Hong Kong Airport Arrivals & Departures HKG

  • Address: 1 Sky Plaza Road, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, China
  • IATA airport code: HKG
  • ICAO airport code: VHHH
  • Alias: Hong Kong International Airport and Chek Lap Kok Airport
  • Phone: +852 2181 8888
  • Web: hongkongairport.com
  • Elevation: 8.53 m
  • Number of runways: 2
  • Number of terminals: 2
  • Serves: Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong
  • Opened: July 6, 1998

Hong Kong airport arrivals HKG today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
21:10 February-28 20:41 Kaohsiung (KHH) Cathay Pacific CX459 landed
21:10 February-28 20:58 Tokyo (NRT) Cathay Pacific CX521 landed
21:10 February-28 20:54 Denpasar (DPS) Cathay Pacific CX784 landed
21:15 February-28 22:41 Auckland (AKL) Cathay Pacific CX198 delayed
21:20 February-28 21:14 Tokyo (NRT) HK express UO871 estimated
21:25 February-28 21:09 Bangkok (BKK) Cathay Pacific CX708 estimated
21:25 February-28 21:45 Manila (MNL) Philippine Airlines PR310 delayed
21:25 February-28 21:05 Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX100 landed
21:30 February-28 20:51 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR816 landed
21:30 February-28 21:00 Taipei (TPE) Cathay Pacific CX565 landed
21:30 February-28 21:39 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD502 estimated
21:35 February-28 21:03 Osaka (KIX) Cathay Pacific CX507 landed
21:45 February-28 21:12 Melbourne (MEL) Cathay Pacific CX104 estimated
21:45 February-28 21:13 Taipei (TPE) Cathay Pacific CX451 estimated
21:50 February-28 21:33 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK380 estimated
21:50 February-28 22:02 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Cathay Pacific CX724 estimated
21:50 February-28 21:07 Tokyo (NRT) Greater Bay Airlines HB323 landed
21:55 February-28 21:58 Shanghai (PVG) Cathay Pacific CX381 estimated
22:00 February-28 21:43 Bangkok (BKK) Greater Bay Airlines HB284 estimated
22:05 February-28 21:26 Singapore (SIN) Cathay Pacific CX716 estimated
22:05 February-28 Taipei (TPE) Cathay Pacific CX531 scheduled
22:10 February-28 21:54 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Airways TG602 estimated
22:15 February-28 21:54 Hanoi (HAN) Cathay Pacific CX742 estimated
22:15 February-28 22:32 Manila (MNL) Cathay Pacific CX902 delayed
22:15 February-28 21:39 Chennai (MAA) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH9376 estimated
22:18 February-28 22:04 Honolulu (HNL) estimated
22:20 February-28 22:04 Tokyo (NRT) Cathay Pacific CX505 estimated
22:20 February-28 21:54 Taichung (RMQ) HK express UO183 estimated
22:25 February-28 21:37 Beijing (PEK) Cathay Pacific CX393 estimated
22:30 February-28 22:24 Almaty (ALA) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH9490 estimated
22:35 February-28 Fuzhou (FOC) Cathay Pacific CX991 scheduled
22:35 February-28 22:11 Kaohsiung (KHH) HK express UO135 estimated
22:35 February-28 22:28 Tokyo (NRT) Japan Airlines JL735 estimated
22:40 February-28 22:13 Seoul (ICN) Cathay Pacific CX419 estimated
22:45 February-28 22:47 Phuket (HKT) Hong Kong Airlines HX742 estimated
22:45 February-28 22:17 Nagoya (NGO) HK express UO685 estimated
22:45 February-28 22:28 Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ898 estimated
22:50 February-28 22:21 Taipei (TPE) Hong Kong Airlines HX283 estimated
22:50 February-28 22:45 Seoul (ICN) Asiana Airlines OZ745 estimated
23:00 February-28 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI921 scheduled
23:00 February-28 22:45 Bangkok (BKK) Cathay Pacific CX702 estimated
23:00 February-28 22:56 Bangkok (BKK) HK express UO703 estimated
23:02 February-28 22:27 Dubai (DWC) Hongkong Express UO9768 estimated
23:05 February-28 Taipei (TPE) HK express UO117 scheduled
23:05 February-28 Manila (MNL) HK express UO573 scheduled
