Kos Airport Arrivals KGS

Kos International Airport

Address: Antimachia, 853 02 Kos, Greece

Tel: +30 (0) 2242 056000
Fax: +30 (0) 22420 51833
Website: kgs-airport.gr
Owner: H.C.A.A. (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority)

Airport Codes
IATA code: KGS

KGS Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
08:35 June-23 Prague (PRG) Smartwings QS1126 scheduled
08:35 June-23 Munster (FMO) SmartLynx 6Y389 scheduled
08:45 June-23 Stockholm (ARN) Novair N9213 scheduled
08:50 June-23 Cologne (CGN) LEAV Aviation KK210 scheduled
09:35 June-23 Frankfurt (FRA) TUI (Robinson Club Resorts Livery) X34604 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Hannover (HAJ) TUI X34372 scheduled
09:55 June-23 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY2057 scheduled
10:15 June-23 Stuttgart (STR) Condor DE1648 scheduled
10:15 June-23 Tel Aviv (TLV) Bluebird Airways BZ802 scheduled
10:55 June-23 Athens (ATH) Olympic Air A3222 scheduled
10:55 June-23 Venice (TSF) Ryanair FR2275 scheduled
11:05 June-23 Brussels (BRU) SmartLynx TB2301 scheduled
11:21 June-23 Helsinki (HEL) Jettime JTD967 scheduled
11:30 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) Sunclass Airlines DK1184 scheduled
11:45 June-23 Athens (ATH) SKY express GQ222 scheduled
12:00 June-23 Stockholm (ARN) TUI 6B327 scheduled
12:00 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Sunclass Airlines DK1604 scheduled
12:15 June-23 Bristol (BRS) easyJet U22805 scheduled
12:35 June-23 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR6938 scheduled
12:35 June-23 Mykonos (JMK) Neos NO5038 scheduled
13:00 June-23 London (LGW) British Airways BA2848 scheduled
13:55 June-23 Zagreb (ZAG) Ryanair FR6442 scheduled
14:33 June-23 Tel Aviv (TLV) VistaJet Malta VJT551 scheduled
14:40 June-23 Cologne (CGN) Smartwings EW658 scheduled
14:45 June-23 Rotterdam (RTM) TUI Airlines Netherlands OR1177 scheduled
15:10 June-23 Zurich (ZRH) Edelweiss Air WK356 scheduled
15:45 June-23 Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE1590 scheduled
15:55 June-23 Brno (BRQ) Heston Airlines QS1424 scheduled
16:20 June-23 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines (Tintin comics Livery) SN3243 scheduled
16:35 June-23 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9636 scheduled
17:30 June-23 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3224 scheduled
18:00 June-23 Vienna (VIE) Ryanair FR7330 scheduled
18:30 June-23 Rotterdam (RTM) Transavia HV6841 scheduled
18:30 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) Novair N9781 scheduled
18:40 June-23 Berlin (BER) Eurowings EW8670 scheduled
19:10 June-23 Hamburg (HAM) Air Horizont DI6640 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Leipzig (LEJ) Condor DE1654 scheduled
19:25 June-23 London (LGW) easyJet U26531 scheduled
19:30 June-23 Dusseldorf (DUS) Leav Aviation X34572 scheduled
19:55 June-23 London (STN) Jet2 LS1481 scheduled
20:10 June-23 Graz (GRZ) Eurowings EW4504 scheduled
20:20 June-23 Milan (MXP) Neos NO5964 scheduled
20:35 June-23 Thessaloniki (SKG) Olympic Air OA596 scheduled
20:35 June-23 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS9101 scheduled
20:45 June-23 Manchester (MAN) easyJet U22065 scheduled
21:00 June-23 Brno (BRQ) Heston Airlines QS2308 scheduled
21:05 June-23 Brussels (BRU) Corendon Airlines Europe XR7699 scheduled
21:30 June-23 Birmingham (BHX) Jet2 LS1255 scheduled
22:05 June-23 Verona (VRN) Neos NO5032 scheduled
22:15 June-23 Nottingham (EMA) Jet2 LS659 scheduled
22:45 June-23 Ostrava (OSR) Smartwings QS1326 scheduled
22:50 June-23 Manchester (MAN) Jet2 LS743 scheduled
23:00 June-23 Prague (PRG) Smartwings QS2224 scheduled
23:05 June-23 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3228 scheduled
23:10 June-23 Edinburgh (EDI) Jet2 LS733 scheduled
00:25 June-24 Athens (ATH) SKY express GQ224 scheduled
08:15 June-24 Athens (ATH) SKY express GQ220 scheduled
08:35 June-24 Prague (PRG) Smartwings QS1126 scheduled
08:45 June-24 Cologne (CGN) Eurowings EW658 scheduled
08:55 June-24 Wroclaw (WRO) SKY express GQ7643 scheduled
09:15 June-24 Dresden (DRS) Sundair SR4262 scheduled
09:35 June-24 Munich (MUC) TUI fly X34806 scheduled
09:45 June-24 Berlin (BER) Sundair SR4264 scheduled
09:55 June-24 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY2057 scheduled
09:55 June-24 Frankfurt (FRA) TUI fly X34604 scheduled
09:55 June-24 Stuttgart (STR) TUI fly X34854 scheduled
10:10 June-24 Amsterdam (AMS) Transavia HV5041 scheduled
11:00 June-24 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3222 scheduled
11:00 June-24 Hamburg (HAM) Eurowings EW5316 scheduled
11:05 June-24 Brussels (BRU) TUI TB2301 scheduled
11:50 June-24 Amsterdam (AMS) TUI OR1183 scheduled
12:00 June-24 Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO3570 scheduled

