Frankfurt Airport Arrivals

Flughafen Frankfurt Main

Address: Hugo-Eckener-Ring, 60549 Frankfurt, Duitsland
IATA-airport code: FRA
ICAO-airport code: EDDF
Alias: Frankfurt am Main Airport and Rhein-Main Airport
Phone: +49 180 6 3724636

FRA Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
08:00 June-23 07:57 June-23 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH93 1 estimated
08:05 June-23 07:58 June-23 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC838 1 estimated
08:05 June-23 07:54 June-23 Washington (IAD) Lufthansa LH419 1 landed
08:05 June-23 07:47 June-23 Venice (VCE) Lufthansa LH333 1 landed
08:05 June-23 08:19 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) Lufthansa LH833 1 estimated
08:05 June-23 08:02 June-23 Toulouse (TLS) Lufthansa LH1101 1 estimated
08:05 June-23 07:52 June-23 Zurich (ZRH) Helvetic Airways LX1068 1 landed
08:09 June-23 Frankfurt (HHN) Eurowings Discover 4Y4070 scheduled
08:10 June-23 10:06 June-23 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC844 1 delayed
08:10 June-23 07:48 June-23 Hamburg (HAM) Lufthansa LH5 1 landed
08:10 June-23 07:59 June-23 Geneva (GVA) Swiss LX1080 1 estimated
08:10 June-23 07:55 June-23 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN2607 1 landed
08:15 June-23 09:17 June-23 Dallas (DFW) Lufthansa LH439 1 delayed
08:15 June-23 09:13 June-23 Houston (IAH) Lufthansa LH441 1 delayed
08:15 June-23 08:02 June-23 Trieste (TRS) Air Dolomiti EN8821 1 estimated
08:15 June-23 08:32 June-23 Florence (FLR) Air Dolomiti EN8861 1 delayed
08:15 June-23 08:02 June-23 Helsinki (HEL) Lufthansa LH855 1 estimated
08:15 June-23 07:46 June-23 Istanbul (IST) Lufthansa LH1305 1 landed
08:15 June-23 08:01 June-23 Budapest (BUD) Lufthansa LH1343 1 estimated
08:20 June-23 07:56 June-23 Mumbai (BOM) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH757 1 landed
08:20 June-23 08:01 June-23 Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ416 2 estimated
08:20 June-23 08:06 June-23 Tel Aviv (TLV) Lufthansa LH691 1 estimated
08:25 June-23 08:26 June-23 Berlin (BER) Lufthansa LH45 1 estimated
08:25 June-23 08:06 June-23 Bergen (BGO) Lufthansa LH877 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 08:14 June-23 Astana (NQZ) Lufthansa LH649 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 07:41 June-23 Chennai (MAA) Lufthansa LH759 1 landed
08:30 June-23 08:26 June-23 Milan (LIN) Lufthansa LH279 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 08:47 June-23 Stockholm (ARN) Lufthansa LH809 1 delayed
08:30 June-23 08:30 June-23 Birmingham (BHX) Lufthansa LH959 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 08:11 June-23 Valencia (VLC) Lufthansa LH1165 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 08:23 June-23 Belgrade (BEG) Lufthansa LH1411 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 08:02 June-23 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS201 1 estimated
08:30 June-23 Shanghai (PVG) Air China CA1047 scheduled
08:35 June-23 Lyon (LYS) Lufthansa LH1083 1 scheduled
08:40 June-23 12:01 June-23 Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL86 2 delayed
08:40 June-23 08:36 June-23 Madrid (MAD) Lufthansa LH1121 1 estimated
08:40 June-23 08:09 June-23 Gdansk (GDN) Lufthansa LH1379 1 estimated
08:40 June-23 08:19 June-23 Ljubljana (LJU) Lufthansa LH1461 1 estimated
08:45 June-23 10:19 June-23 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA70 2 delayed
08:45 June-23 08:24 June-23 Naples (NAP) Lufthansa LH337 1 estimated
08:45 June-23 08:34 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Lufthansa LH895 1 estimated
08:45 June-23 08:34 June-23 Marseille (MRS) Lufthansa LH1091 1 estimated
08:50 June-23 07:53 June-23 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK43 2 landed
08:50 June-23 08:38 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Lufthansa LH865 1 estimated
08:50 June-23 08:41 June-23 Sarajevo (SJJ) Lufthansa LH1547 1 estimated
08:55 June-23 07:51 June-23 New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL106 2 landed
08:55 June-23 08:47 June-23 Riga (RIX) Carpatair BT243 2 estimated
08:55 June-23 Berlin (BER) Lufthansa LH175 1 canceled
08:55 June-23 08:45 June-23 Rome (FCO) Lufthansa LH243 1 estimated
