Weeze Airport Departures

Address: Flughafen-Ring 1, 47652 Weeze, Germany
Phone: +49 2837 666111
Airport code: NRN
Elevation: 32 m
Serves: Nijmegen, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Essen, Dortmund
Web: airport-weeze.com

NRN Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
14:55 April-17 14:55 April-17 Fes (FEZ) Ryanair FR5885 estimated
15:55 April-17 15:55 April-17 Ibiza (IBZ) Ryanair FR6418 estimated
16:25 April-17 16:40 April-17 Bari (BRI) Ryanair FR7524 estimated
16:30 April-17 16:30 April-17 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR9495 estimated
17:55 April-17 18:07 April-17 Zagreb (ZAG) Lauda Europe FR2126 estimated
18:35 April-17 18:50 April-17 Zadar (ZAD) Ryanair FR6413 estimated
21:10 April-17 21:25 April-17 Seville (SVQ) Ryanair FR8632 estimated
06:00 April-18 06:00 April-18 Pescara (PSR) Ryanair FR5559 estimated
06:00 April-18 06:00 April-18 Faro (FAO) Ryanair FR5781 estimated
06:20 April-18 06:20 April-18 Agadir (AGA) Ryanair FR4986 estimated
06:30 April-18 06:30 April-18 Nador (NDR) Ryanair FR6357 estimated
07:05 April-18 07:05 April-18 Girona (GRO) Ryanair FR6390 estimated
11:25 April-18 11:25 April-18 Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR6212 estimated
12:40 April-18 12:40 April-18 Chania (CHQ) Ryanair FR5747 estimated
13:25 April-18 13:25 April-18 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR9495 estimated
14:05 April-18 14:05 April-18 Corfu (CFU) Ryanair FR6980 estimated
15:25 April-18 Rabat (RBA) Ryanair FR1816 scheduled
16:45 April-18 Thessaloniki (SKG) Ryanair FR5714 scheduled
17:15 April-18 Edinburgh (EDI) Ryanair FR5688 scheduled
17:15 April-18 17:15 April-18 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR9879 estimated
17:40 April-18 Pula (PUY) Ryanair FR9465 scheduled
18:50 April-18 Zagreb (ZAG) Ryanair FR2126 scheduled
19:15 April-18 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR485 scheduled
20:40 April-18 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR8612 scheduled
22:05 April-18 22:05 April-18 Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR8475 estimated

Discover Dusseldorf Weeze airport departures

weeze airport departures

Weeze Airport (IATA airport code: NRN, ICAO: EDLV) is an airport located in Germany. Yet, many Dutch people fly from Weeze Airport as it is so close to the Dutch border. In total, more than 1.9 million passengers used Weeze Airport in 2015 for Weeze airport departures. From the airport it is 2 kilometers to the west and then you are in the Netherlands. In addition to its favorable location, Weeze Airport is one of the largest bases of the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair who offer most Weeze flight departures. This allows you to book tickets fom Weeze very cheaply to, for example, destinations around the Mediterranean.

It’s time for you to pack your bags and head to Germany using the Weeze airport gates. This airport in the Lower Rhine region may attract your attention due to its tourist and highly cultural areas. You should not waste time at home and only take Dusseldorf Weeze airport departures at this very important point for the country in Europe.

Passengers stats and flight routes

Where a record was reached in 2010 with almost 2.9 million passengers, in 2019 it was only 1.2 million. The decrease in Dusseldorf Weeze airport departures is therefore relatively significant. In addition to Ryanair, the airline Corendon also offers some seasonal flights to:

Ryan offers many more Weeze flight departures to:


Weeze Air Base was inaugurated in 2003 with its first Weeze departures. It arose from the foundations of the old military airfield in the Lower Rhine region. This airport works with Ryanair flights that take it as its focus city with most Weeze flight departures. You can tour the entire municipality of weeze from the airbase as well as other nearby towns.

For now, the airport provides its operations for 20 destinations throughout Europe by about eight airlines who offer NRN airport departures. This airport ranks tenth among the most used in Germany and fourth for its capacity to accommodate tourists.

Location for Weeze airport departures

Weeze airport is located in the Lower Rhine region, which is part of the municipality of Weeze, a few meters from Kevelaer. It is an airport that is geographically well-positioned for the citizens of Kevelaer and even for Nijmegen.

Weeze airport ground transportation

At the airport you will have several ground transportation services, among the most important are:

  • NRN departures by car: You can rent or order a car to take you to Weeze train station and from there to your destination. This tour usually takes no more than 20 minutes with little traffic.
  • Dusseldorf Weeze airport departures by bus: If you take public transport, you can take a tour of the entire Lower Rhine region until you reach the train station. It is a low-cost public service, but it tends to be very slow due to the number of stops it makes.
Terminal at Weeze airport

As it is one of the newest airports in Germany, its terminal does not lack many basic services. This airport has a single terminal floor that was modernized in 2014 to improve its operations in Weeze flight departures. The airport has 2 million people, although in its operational years it has not covered 50%.

This airport only has one runway with the address 09/27 and 8,005 feet long. The track was rebuilt in 2010.

If you are delayed, or if you have Weeze departures well on time, it is of course a nice idea that there is also something to do at the airport. Weeze Airport has 2 bars, 1 lounge area and 1 luxury restaurant. In addition, there is also the possibility to shop tax-free at the airport before NRN airport departures. You can of course use this when you depart from Weeze Airport.