estimated
12:05 September-27 12:05 Mumbai (BOM) Air India AI622 estimated
12:10 September-27 12:10 Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E549 estimated
12:10 September-27 12:10 Siliguri (IXB) AirAsia India I51537 estimated
12:15 September-27 12:05 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E5293 estimated
12:20 September-27 12:20 Ranchi (IXR) AirAsia India I51781 estimated
12:20 September-27 12:20 Cochin (COK) IndiGo 6E703 estimated
12:20 September-27 Hyderabad (HYD) Alliance Air 9I896 scheduled
12:25 September-27 Rajkot (HSR) IndiGo 6E6507 scheduled
12:30 September-27 12:30 Visakhapatnam (VTZ) IndiGo 6E6366 estimated
12:35 September-27 12:35 Mumbai (BOM) Akasa Air QP1104 estimated
12:40 September-27 14:25 Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E6491 estimated
12:45 September-27 12:45 Goa (GOI) Vistara (Retro Livery) UK881 estimated
12:50 September-27 12:50 Goa (GOI) AirAsia India I51454 estimated
12:50 September-27 12:50 Surat (STV) IndiGo 6E465 estimated
13:00 September-27 13:00 Pune (PNQ) AirAsia India I51426 estimated
13:00 September-27 12:50 Goa (GOI) IndiGo 6E746 estimated
13:05 September-27 13:05 Male (MLE) IndiGo 6E1127 estimated
13:10 September-27 Gulbarga (GBI) Alliance Air 9I509 scheduled
13:15 September-27 13:15 Delhi (DEL) Air India AI501 estimated
13:15 September-27 13:05 Dehradun (DED) IndiGo 6E852 estimated
13:15 September-27 13:05 Tuticorin (TCR) IndiGo 6E7181 estimated
13:25 September-27 13:35 San Francisco (SFO) Air India AI175 estimated
13:25 September-27 13:25 Darbhanga (DBR) SpiceJet SG495 estimated
13:30 September-27 13:20 Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E172 estimated
13:30 September-27 13:30 Nagpur (NAG) IndiGo 6E6753 estimated
13:35 September-27 13:25 Lucknow (LKO) IndiGo 6E196 estimated
13:45 September-27 13:45 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E5134 estimated
13:50 September-27 Lucknow (LKO) Akasa Air QP527 scheduled
13:50 September-27 Lucknow (LKO) Akasa Air QP1527 scheduled
13:50 September-27 13:40 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E2401 estimated
14:00 September-27 Rajkot (HSR) AirAsia India I59913 scheduled
14:05 September-27 14:05 Hyderabad (HYD) AirAsia India I5972 estimated
14:05 September-27 Hyderabad (HYD) Akasa Air QP1426 scheduled
14:10 September-27 14:10 Cochin (COK) IndiGo 6E602 estimated
14:15 September-27 14:15 Udaipur (UDR) IndiGo 6E687 estimated
14:15 September-27 14:15 Vijayawada (VGA) IndiGo 6E7223 estimated
14:25 September-27 Hyderabad (HYD) Air India Express IX1228 scheduled
14:25 September-27 14:25 Surat (STV) AirAsia India I5613 estimated
14:25 September-27 14:25 Hyderabad (HYD) AirAsia India I51228 estimated
14:25 September-27 14:25 Ahmedabad (AMD) IndiGo 6E6236 estimated
14:30 September-27 14:30 Kolkata (CCU) Akasa Air QP1377 estimated
14:35 September-27 Jamnagar (JGA) Star Air S5131 scheduled
14:55 September-27 14:55 Delhi (DEL) Air India AI511 estimated
14:55 September-27 Ahmedabad (AMD) Akasa Air QP478 scheduled
14:55 September-27 14:45 Mangalore (IXE) IndiGo 6E6162 estimated
15:00 September-27 15:00 Guwahati (GAU) AirAsia India I5820 estimated
15:00 September-27 15:00 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E5351 estimated
15:05 September-27 15:05 Rajahmundry (RJA) IndiGo 6E7231 estimated
15:10 September-27 15:10 Vidyanagar (VDY) Alliance Air 9I527 estimated
15:15 September-27 Pune (PNQ) Akasa Air QP1364 scheduled
15:20 September-27 15:20 Jaipur (JAI) IndiGo 6E469 estimated
15:20 September-27 15:10 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E6621 estimated
15:30 September-27 Hubli (HBX) Star Air S5101 scheduled
15:35 September-27 Guwahati (GAU) Akasa Air QP1134 scheduled
15:35 September-27 Guwahati (GAU) Akasa Air QP134 scheduled
15:35 September-27 15:35 Chandigarh (IXC) IndiGo 6E851 estimated
15:40 September-27 15:40 Hyderabad (HYD) AirAsia India I51983 estimated
15:40 September-27 15:40 Patna (PAT) IndiGo 6E342 estimated
15:45 September-27 Goa (GOI) Go First G8285 scheduled
15:45 September-27 Mumbai (BOM) Akasa Air QP1138 scheduled
15:45 September-27 15:45 Delhi (DEL) Akasa Air QP1336 estimated
15:50 September-27 15:50 Raipur (RPR) IndiGo 6E934 estimated
16:05 September-27 16:05 Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E6572 estimated
16:10 September-27 16:00 Hyderabad (HYD) IndiGo 6E6067 estimated
16:10 September-27 16:00 Coimbatore (CJB) IndiGo 6E6992 estimated
16:15 September-27 16:15 Bhubaneswar (BBI) AirAsia India I51455 estimated
16:15 September-27 16:15 Chennai (MAA) AirAsia India I52461 estimated
16:25 September-27 16:25 Madurai (IXM) IndiGo 6E7258 estimated
16:25 September-27 16:15 Tiruchirapalli (TRZ) IndiGo 6E7267 estimated
16:30 September-27 16:30 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E5251 estimated
16:35 September-27 16:35 Indore (IDR) IndiGo 6E6743 estimated