23:10 February-28 Taipei (TPE) Cathay Pacific CX479 scheduled
23:10 February-28 Chiang Mai (CNX) HK express UO755 scheduled
23:10 February-28 23:02 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE177 estimated
23:15 February-28 22:41 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Cathay Pacific CX764 estimated
23:20 February-28 Taipei (TPE) Greater Bay Airlines HB705 scheduled
23:20 February-28 Haikou (HAK) Hong Kong Airlines HX108 scheduled
23:20 February-28 00:40 Leipzig (LEJ) DHL PO98 delayed
23:25 February-28 22:53 Tokyo (NRT) HK express UO647 estimated
23:35 February-28 Guangzhou (CAN) Cathay Pacific CX989 scheduled
23:40 February-28 22:47 Tokyo (NRT) Cargolux CV7332 estimated
23:40 February-28 Sanya (SYX) Hong Kong Airlines HX170 scheduled
23:40 February-28 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific CX81 scheduled
23:50 February-28 Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong Airlines HX766 scheduled
23:50 February-28 23:49 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia Airlines MH78 estimated
23:50 February-28 Hanoi (HAN) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH318 scheduled
23:55 February-28 23:32 Osaka (KIX) HK express UO689 estimated
23:55 February-28 Leipzig (LEJ) Atlas Air 5Y98 scheduled
00:05 February-29 Busan (PUS) Air Busan BX391 scheduled
00:10 February-29 Taipei (TPE) Cathay Pacific Cargo CX2035 scheduled
00:15 February-29 Shanghai (PVG) China Eastern Airlines MU725 scheduled
00:20 February-29 23:55 Singapore (SIN) Cathay Pacific CX636 estimated
00:20 February-29 23:49 Beijing (PEK) Hong Kong Airlines HX313 estimated
00:20 February-29 Taipei (TPE) Air Hong Kong LD681 scheduled
00:25 February-29 23:57 Penang (PEN) DHL LD392 estimated
00:25 February-29 Tokyo (NRT) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ203 scheduled
00:30 February-29 00:06 Osaka (KIX) HK express UO863 estimated
00:30 February-29 00:02 Tokyo (NRT) HK express UO651 estimated
00:30 February-29 00:34 Seoul (ICN) Jeju Air 7C2107 estimated
00:40 February-29 00:23 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE179 estimated
00:45 February-29 Seoul (ICN) DHL LD129 scheduled
00:45 February-29 Manila (MNL) Air Hong Kong LD456 scheduled
00:45 February-29 00:21 Osaka (KIX) Peach MM67 estimated
00:55 February-29 Seoul (ICN) HK express UO627 scheduled
01:00 February-29 00:51 Osaka (KIX) DHL LD205 estimated
01:00 February-29 Baku (GYD) Silk Way West Airlines 7L624 scheduled
01:05 February-29 Kuala Lumpur (SZB) Raya Airways TH3507 scheduled
01:10 February-29 00:53 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific Cargo CX3069 estimated
01:10 February-29 Beijing (PEK) Air Hong Kong LD769 scheduled
01:10 February-29 00:38 Tokyo (NRT) ANA Cargo NH8511 estimated
01:15 February-29 00:57 Nagoya (NGO) DHL LD217 estimated
01:15 February-29 00:55 Tokyo (NRT) HK express UO693 estimated
01:20 February-29 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Air Hong Kong LD562 scheduled
01:20 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE313 scheduled
01:25 February-29 Singapore (SIN) Air Hong Kong LD326 scheduled
01:25 February-29 Shanghai (PVG) Air Hong Kong LD783 scheduled
01:25 February-29 Bangkok (BKK) Air Hong Kong LD842 scheduled
01:25 February-29 00:53 Tokyo (NRT) Hong Kong Airlines HX611 estimated
01:30 February-29 01:29 Tokyo (NRT) DHL LD209 estimated
01:30 February-29 Cairo (CAI) Egyptair MS509 scheduled
01:30 February-29 Seoul (ICN) T’way Air TW117 scheduled
01:30 February-29 Hanoi (HAN) K-Mile Air 8K525 scheduled
01:50 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Polar Air Cargo PO7930 scheduled
02:00 February-29 Hanoi (HAN) Cathay Pacific CX3248 scheduled
02:00 February-29 Taipei (TPE) Hong Kong Airlines HX285 scheduled
02:15 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Asiana Airlines OZ967 scheduled

