Corfu Airport Arrivals CFU

Address: GR-491 00 Corfu, Greece

Tel: +30 (0) 266 1089805
Fax: +30 (0) 266 1045829
Owner: H.C.A.A. (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority)

Airport Codes
IATA code: CFU

CFU Arrivals today

Guide on Corfu International Airport Arrivals

Corfu, a famous holiday destination for Europeans. It also sometimes called Kerkyra. Beautiful beaches, beautiful waters, and some fascinating Greek food make this island special. Corfu Airport is very spectacular. It is only a short walk to the airport from the city center. Therefore it’s easy to travel around when experiencing Corfu arrivals.

Airlines with Corfu flight arrivals

There are flights year round but most of them are charter/seasonal flights in summer. Some airlines with Corfu airport flight arrivals from countries like:

Popular international flight routes:

But there are also domestic CFU airport arrivals. Thessaloniki, and Santorini are destinations you can fly too including the Greek capital Athens. The mainland and neighboring islands also belong to SkyExpress. Another Greek airline, Ellinair, operates Kerkyra airport arrivals from other eastern countries.

Location for Corfu airport arrivals

It is an airport owned by the Greek government and is located on the Greek island of Corfu. Corfu Airport is 0.8 km south of Corfu Town. Corfu International Airport is named after the great Corfu diplomat and the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias. Ioannis Kapodistrias airport arrivals are only 6 feet/2 meters above sea level, located at 39° 36’07’ ‘north latitude and 19° 54’ 42” ‘east longitude.

Runways and terminal at Corfu Airport

It covers an area of 1.6 hectares and there is just 1 runway for CFU arrivals. This road is unique because it is short, and most of it is surrounded by water. It is because the road is built mainly in the Chalikiopoulos Lagoon. This runway is 2,375 meters long, 45 meters wide for take-off and landing, and has a 17,800-feet taxiway. There is also a fire station, ten aircraft parking bays, and 28 general air force aprons nearby. The airport has only one terminal for Corfu flight arrivals, which is split into a departure hall and an arrivals hall.

CFU airport arrivals hall

From the runway, passengers reach the arrival hall that starts with the immigration office nearby. After completing the security check passengers can enjoy the amenities in the Corfu arrivals hall.

Free Wi-Fi access:

Free Wi-Fi is in the terminal area of Corfu International Airport, including two security check sides. Wi-Fi is also available in most restaurants and shops. To connect to the Internet, just select Network Wi-Fi after you get out of the airplane when having Corfu airport arrivals.


Cigarettes are not provided in the terminal after CFU arrivals. Smoking is only allowed outside the terminal in an approved location. If you take a connecting flight, you must enter Corfu and smoke outside the terminal, and then you must pass security on the connecting flight.

Duty-free shops:

The most famous international brands are found in Corfu International Airport. It includes all kinds of shops for cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco, clothing, spirits, Greek cuisine, electronics, watches, accessories, and toys. All travelers can enter the store as you can buy various goods, but domestic travelers cannot buy duty-free goods with cigarettes or alcohol. Not all the shops are available for the ones with Corfu arrivals.

Lost and found:

Call the CFU Missing Persons Office at the airport on +30 2661 033576 to report lost items in public places or on the floor of Corfu Airport.