Budapest Airport Departures BUD

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Address: Budapest, 1185 Hungary
Code: BUD
Height: 151 m
Telephone: +36 1 296 7000
Owner: Budapest Airport Ltd.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport departures

Budapest Liszt Airport, named after the musician Franz Liszt, is only a few kilometers from the city center. The international airport serves Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport departures both to the Hungarian capital and surrounding cities. It is the largest of the country’s four commercial airports. It was once an airport named Ferihegy Airport.


Budapest Liszt Airport is located 16 kilometers southeast of the city center. The name Ferihegy comes from near the airport. On the 200th birthday, the castle was renamed to commemorate the famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt. Since then in 2012 the Budapest departures actually increased


Terminal 1 is currently closed for BUD Hu departures. Terminal 2 is divided into 2A and 2B and is undergoing renovation works. In the transit area of Sky Court, there are numerous restaurants and shops. There is still the so-called 2C expansion for Ferihegy departures. Terminal 2A through 2B allows passengers to enter. Terminal 2A is used for Liszt Ferenc airport departures outside the Schengen area, while Terminal 2B is used for BUD airport departures outside the Schengen area.


Flight routes

There are many flights available operated by Ryanair and Wizz Air. Most of these Budapest departures go to the main German airport Frankfurt. At an appropriate distance come London Luton, Tel Aviv, Paris CDG, Amsterdam Schiphol, London Stansted, Barcelona El Prat, London Heathrow Airport, Charleroi Airport, Munich.


The vital shorter parking lot is on the other side of Terminals 2A and 2B. The long-term parking lot is a bit on a distance from the terminals, whereas premium parking is next door to the terminals. Decide if you have the time to park further away before Budapest flight departures. The nearest is a 10-minute walk from the airport, and there are also two long-term parking facilities. Parking information is provided around all hours.

Budapest Liszt Ferenc departures

When preparing for air travel, many special considerations do not apply to other modes of transportation. It is recommended that you start check-in at least 3 hours before Budapest airport departures. Buy air tickets or online tickets. Hand and Hold luggage rules vary from airline to airline.


Check-in procedures usually start two hours before BUD departures. It includes checking the ticket and putting down the luggage. It is recommended that you arrive at the airport at this time to allow enough time to fill out all the required documents.

The airport check-in area is on the Budapest departures floor of terminals 2A and 2B. Tickets are confirmed for all passengers at the terminal indicated on every ticket. However, if you utilize a check-in service before Budapest flight departures for the airport, you have to leave the cargo on the aircraft and use the printed boarding pass to the desired terminal.

The passengers of certain airlines can control the self-check-in machines at Terminals 2A and 2B on their own. These devices are now highly famous because they make check-in substantially faster, easier, and more efficient.

Other Facilities

Free Wi-Fi: Free internet access in Terminal 2A and 2B, Skycourt, and Visitors Terrazzo Liszt Ferenc departures and arrival halls. There is free Wi-Fi for 2 hours.

Chapel: The new ecumenical Chapel/Silence Room at Terminal 2B mezzanine level has been open to all sects and faiths from 26 November 2013.

Lounges: Different lounges for business travelers in Terminal 2.

Currency Exchange: An ATM is provided at the right side of the baggage claim hall, immediately before the magazines and cigarette kiosks, to anyone wishing to withdraw Hungarian Forint upon their arrival. Withdrawing currency from an ATM is much more convenient than using a low exchange rate.