Hong Kong airport departures HKG today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
21:10 February-28 21:10 Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR858 estimated
21:10 February-28 21:11 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI924 estimated
21:15 February-28 21:15 Da Nang (DAD) VietJet Air VJ967 estimated
21:15 February-28 21:15 Angeles City (CRK) Cebu Pacific 5J121 estimated
21:20 February-28 21:20 Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX161 estimated
21:20 February-28 21:20 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) AirAsia AK131 estimated
21:35 February-28 21:35 Auckland (AKL) Cathay Pacific CX113 estimated
21:45 February-28 21:55 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY100 estimated
21:45 February-28 21:45 Kaohsiung (KHH) Cathay Pacific CX448 estimated
21:50 February-28 21:50 Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR810 estimated
22:00 February-28 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR8467 scheduled
22:00 February-28 22:10 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific CX3272 estimated
22:00 February-28 22:00 Manila (MNL) Cebu Pacific 5J115 estimated
22:05 February-28 22:05 Manila (MNL) Cathay Pacific CX939 estimated
22:05 February-28 22:05 Bangkok (BKK) Ethiopian Airlines ET609 estimated
22:05 February-28 22:05 Phnom Penh (PNH) Cambodia Angkor Air K6681 estimated
22:25 February-28 22:25 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD503 estimated
22:29 February-28 22:29 Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX5986 estimated
22:30 February-28 22:51 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA878 estimated
22:35 February-28 Dubai (DWC) Lufthansa LH8473 scheduled
22:35 February-28 Dubai (DWC) Lufthansa LH8472 scheduled
22:40 February-28 22:50 Paris (CDG) Air France AF185 estimated
22:40 February-28 22:50 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific CX86 estimated
22:45 February-28 22:45 Manila (MNL) Philippine Airlines PR311 estimated
22:50 February-28 23:00 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX139 estimated
22:55 February-28 22:55 Taipei (TPE) Cathay Pacific CX408 estimated
22:55 February-28 22:55 London (LHR) Cathay Pacific (Oneworld Livery) CX251 estimated
22:55 February-28 22:55 Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong Airlines HX779 estimated
23:00 February-28 23:00 London (LHR) British Airways BA32 estimated
23:00 February-28 23:10 Baku (GYD) Silk Way West Airlines 7L625 estimated
23:20 February-28 23:40 Amsterdam (AMS) Cathay Pacific CX271 estimated
23:35 February-28 00:00 London (LHR) Cathay Pacific CX255 estimated
23:40 February-28 Shanghai (PVG) Cathay Pacific CX50 scheduled
23:45 February-28 23:55 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH797 estimated
23:50 February-28 23:50 Manila (MNL) Greater Bay Airlines HB231 estimated
23:50 February-28 23:50 Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong Airlines HX761 estimated
23:55 February-28 23:55 Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX101 estimated
23:55 February-28 Chengdu (CTU) Cathay Pacific CX2062 scheduled
23:55 February-28 23:55 Tokyo (HND) HK express UO624 estimated
00:05 February-29 00:05 Paris (CDG) Cathay Pacific CX261 estimated
00:05 February-29 Almaty (ALA) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH358 scheduled
00:10 February-29 Manila (MNL) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH351 scheduled
00:15 February-29 00:15 Frankfurt (FRA) Cathay Pacific CX289 estimated
00:15 February-29 00:15 Los Angeles (LAX) Cathay Pacific CX880 estimated
00:25 February-29 00:25 Melbourne (MEL) Cathay Pacific CX105 estimated
00:30 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Asiana Airlines OZ746 scheduled
00:30 February-29 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR815 scheduled