08:55 June-23 08:47 June-23 Cairo (CAI) Lufthansa LH585 1 estimated
08:55 June-23 09:06 June-23 Manchester (MAN) Lufthansa LH949 1 estimated
08:55 June-23 09:19 June-23 Dublin (DUB) Lufthansa (Die Maus Sticker) LH983 1 delayed
08:55 June-23 08:36 June-23 Paris (CDG) Lufthansa LH1051 1 estimated
08:55 June-23 08:51 June-23 Bilbao (BIO) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH1147 1 estimated
08:55 June-23 08:51 June-23 Edinburgh (EDI) Lufthansa LH1527 1 estimated
09:00 June-23 08:53 June-23 Bengaluru (BLR) Lufthansa LH755 1 estimated
09:00 June-23 08:23 June-23 Seoul (ICN) Lufthansa Cargo LH8385 estimated
09:00 June-23 08:38 June-23 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1518 2 estimated
09:00 June-23 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH95 1 scheduled
09:00 June-23 08:43 June-23 Barcelona (BCN) Lufthansa LH1139 1 estimated
09:00 June-23 08:51 June-23 Malta (MLA) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH1313 1 estimated
09:02 June-23 08:40 June-23 Olbia (OLB) Airlink JAR32 estimated
09:05 June-23 08:47 June-23 London (LHR) Lufthansa LH921 1 estimated
09:05 June-23 08:51 June-23 Lisbon (LIS) Lufthansa LH1497 1 estimated
09:09 June-23 Nice (NCE) NetJets Europe scheduled
09:10 June-23 09:08 June-23 New York (EWR) United Airlines UA960 1 estimated
09:10 June-23 Stuttgart (STR) Lufthansa LH131 1 canceled
09:10 June-23 08:47 June-23 Glasgow (GLA) Lufthansa LH975 1 estimated
09:10 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) Lufthansa LH1003 1 canceled
09:10 June-23 08:43 June-23 Tirana (TIA) Lufthansa LH1455 1 estimated
09:15 June-23 Nuremberg (NUE) Lufthansa LH145 1 scheduled
09:15 June-23 Brussels (BRU) Lufthansa LH1005 1 scheduled
09:15 June-23 Zurich (ZRH) Lufthansa LH1183 1 scheduled
09:15 June-23 09:02 June-23 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU410 1 estimated
09:20 June-23 09:49 June-23 Seattle (SEA) Lufthansa LH491 1 delayed
09:20 June-23 08:51 June-23 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA182 1 estimated
09:20 June-23 09:00 June-23 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY1411 2 estimated
09:20 June-23 Luxembourg (LUX) Lufthansa LH391 1 scheduled
09:20 June-23 09:30 June-23 Stockholm (ARN) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH845 1 estimated
09:20 June-23 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS203 1 scheduled
09:23 June-23 Lugano (LUG) scheduled
09:25 June-23 Berlin (BER) Lufthansa LH179 1 scheduled
09:30 June-23 Split (SPU) Condor DE1719 1 scheduled
09:30 June-23 Hannover (HAJ) Lufthansa (Lu Sticker) LH51 1 canceled
09:30 June-23 Bremen (BRE) Lufthansa LH353 1 canceled
09:30 June-23 09:15 June-23 Dubrovnik (DBV) Croatia Airlines OU418 1 estimated
09:35 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1763 2 scheduled
09:35 June-23 Dusseldorf (DUS) Lufthansa LH75 1 scheduled
09:35 June-23 09:08 June-23 Izmir (ADB) SunExpress XQ910 1 estimated
09:37 June-23 Parma (PMF) Luxwing scheduled
09:38 June-23 Hamburg (HAM) scheduled
09:40 June-23 09:08 June-23 Cancun (CUN) Eurowings Discover 4Y11 1 estimated
09:40 June-23 Hamburg (HAM) Lufthansa LH9 1 canceled
09:40 June-23 09:36 June-23 Porto (OPO) Lufthansa LH1181 1 estimated
09:40 June-23 Basel (BSL) Lufthansa LH1201 1 scheduled
09:40 June-23 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO381 1 scheduled
09:40 June-23 09:34 June-23 Tel Aviv (TLV) El Al LY357 1 estimated
09:44 June-23 Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) Air Hamburg AHO727 scheduled
09:45 June-23 10:55 June-23 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA907 1 delayed
09:45 June-23 09:25 June-23 Olbia (OLB) Condor (Retro Livery) DE1809 1 estimated

Find out Frankfurt international airport arrivals

Frankfurt Airport arrivalsFrankfurt Airport is located southwest of the city and centered in Germany. It’s the financial center of the country. Frankfurt am main airport arrivals is most common Germany since it’s one of the biggest airports in Europe. The operator of the airport is Fraport. It is the main base of Lufthansa and Condor who have most Frankfurt arrivals. The airport is based on a 5,700 acres of land with multiple runways, terminals and lots of parking on it.


