Hyderabad Airport Departures HYD

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Airport Codes

Address: Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409, India
Phone: +914066546370
Webpage: hyderabad.aero

HYD Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
19:55 September-13 19:55 Visakhapatnam (VTZ) SpiceJet SG2701 estimated
20:00 September-13 20:00 Dubai (DXB) Air India AI951 estimated
20:05 September-13 20:20 Abu Dhabi (AUH) IndiGo 6E1407 estimated
20:10 September-13 20:10 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E2213 estimated
20:10 September-13 20:10 Kozhikode (CCJ) IndiGo 6E7067 estimated
20:15 September-13 20:15 Bengaluru (BLR) Star Air S5152 estimated
20:15 September-13 20:15 Jaipur (JAI) IndiGo 6E6638 estimated
20:20 September-13 20:20 Bengaluru (BLR) Vistara UK894 estimated
20:20 September-13 20:20 Bhubaneswar (BBI) IndiGo 6E167 estimated
20:25 September-13 20:25 Mangalore (IXE) IndiGo 6E7103 estimated
20:30 September-13 20:30 Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E944 estimated
20:35 September-13 20:35 Delhi (DEL) Vistara UK870 estimated
20:35 September-13 20:35 Cochin (COK) IndiGo 6E817 estimated
20:50 September-13 20:50 Delhi (DEL) Air India AI840 estimated
20:55 September-13 20:45 Pune (PNQ) IndiGo 6E426 estimated
20:55 September-13 21:15 Kuwait City (KWI) IndiGo 6E1233 estimated
21:00 September-13 21:00 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Etihad Airways EY277 estimated
21:05 September-13 20:25 Bengaluru (BLR) AirAsia India I51518 estimated
21:15 September-13 21:15 Goa (GOI) IndiGo 6E984 estimated
21:20 September-13 21:20 Colombo (CMB) SriLankan Airlines UL176 estimated
21:20 September-13 20:35 Visakhapatnam (VTZ) IndiGo 6E6741 estimated
21:20 September-13 Pune (PNQ) Alliance Air 9I867 scheduled
21:25 September-13 21:15 Ahmedabad (AMD) IndiGo 6E129 estimated
21:25 September-13 21:25 Indore (IDR) IndiGo 6E621 estimated
21:30 September-13 Bengaluru (BLR) Air India Express IX1229 scheduled
21:30 September-13 20:45 Bengaluru (BLR) AirAsia India I51229 estimated
21:35 September-13 21:35 Mumbai (BOM) Vistara UK876 estimated
21:50 September-13 21:50 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK529 estimated
21:50 September-13 21:50 Cochin (COK) IndiGo 6E173 estimated
21:55 September-13 21:55 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E5605 estimated
21:55 September-13 21:55 Doha (DOH) IndiGo 6E1317 estimated
22:05 September-13 22:05 Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E609 estimated
22:15 September-13 22:15 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E267 estimated
22:30 September-13 22:30 Mumbai (BOM) Air India AI698 estimated
22:30 September-13 22:30 Ra’sal-Khaymah (RKT) IndiGo 6E1495 estimated
22:45 September-13 23:10 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E6146 estimated
22:55 September-13 22:55 Bengaluru (BLR) IndiGo 6E6505 estimated
23:00 September-13 23:00 Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ523 estimated
23:25 September-13 23:25 Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E6007 estimated
23:50 September-13 23:50 Bengaluru (BLR) IndiGo 6E949 estimated
23:55 September-13 23:55 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) AirAsia (I ❤ Kelantan Livery) AK68 estimated
23:55 September-13 23:55 Muscat (MCT) IndiGo 6E1273 estimated
23:55 September-13 23:55 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E5097 estimated
00:10 September-14 Mumbai (BOM) Blue Dart Aviation BZ154 scheduled
00:30 September-14 00:30 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia Airlines MH199 estimated
00:35 September-14 Bengaluru (BLR) Alliance Air 9I520 scheduled
00:40 September-14 Bengaluru (BLR) Akasa Air QP1483 scheduled
01:00 September-14 Delhi (DEL) Blue Dart Aviation BZ684 scheduled
01:00 September-14 Delhi (DEL) Blue Dart Aviation BZ643 scheduled
01:10 September-14 01:10 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Airways TG330 estimated
01:35 September-14 01:35 Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR575 estimated
02:05 September-14 02:05 Dammam (DMM) IndiGo 6E85 estimated
02:45 September-14 02:45 Kuwait City (KWI) Jazeera Airways J9404 estimated
02:55 September-14 02:55 Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E6494 estimated
03:00 September-14 03:00 Riyadh (RUH) Air India AI941 estimated
03:35 September-14 03:35 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR501 estimated
04:10 September-14 Doha (DOH) IndiGo 6E1313 scheduled
04:15 September-14 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E5245 scheduled
04:20 September-14 Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9459 scheduled
04:35 September-14 04:35 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK525 estimated
04:40 September-14 Pune (PNQ) IndiGo 6E351 scheduled
04:50 September-14 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Etihad Airways EY275 scheduled
05:00 September-14 Cochin (COK) IndiGo 6E438 scheduled
05:05 September-14 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E379 scheduled
05:10 September-14 05:20 Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) IndiGo 6E5367 estimated
05:20 September-14 05:20 Jaipur (JAI) IndiGo 6E658 estimated
05:25 September-14 Goa (GOI) IndiGo 6E743 scheduled
05:30 September-14 Indore (IDR) IndiGo 6E7271 scheduled
05:35 September-14 Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E531 scheduled
05:35 September-14 Kolkata (CCU) IndiGo 6E664 scheduled
05:40 September-14 Bengaluru (BLR) IndiGo 6E887 scheduled
05:50 September-14 Visakhapatnam (VTZ) IndiGo 6E719 scheduled
05:50 September-14 Mangalore (IXE) IndiGo 6E7549 scheduled
05:55 September-14 Kannur (CNN) IndiGo 6E7225 scheduled
06:00 September-14 06:00 Pune (PNQ) SpiceJet SG2704 estimated
06:00 September-14 05:50 Tirupati (TIR) SpiceJet SG2696 estimated
06:05 September-14 06:05 Bahrain (BAH) Gulf Air GF275 estimated
06:10 September-14 06:10 Delhi (DEL) SpiceJet SG160 estimated
06:10 September-14 Tirupati (TIR) Alliance Air 9I877 scheduled
06:15 September-14 Delhi (DEL) Air India AI559 scheduled
06:15 September-14 Jeddah (JED) Air India AI965 scheduled
06:20 September-14 06:20 Mumbai (BOM) SpiceJet SG270 estimated
06:20 September-14 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E286 scheduled
06:25 September-14 Ahmedabad (AMD) IndiGo 6E995 scheduled
06:25 September-14 Bhubaneswar (BBI) IndiGo 6E6242 scheduled
06:30 September-14 Vijayawada (VGA) IndiGo 6E7201 scheduled
06:35 September-14 Port Blair (IXZ) IndiGo 6E707 scheduled
06:40 September-14 Tirupati (TIR) IndiGo 6E7263 scheduled
06:45 September-14 Delhi (DEL) IndiGo 6E2011 scheduled
06:50 September-14 Rajahmundry (RJA) IndiGo 6E7118 scheduled
06:55 September-14 06:45 Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E387 estimated
07:00 September-14 07:00 Delhi (DEL) Vistara UK860 estimated
07:00 September-14 07:00 Mumbai (BOM) Vistara UK872 estimated
07:05 September-14 06:55 Mumbai (BOM) IndiGo 6E163 estimated
07:05 September-14 Bhopal (BHO) IndiGo 6E7121 scheduled
07:10 September-14 Mumbai (BOM) Akasa Air QP1521 scheduled
07:10 September-14 Chennai (MAA) Alliance Air 9I893 scheduled
07:15 September-14 09:21 London (LHR) British Airways BA276 estimated
07:15 September-14 07:05 Bengaluru (BLR) IndiGo 6E619 estimated
07:20 September-14 Nagpur (NAG) IndiGo 6E7302 scheduled