Find out Kos international airport Arrivals

The international airport of Kos (IATA: KGS, ICAO: LGKO) is on Kos Island in Greece. It is situated next to the village of Antimachia, operated by Fraport AG, and Swissport is responsible for every KOS arrivals within the airport. Kos airport serves mainly charter flights that take customers on holiday to the island. In summer, Goose Airport peaked, with prime Condor, Eurowings and British Airways flying.

The Hellenic Aviation Authority is a fully-fledged civilian airport, serving as the international gateway to the island, a fast-growing tourist resort. In addition, regular KOS flight arrivals form Athens and Rhodes are provided. The airport handles many charter flights as a result of making Kos airport a preferred destination. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines offer regular services. In 2007, 1.64 million passengers were handled by the airport.

History of Kos Airport

On 4 April 1964, the airport opened and had its first KOS airport arrivals. The runway path was extended up to 2400 meters in 1974 to let bigger airplanes take of as well. As traffic grew at the airport, a new terminal was built in 1980. The terminal was refurbished and expanded in 1997 for KOS arrivals.

By the signing of the agreement between Fraport AG / Copoulos Group, and the State Privatization Fund in December 2015, the privatization of the Kos Island international airport and 13 regional airports was completed in Greece. Stergios Pitcairlos, president of the HRADF Greek privatization organization, told Reuters that they signed the agreement. The agreement provides for the 14 airports, including Kos Island International Airport, to be operated by the joint venture for 40 years to 11 April 2017 to have KOS flight arrivals.

Fraport AG awarded the Greco government’s plans for 14 regional airports with its Greek subsidiary Fraport Greece on 22 March 2017. The immediate actions of Fraport are improved lighting, improved aerial marking, upgraded health facilities, improved WiFi services, and better airport-wide fire protection.

The operator plans for a new terminal for KOS airport arrivals and fire plant, the renovation of the wastewater treatment plant. And the safety test routes to be checked in the counters for long-term plans to 2021.

Airlines and destinations

Some frequently seen airlines with KOS arrivals:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Transavia
  • Austrian Airlines
  • EasyJet
  • Olympic Air
  • Ryanair
  • Condor
  • Eurowings
  • Jet2
  • TUI
  • Corendon
  • Blue Panorama Airlines
  • British airways
  • Neos
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Volotea

Many destinations with KOS flight arrivals are

KOS airport arrivals

At the airport, passengers leave the plane without using the boarding bridge with the accommodation ladder. Then proceed to the aircraft terminal. After the ladder is down, follow the trail to the front door.

If you checked your baggage, go to the luggage claim and review your luggage claims. All procedures are finished, the lobby to visit passengers. Now you are set free to explore the Island of Kos.

Other Amenities

If you have questions about airport facilities, Kos Airport has an information desk which is accessible after KOS arrivals for all your queries.

  • Food and drink: a café with warm and cold drinks, fast foods, and snacks are in the final building.
  • Shopping: Free duty shopping on the terminal building is available.
  • Disability facilities: The facilities are fundamental. If you need help at the airport, you should contact your carrier before departure.
  • Additional facilities are a medical center, and there’s also a police station available at Kos international airport.