Find out Bengaluru international airport departures

The airport is located in the south of India in the state of Karnataka. Kempegowda serves people of Bangalore city and the suburb of Devanahalli and beyond. It is a fairly new airport that started in 2008 with Bangalore flight departures in addition to the HAL airport which is located in the center of the city. It is a sustainable airport that is run on only solar panels.

Bangalore is a city with many different centers. One of the most popular commercial centers as well as the most touristic center of Bangalore can be found in the area near MG Road and Brigade Road, which are not far from Mahatma Gandhi Road metro station. This area is located in the Shanthala Nagar district, about 35 kilometers from the airport. Travel time to the area is on average 50 minutes.

Terminal and runways

Kempegowda Bengaluru Airport (Bangalore Airport) has a relatively new terminal. Despite having only two runways of both 13,000 feet, 14 million passengers used Kempegowda Airport last year. There were 30,311 Bangalore airport departures. There is 1 terminal to have all BLR airport departures arranged. The check-in counters and baggage belt are located on Floor 0. However, after check-in you have to go to Floor 1 for boarding at the gates.


The terminal consists of two floors. Downstairs are the check-in counters and the arrivals hall. Upstairs are the Gates, shops and restaurants. At the airport you can spend the night in luxury at the Hilton Hotel. Of course the hotels in the center of Bangalore are many times cheaper.

Flight routes Bengaluru Airport

Bengaluru departures are mainly operated by the local carriers IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India, AirAsia and GoAir. There are BLR flight departures on 2 available runways for most of the times. Kempegowda international airport departures are with the following airlines:

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Thai Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Oman Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Air Arabia
  • Emirates

Option for Bengaluru flight departures to international destinations are the following:

If you wish to travel to smaller destinations and/or with small airlines then there are also other options with Alliance Air, Star Air and Vistara.

Besides the bigger cities like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, there are also many Kempegowda airport departures to cities like:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Goa
  • Jaipur
  • Kochi
  • Amritsar
  • Patna
  • Pune
  • Kolkata
  • Magalore
  • Varanasi
  • Bidar and many more.
Bengaluru Airport ground transportation

From Bangalore Airport there are taxis for about a price of INR 500 to the center of Bangalore. Travel time is on average 50 minutes.

If you want to go to a hotel in Bangalore from the airport, it is best to take a taxi. At the airport you can book a prepaid taxi day and night at a special kiosk in the arrivals hall.

Easy Cab taxis are good and cheap. The other official taxi companies that can take you to your hotel in Bangalore are Meru Cabs and KSTDC. You will find the taxi rank at the arrivals hall.