Discover Rajiv Gandhi international airport departures

Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located in the south of the country and also in relation to the city of Hyderabad. Its location is in Shamshabad. It has grown a lot in Rajiv Gandhi airport departures for some years and they are therefore working on expanding considerably in the future with an extra large terminal and also 1-2 runways in order to eventually grow to 60-80 million passengers per year. It is far from that yet.

Top routes from HYD
Hyderabad airport terminal

There is now 1 terminal of which there is an international Hyderabad departures part and for the domestic HYD departures. You end up in the same HYD airport departures area to get to the gates. The passenger terminal is over 100,000 m2 in size. There are almost 100 check-in desks available next to the 20 self check-in. There are also many immigration counters. It is ready to be further enlarged should the need arise. However, the pandemic has slowed growth and with it expansions at the airport.


The airport has 1 main runway where all Hyderabad flight departures take place. The former taxiway has been transformed into a reserve runway. In the future there should therefore also be 1 or 2 runways for Hyderabad airport departures.

Airlines and routes with departures

The airport is widely used by the local airlines that mainly operate domestic flights. Think of Alliance Air, Spicejet, TruJet and Indigo. Of course Air India and AirAsia often fly here too.

Like many other airports in India, there are limited Hyderabad international airport departures. To Europe you have options to fly to London with British Airways, In the Asia region it is Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific en Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines. Others include:

In total, 21,651,878 passengers used the airport last year. That were 183,450 Shamshabad airport departures.