00:35 February-29 00:35 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK381 estimated
00:40 February-29 00:50 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific CX3170 estimated
00:50 February-29 00:50 Milan (MXP) Cathay Pacific CX233 estimated
00:55 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE178 scheduled
01:00 February-29 01:00 Vancouver (YVR) Cathay Pacific CX888 estimated
01:00 February-29 Taipei (TPE) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH4568 scheduled
01:00 February-29 Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR6820 scheduled
01:10 February-29 01:20 Manchester (MAN) Cathay Pacific CX219 estimated
01:15 February-29 Tokyo (NRT) Cathay Pacific CX6 scheduled
01:20 February-29 01:20 Bangkok (BKK) Hong Kong Airlines HX763 estimated
01:20 February-29 Shanghai (PVG) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH829 scheduled
01:20 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Polar Air Cargo PO96 scheduled
01:25 February-29 01:25 Tokyo (NRT) Cathay Pacific CX524 estimated
01:30 February-29 Manila (MNL) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH351 scheduled
01:30 February-29 01:30 Seoul (ICN) Jeju Air 7C2108 estimated
01:35 February-29 01:35 Osaka (KIX) Peach MM68 estimated
01:40 February-29 Budapest (BUD) Cargolux CV7333 scheduled
01:50 February-29 01:50 Osaka (KIX) Cathay Pacific CX566 estimated
01:55 February-29 01:55 Denpasar (DPS) Hong Kong Airlines HX707 estimated
02:05 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE180 scheduled
02:05 February-29 Busan (PUS) Air Busan BX392 scheduled
02:20 February-29 02:20 Tokyo (NRT) Hong Kong Airlines HX606 estimated
02:20 February-29 Wuhan (WUH) SF Airlines O37470 scheduled
02:20 February-29 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific CX3170 scheduled
02:30 February-29 Seoul (ICN) T’way Air TW118 scheduled
02:39 February-29 Tokyo (NRT) All Nippon Airways NH8512 scheduled
02:40 February-29 Jeju (CJU) HK express UO676 scheduled
02:45 February-29 Tokyo (NRT) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ202 scheduled
02:50 February-29 02:50 Osaka (KIX) Hong Kong Airlines HX602 estimated
02:55 February-29 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI5822 scheduled
03:00 February-29 Shanghai (PVG) Cathay Pacific CX3254 scheduled
03:00 February-29 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific CX86 scheduled
03:00 February-29 Osaka (KIX) Hong Kong Air Cargo RH962 scheduled
03:10 February-29 Dubai (DWC) Emirates EK9885 scheduled
03:20 February-29 03:20 New York (JFK) Cathay Pacific CX844 estimated
03:20 February-29 Singapore (SIN) Air Hong Kong LD327 scheduled
03:20 February-29 Beijing (PEK) Air Hong Kong LD768 scheduled
03:20 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE314 scheduled
03:25 February-29 Seoul (ICN) Air Hong Kong LD128 scheduled
03:25 February-29 Chengdu (CTU) Air Hong Kong LD720 scheduled
03:25 February-29 Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR6536 scheduled
03:30 February-29 Osaka (KIX) Air Hong Kong LD204 scheduled
03:30 February-29 Bangkok (BKK) K-Mile Air 8K526 scheduled
03:35 February-29 Bangkok (BKK) Polar Air Cargo PO831 scheduled
03:40 February-29 Manila (MNL) Air Hong Kong LD457 scheduled
03:40 February-29 Bangkok (BKK) Air Hong Kong LD831 scheduled
03:45 February-29 Tokyo (NRT) Air Hong Kong LD208 scheduled
03:45 February-29 Nagoya (NGO) Air Hong Kong LD216 scheduled
03:45 February-29 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Air Hong Kong LD561 scheduled
03:45 February-29 Kuala Lumpur (SZB) Raya Airways TH3508 scheduled
03:50 February-29 Shanghai (PVG) Air Hong Kong LD782 scheduled
04:00 February-29 Penang (PEN) Air Hong Kong LD391 scheduled
04:00 February-29 Los Angeles (LAX) Atlas Air 5Y916 scheduled

