Hamburg Airport Arrivals

Flughafen Hamburg

Address: Flughafenallee 20, 28199 Bremen, Duitsland
Tel: +49 (0)40 50750
IATA-airportcode: BRE
ICAO-airportcode: EDDW
Alias: Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport

HAM Arrivals today

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For your visit to the second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg, arrivals at the airport is a  good way to start to explore the city. The Flughafen Hamburg or Hamburg City International Airport is one of the landmarks that you should consider. With more than a century in operation of Hamburg airport flights, the airport is one of the most popular in Germany and one that you should know to have Hamburg airport arrivals.

You can take some time to know the airport’s history, location, and transport after experiencing Hamburg arrivals. You can also learn which available airlines offer Hamburg Flughafen arrivals together with the most sought-after destinations.

Top routes from HAM

The Hamburg airport opened its doors to the public in 1911 for its first Hamburg flight arrivals, supported by the HLG company in the German region. This airport is ranked number two in seniority, followed by Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport. For now, Hamburg Airport is in the top five favorite airport in Germany.

By 2018 the airport processed more than 17 million passengers with around 150 thousand movements of the airlines. This airport is capable of accommodating large airplanes for long haul flights but also small commercial airlines to have HAM airport arrivals.

Hamburg Airport location

As it was christened in 2016, Hamburg Helmut Schmidt Airport is located in the Fuhlsbuttel neighborhood in the city of Hamburg. You will have to travel about 5-6 miles to get from the city center after having Hamburg airport arrivals.

Ground transportation at Hamburg airport

On the outskirts of the airport, you will have several means of ground transportation such as:

  • Bus: You can take public transport from the main exit of the terminal after HAM arrivals. Buses can take you to the city of Neumunster and Kiel.
  • Rental car: You will run into several car rental companies after the Hamburg arrivals hall. With your hands behind the wheel, you can take the federal highway A7 that connects the airport with the main cities.
  • Train: You can also take the trains that connect to the air terminal and take you to Hamburg or Norderstedt. Trains have every 10 minutes Hamburg flughafen arrivals to Hamburg Central Station.

You may find two runways at the airport facilities for Hamburg flight arrivals that are identified by:

  • Runway 23-05, which is 3,250 meters long and has an asphalt surface.
  • Runway 15-33 that is 3,666 meters long and has an asphalt surface.
Hamburg airport terminals

You can divide the Hamburg air terminal into two sections where you will have various services for HAM airport arrivals. At the airport, there is also the “Airport Plaza” area where you will have security control, restaurants, train station, etc. Each of the airport terminals stands out for:

  • Terminal 1: This terminal was inaugurated in 2005; it is very similar to terminal 2, only it is more spacious and has other exclusive services. In Terminal 1, you will find public toilets, water collection systems, counters to check tickets, etc. You can take Hamburg airport arrivals in Terminal 1 by airlines such as SkyTeam and OneWorld.
  • Terminal 2: This terminal was inaugurated in 1993 for HAM arrivals, and there you can find airlines such as Lufthansa and Euro wing. It is a tiny terminal, so you will not have much to go.

Inside the airport, you will have at your disposal several airlines that have Hamburg arrivals such as:

  • Brussels Airlines
  • Condor
  • Aer Lingus
  • Emirates
  • DAT
  • EasyJet
  • Ryanair
  • BlueAir
  • Aegean Airlines
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Eurowings
  • Iberia
  • British Airways
  • Freebird Airlines, etc.

Among the most popular destinations to have Hamburg airport arrivals, you can have the options of: these domestic destinations:

Some international options: