Hamburg Airport Departures

Flughafen Hamburg

Address: Flughafenstraße 1-3, 22335 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 50750
Timezone: UTC + 1 (DST + 2)

Airport Codes:

  • International Air Transport Association (IATA): HAM
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO): EDDH

HAM Departures today

Discover Hamburg international airport departures

If you want to explore the dazzling streets of Hamburg in Germany, you may need to get to the local airport for Hamburg international departures. Hamburg’s airport is the second most sought-after tourist entry point in Germany, followed by Berlin Airport. To enjoy the facilities in this popular area, you may need to know it thoroughly.

Find out how you can locate Hamburg airport, how big it is, and the means of ground transportation available. Know which the most requested Hamburg airport departure flights from the air terminal are so that you can take them immediately.  The airport has 2 runways of 3,250 and 3,666 meters length for Hamburg departures.


The Hamburg International Airport began to operate in 1911 under the hands of the HLG Company to have Hamburg Flughafen departures. This airport is located in the first place of the oldest air zones within the Republic of Germany. The second oldest airport in Germany is undoubtedly Tempelhof which is located in the capital city but not really in use anymore.

In 2018 the airport had the opportunity to accommodate more than 17 million passengers going to have Hamburg flight departures to Europe or to domestic cities. This airport wants to increase HAM airport departures to accommodate passengers and thus compete with the airports of Berlin and Frankfurt.

Location for Hamburg airport departures

The airport is located 5 miles from Hamburg’s city center, in the Fuhlsbuttel district. You can recognize the aerial installation by its official name, “Hamburg Helmut Schmidt.”

Hamburg airport ground transport

You can take some means of ground transportation outside the air terminal such as:

  • Rental car: Rental cars are available long before arriving at the airport; you have to contact the indicated company to start HAM departures with you car asap. You can take the federal highway A7 to go to the city center or nearby regions of Hamburg.
  • Bus: You can take Hamburg Helmut Schmidt airport departures by the public buses that will take you to Hamburg and areas close to Kiel and Neumunster.
  • Train: If you want to save money and get to your destination in record time, you can train from the air terminal to have Hamburg departures. Each train will arrive in 10 minutes and can take you to any central station.

If you want to land at Hamburg airport, you may need to recognize the available runways for Hamburg flughafen departures:

  • Runway 23-05: it is 3,250 meters long and has an asphalt surface.
  • Runway 15-33: it is 3,666 meters long and has an asphalt surface.
Terminals Hamburg airport

When you arrive at this distinguished airport in the German region, you may be surprised by its terminal. You can take some points of interest inside the air terminal such as:

  • You can go to the airport square where you will have many shops, restaurants and informative guides around you when arriving in the Hamburg flight departures hall.
  • If you walk towards terminal 1, airlines such as Oneworld and SkyTeam are available and many international HAM airport departures.
  • If you go to terminal 2 of the airport, you can take most domestic Hamburg airport departures like to Berlin Brandenburg.
Airlines with HAM departures

You can choose between the most prominent airlines of the air facility such as:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • BlueAir
  • Ryanair
  • KLM
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Eurowings
  • EasyJet
  • Freebird Airlines
  • Emirates
  • DAT
  • Lufthansa
  • Condor
  • Swiss
  • British Airways
Flight routes Hamburg Airport

Among the most sought-after destinations that you will have at the airport with Hamburg departures are:

Most Hamburg flight departures are coming from German cities like:

Although the destinations are few from Hamburg airport, you can take Hamburg airport departures by a stopover to other areas. You can make your reservation a few days in advance to secure the ticket and wait for the trip.

For the next few years, the airport will partner with new airlines to offer a more excellent range of destinations. You have to be patient and wait for the Hamburg airport to expand its operations to Europe, Asia, or North America.