About Hong Kong International Airport Departures and Arrivals

Hong Kong Airport is one of the busiest (places 13 worldwide with 71,541,000 passengers in 2019) and best airports in the world, located in the south of China and west of the city (on artificial island Chek Lap Kok). To get there you go via Lantau Island or Stonecutters Island or Tsing Yi Island or West Kowloon. Hong Kong Airport is the largest cargo airport worldwide. Most airlines seen are Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines and HK Express.

Top routes from HKG



The former Hong Kong airport was built in 1925. In the 1990’s, this airport was one of the busiest airports in the world with passengers and cargo. It went way beyond the possible capacity and therefore there were often delays due to lack of space mainly. Investigations were carried out on where a replacement or support airfield should be built. An airport master plan was drawn up. The airport should be realized on the island of Chek Lap Kok. After the plan was initially opposed, there was more movement following studies on the forecast of Hong Kong in overall development.

Construction started in 1991 and finally opened 7 years later on a 12.5 square kilometer land. On July 2, 1998, the first arrival came and that is to say Air Force One of the US President Clinton. However, it didn’t start very well because some systems went down and there were immediate delays. In the following months, continuous problems continued to occur. It took six months before all arrivals and departures ran more smoothly. The second terminal opened 10 years later in 2007.

Terminals at Hong Kong Airport

The airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is referred to as the main building which is connected to all gates. Terminal 2 is used for departing passengers only. This is now temporarily closed for renewal, after which it can also be used for not only departures but also Hong Kong arrivals.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the main terminal and one of the largest in the world. Floor L7 is where Hong Kong departures begin with Check-In. There are rows from A to L. On the digital signs you can easily see where exactly you have to check in. After checking in you go through immigration to the Hong Kong airport departures hall on Floor L6 (5 and 4 also possible). Boarding gates are available on Floor L4, L5, and L6. This part of the building is also known as East Hall. L5 and L6 give access to the West Hall and L4 and L5 to the North Satellite Concourse. If you walk the Concourse from East to West Hall there are gates on both sides. At some point, the Concourse will be split into 2 for more boarding options.

The Hong Kong airport arrivals hall is at L5.

North Satellite

The North Satellite Concourse is especially for the smaller/narrower aircraft. There are 2 floors with a capacity of 5 million passengers per year. There is 1 floor for the departures hall (9 gates) and 1 for Hong Kong airport arrivals hall.

Midfield Concourse

Then there is also a Midfield Concourse that is also located between the runways. You can only get here with the Automatic People Mover. This concourse is large enough to carry 10 million passengers a year and connect the largest passenger airport (Airbus A380) in the world.

Terminal 2

This terminal is mainly used for check-in. So there is no baggage claim or boarding gates. Via Floor 1 you take a short drive to terminal 1 to leave there. There is also a shopping mall located in the terminal and various entertainment, restaurants and shops.

There are no check-in options during the pandemic. Everything is because of the declining departurs in terminal 1. The terminal is even still open.

Hong Kong airport arrivals baggage claim area terminal 1


Hong Kong airport departures check-in area 


Cargo and passenger statistics

The airport transports the most cargo worldwide with around 5 million tons. In 2019, there were 419,730 Hong Kong departures and HKG arrivals with over 70 million passengers. That is slightly less than the year before and that was because the airport was closed several times due to the demonstration that was held. This year there will be only 9 million Hong Kong arrivals / HKG departures due to corona. All of these 9 million passengers arrive or depart at the two runways of both 3,800 meters (12,467 ft). There are plans to create a third runway.

Popular routes with HKG airport arrivals

The Hong Kong – Auckland and Auckland – Hong Kong routes are popular. HKIA arrivals are possible on this route by Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand.

Most flights, as well as destinations, are operated by the airlines Cathay Pacific. They offer Hong Kong airport departures to cities all over the world. Hong Kong Airlines also offers many Hong Kong flight arrivals, but that is usually in the Asia region. Because the city is often used as a hub airport, many international airlines use it.

The airport is also one of the top 10 busiest international routes in the world. Most Hong Kong arrivals come from Taipei. 8 million people use this route every year. The route with HKG airport departures can be taken with the carriers Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, and China Airlines.


Other busy routes with HKIA departures are to:

There are some many more departures possibilities to places in the US, Eastern Africa, Middle East, Australia, Europe and the region itself of course with Tokyo Narita and Beijing Capital International.

Ground transportation at Hong Kong airport

The airport is located on an artificial island just above Lantau Island and is easily accessible by road. It is possible with public transport as well as your own transport or taxi.

You can use the automated people mover to travel between the terminals and concourses. This starts at terminal 2 and runs to terminal East hall. From East you can travel to West Hall and Midfield.

Airport Express: With the Airport Express you can be in the center of Hong Kong within half an hour. There are Hong Kong departures every 20-25 minutes with this express. The express stops at AsiaWorld-Expo near the airport. Other stops are more downtown: Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station and Tsing Yi Station. You can travel to the center for about 7-13 euros.

Hotel Coaches: many hotels also offer an airport shuttle. You can book a ticket at the Hong Kong arrivals hall B on Level 5.

Taxis: You can use a taxi for a direct ride to your final destination. At the Hong Kong arrivals hall there is a taxi station on the left. Basically the red taxis run to almost every area. The green taxis only go to the new areas of the city and the blue ones only stay on Lantau Island. So pay attention to where exactly you have to travel. It costs about 40 Euros/45 USD to travel to the center of the city.

Public Buses: there are many bus options. This is an inexpensive way to get to your final destination. The buses depart outside the terminal on floor L3. Get advice from the Bus Customer Service and Ticket Office in the front of the big bus stop.


Hong Kong airport hotels:

  • Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel
  • Novotel Citygate Hong Kong
  • AsiaWorld-Expo
  • Regal Airport Hotel