Athens Airport Departures ATH

Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport

Address: Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04, Greece
IATA airport code: ATH
Elevation: 94 m
Owner / Operator: Athens International Airport
Telephone: +30 21 0353 0000
Alias: Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos

ATH Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
15:10 February-28 15:28 Samos (SMI) Olympic Air A3246 estimated
15:20 February-28 15:20 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1850 estimated
15:30 February-28 15:40 Brussels (BRU) Aegean Airlines A3622 estimated
15:30 February-28 Belgrade (BEG) AirSERBIA JU513 canceled
15:35 February-28 Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR721 scheduled
15:40 February-28 15:58 Frankfurt (FRA) Aegean Airlines A3832 estimated
15:45 February-28 15:45 Munich (MUC) Aegean Airlines A3806 estimated
15:45 February-28 16:03 Lemnos (LXS) SKY express GQ320 estimated
15:45 February-28 16:03 Paros (PAS) Olympic Air OA74 estimated
15:50 February-28 16:08 Warsaw (WAW) Aegean Airlines A3872 estimated
15:50 February-28 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3151 canceled
15:55 February-28 16:13 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Wizz Air 5W7008 estimated
16:00 February-28 16:00 London (STN) Ryanair FR52 estimated
16:00 February-28 16:18 Mahon (MAH) Epsilon Aviation GRV105 estimated
16:15 February-28 16:33 Milan (MXP) Aegean Airlines A3664 estimated
16:25 February-28 16:43 Rome (FCO) Aegean Airlines A3654 estimated
16:25 February-28 16:43 Podgorica (TGD) Olympic Air A3974 estimated
16:25 February-28 16:43 Thessaloniki (SKG) Aegean Airlines A3120 estimated
16:30 February-28 16:48 Kos (KGS) Olympic Air A3224 estimated
16:30 February-28 16:48 Izmir (ADB) Aegean Airlines A3996 estimated
16:30 February-28 16:48 Chania (CHQ) SKY express GQ254 estimated
16:35 February-28 17:13 Mykonos (JMK) Olympic Air A3374 estimated
16:40 February-28 16:58 Heraklion (HER) Aegean Airlines A3318 estimated
16:40 February-28 16:58 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY8101 estimated
16:40 February-28 16:40 Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air W43048 estimated
16:45 February-28 17:03 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa Cargo LH8343 estimated
16:50 February-28 Thessaloniki (SKG) SKY express GQ386 canceled
16:55 February-28 17:13 Heraklion (HER) SKY express GQ214 estimated
17:00 February-28 17:18 Santorini (JTR) Aegean Airlines A3358 estimated
17:00 February-28 17:18 Paris (CDG) Aegean Airlines A3614 estimated
17:05 February-28 17:23 Chania (CHQ) Aegean Airlines A3336 estimated
17:10 February-28 17:10 New York (EWR) Emirates EK209 estimated
17:15 February-28 Santorini (JTR) SKY express GQ344 canceled
17:20 February-28 17:38 Rhodes (RHO) Aegean Airlines A3210 estimated
17:20 February-28 17:38 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1283 estimated
17:20 February-28 17:30 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1576 estimated
17:25 February-28 17:43 Skopje (SKP) Olympic Air A3984 estimated
17:30 February-28 17:48 Tirana (TIA) Aegean Airlines A3972 estimated
17:30 February-28 17:30 Sofia (SOF) Aegean Airlines A3982 estimated
17:40 February-28 17:58 Kithira (KIT) SKY express GQ440 estimated
17:40 February-28 17:50 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss (Star Alliance Livery) LX1839 estimated
18:00 February-28 18:16 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK210 estimated
18:00 February-28 Tel Aviv (TLV) Bluebird Airways BZ701 scheduled
18:05 February-28 18:21 Thessaloniki (SKG) Aegean Airlines A3122 estimated
18:05 February-28 18:21 Milan (BGY) Malta Air FR1318 estimated
18:10 February-28 18:26 Lemnos (LXS) Olympic Air A3266 estimated
18:10 February-28 Tel Aviv (TLV) Arkia Israeli Airlines IZ212 scheduled
18:15 February-28 18:31 Larnaca (LCA) Aegean Airlines A3906 estimated
18:20 February-28 18:20 Istanbul (IST) Aegean Airlines A3994 estimated
18:30 February-28 18:46 Ioannina (IOA) Olympic Air A3166 estimated
18:30 February-28 Larnaca (LCA) SKY express GQ602 canceled
18:50 February-28 19:06 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways (25 Years of Excellence Sticker) QR208 estimated
19:00 February-28 19:16 Corfu (CFU) Olympic Air A3286 estimated
19:10 February-28 19:10 London (LHR) Aegean Airlines A3608 estimated
19:10 February-28 19:26 Chios (JKH) Olympic Air A3276 estimated
19:10 February-28 19:26 Chios (JKH) SKY express GQ244 estimated
19:15 February-28 19:31 Alexandroupolis (AXD) Aegean Airlines A3144 estimated
19:25 February-28 19:41 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ721 estimated
19:30 February-28 13:45 London (LGW) easyJet U26406 estimated
19:30 February-28 19:46 Mytilene (MJT) SKY express GQ304 estimated
19:35 February-28 19:51 Chania (CHQ) SKY express GQ256 estimated
19:45 February-28 Kos (KGS) SKY express GQ224 canceled
19:50 February-28 20:06 Thessaloniki (SKG) Aegean Airlines A3126 estimated
19:55 February-28 20:11 Heraklion (HER) Aegean Airlines A3320 estimated
19:55 February-28 Tel Aviv (TLV) Israir Airlines 6H562 canceled
20:00 February-28 London (LHR) British Airways BA633 canceled
20:00 February-28 20:00 Rhodes (RHO) SKY express GQ284 estimated
20:05 February-28 20:05 Mytilene (MJT) Aegean Airlines A3254 estimated
20:05 February-28 Alexandroupolis (AXD) SKY express GQ294 canceled
20:10 February-28 20:22 Corfu (CFU) SKY express GQ274 estimated
20:15 February-28 20:15 Heraklion (HER) SKY express GQ216 estimated
20:15 February-28 12:10 Milan (MXP) easyJet U23652 estimated
20:15 February-28 20:27 Santorini (JTR) SKY express GQ346 estimated
20:15 February-28 20:15 Thessaloniki (SKG) SKY express GQ388 estimated
20:20 February-28 Amsterdam (AMS) Transavia HV6868 canceled
20:30 February-28 20:30 Budapest (BUD) Ryanair FR1242 estimated
20:30 February-28 20:30 Larnaca (LCA) SKY express GQ606 estimated
20:35 February-28 20:47 Munich (MUC) Maersk Air Cargo DJ6119 estimated
20:35 February-28 20:47 Rome (FCO) ASL Airlines 3V4193 estimated
20:45 February-28 20:45 Larnaca (LCA) Aegean Airlines A3914 estimated
21:05 February-28 21:05 Santorini (JTR) Olympic Air A3364 estimated
21:05 February-28 21:05 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1846 estimated
21:15 February-28 21:15 Chania (CHQ) Aegean Airlines A3344 estimated
21:30 February-28 21:30 Thessaloniki (SKG) Aegean Airlines A3128 estimated
22:00 February-28 22:00 London (LTN) Wizz Air W94468 estimated
22:10 February-28 22:10 Jeddah (JED) Aegean Airlines A3950 estimated
22:10 February-28 22:10 Thessaloniki (SKG) SKY express GQ390 estimated
22:35 February-28 22:35 Rhodes (RHO) Aegean Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) A3218 estimated
22:35 February-28 22:35 Tel Aviv (TLV) El Al LY544 estimated
23:20 February-28 23:31 Heraklion (HER) Aegean Airlines A3328 estimated
23:25 February-28 23:36 Thessaloniki (SKG) Aegean Airlines A3136 estimated
23:25 February-28 23:36 Larnaca (LCA) Aegean Airlines A3910 estimated
23:50 February-28 00:01 Yerevan (EVN) Aegean Airlines A3898 estimated
23:50 February-28 00:01 Cairo (CAI) Aegean Airlines A3930 estimated
01:00 February-29 01:11 Tel Aviv (TLV) Aegean Airlines A3928 estimated
02:15 February-29 02:15 Tel Aviv (TLV) Israir Airlines 6H562 estimated
04:40 February-29 04:50 Belgrade (BEG) KlasJet JU517 estimated
06:00 February-29 06:00 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways AZ717 estimated
06:00 February-29 06:00 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM (SkyTeam Livery) KL1572 estimated
06:00 February-29 06:12 Rhodes (RHO) Olympic Air OA3002 estimated

Learn a little about the Athens International Airport

When you visit Greece exactly in its capital Athens, you should know a little about how to enter and leave the country. Athens International Airport is your main access to this country which is very cultural and quite beautiful. You can dedicate a few minutes of your time to get to know the international airport and about the Athens departures.


Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport or better known as AIA, is the best and largest airport in Greece. This airport works very well for citizens and tourists who want to get closer to Greece or the Attica region. So it makes sense to have Eleftherios Venizelos airport departures. You may be surprised by the technology and beautiful architectural works that the airport presents to you with only 20 years in operation.

The AIA opened its facilities in March 2001, so it turns out to be a fairly new airport. This airport is located between Koropi, Loutsa, Spata, and the city of Markopoulo. It is an airport that has two pavilions to accommodate its passengers, with a capacity of 13 million Athens international airport departures a year.

ATH airport departures ground transportation

For Venizelos airport departures, you will have several options in ground transportation. You can choose between the following services to reach the city or other parts of Greece:

  • Taxi: you can take it to get to the city in less than 40 minutes.
  • Bus: from the AIA, you will have four lines that will connect you with the metropolitan area. There are all day Athens airport departures. You will likely to take the taxi when departing in the night or really early in the morning.
  • Metro: you can take line 3 very close to the Starion Railway at the airport.
  • Train: this airport has a direct connection with the Larisis station, Kiato and Pireaus.
  • Car rental: you can rent a car to take when you arrive at the airport.

In general, ATH departures will cost 35 minutes by car from the International Airport. You can spend these 30-100 euros depending on the type of suburban transport you take.

Location of Athens airport

This airport is located between Athens’ small cities, such as Loutsa, Spata, Koropi, and Markopoulo. The address for you to locate the airport is Attiki Odios, Sparta Artemida on 190 04 street.


There are many airlines that work with Athens International Airport, giving you Eleftherios Venizelos departures to almost any country. You can request Athens flight departures from any of these active AIA airlines:

  • Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air France, Air Europa, Air Transat, Alitalia, American Airlines, ASL Airlines France, KLM, Austrian Airlines, Blue Air, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Cyprus Airways, El Al Israel Airlines, Easyjet, Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Gulf Air, Icelandair, Iberia, among others.

This international airport is used by more than 90 airlines in which you can have destinations to Europe, America, Asia, Central America, etc. Within this airport, there are also connecting flights with Athens airport departures by airlines such as:

  • Volotea
  • Sky Express
  • Ryanair
  • Olympic Air
  • Aegean Airlines
Athens Airport destinations

The busiest destinations you can take with Athens International Airport departures are:

Among other destinations that you can take are als Athens departures AIA to Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Doha, etc.

You can also take national destinations such as Chania, Corfú, Kos, Rhodes, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Alexandroupolis.

There are some more options that only have seasonal flight routes.