Having frequent Frankfurt am main arrivals and friends or family are picking you up or you just want to have you own car parked then there are many options.

  • Terminal parking: park in front of the terminal with a minimal of 1 day. Stay 7 days from 55 euro or just 2 days if you have a business trip or something from 29 euros.
  • Business parking: for cars that are wider and closer to the terminal. This is slightly more expensive than terminal parking.
  • Holiday Parking: priced like terminal parking for people that stay away a big longer and have a Frankfurt airport arrival a couple weeks later. During the corona pandemic temporarily closed.
  • Park, Sleep & Fly: if you like early FRA airport arrivals and start your holiday relaxed you can decide to park your car and sleep in one of the hotels IntercityHotel, Sheraton Hotel or Marriott Hotel and have your departure after.

Car: If you arrive at Frankfurt Am Main Airport you have different motorways you can take like A3, A5 and A67. Please note that different arrivals at Frankfurt Airport could be at terminal 1 or 2. Frankfurt airport arrivals at Terminal 1 is at Hugo Eckener Ring, 60549, Frankfurt and at terminal 2 at Kapitän-Lehmann-Strasse, 60549, Frankfurt. Instead of arriving in your own of family’s car also you can take a taxi if it’s more convenient. It will take about 20-30 minutes to get to the airport from the center of Frankfurt.

Train: Having FRA arrivals by train is a great way to go from Frankfurt city, Mainz, Hanau or Wiesbaden for example. Take S-Bahnlines S9, S8 or the RE (Regional Express). When arriving at the airport you will be at ground floor of terminal 1. This is easy accessible from the Frankfurt Am Main arrivals hall. There are also Long-Distance Trains options. This way you could go for a Rail & Fly option which may be cheaper for you to travel and more convenient. You can start your trip at almost every train station in Germany. Take for example the Lufthansa Express Rail from cities like, Nuermberg, Freiburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Hannover, Basel and more bigger cities. These FRA airport arrivals gives you a short transfer time.

Bus: a cheap option is to travel by bus. There are many Frankfurt am main airport arrivals by public and long-distance buses, hotel shuttles and the Lufthansa Express. With the public buses you can have Frankfurt arrivals at Terminal 1 or 2. Arrivals from the airport are from 5:30 AM until midnight. These buses go to the city center. If you want to travel to another city or place you have to go to the center first of travel by Flixbus, BlaBlaBus or Flibco. Lufthansa have their own Express bus service. They offer routes from the airport to Strassbourg, Heidelberg and more. Check out the Lufthansa airport for more information.


Car rental: after Frankfurt airport arrivals you can choose a rental car at many different companies at the Car Rentel Center. Rent your car at Thrifty, Sixt, National, Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise, Dollar, Budget, Alamo, Avis or Buchbinder.

Runways and terminals

There are 4 runways of which 3 are long of 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) to have 100 thousands of FRA arrivals each year.

The airport consists of two terminals:

  • Terminal 1 is the main terminal which handles most Frankfurt am main arrivals. Terminal 1 has different levels. Starting at Underground Level, here are the train Frankfurt am main airport arrivals and you can also park by car. On First Level is the arrivals hall and other ground transportation such as the car rental companies, buses, taxis etc. You come here after having passed the passport control and baggage claim. The check-in to start your journey at the airport is also on this floor. At Second Level and Third Level you come to the departure and transit area. There is also a possibility to go to terminal 2 via second level. The latter is Fourth Level where there are several drinking and dining options. The Skyline monorail is also located here. You connect these between the terminals. There are FRA airport arrivals between the terminals every 3 minutes. There are also free shuttle buses every 10 minutes during the day.
  • Terminal 2 is the smaller one, but still has a capacity of 15 million passengers per year. Here are both domestic and international Frankfurt airport arrivals. Here at Second Level the Frankfurt arrivals hall is located together with the ATM’s, check-in, rental car companies and some shops and eateries. At Third Level you come to the departure area where you can go boarding. The Skyline Monorail is also located in this terminal at Fourth Level to move to terminal 1 if necessary.

In 2022 a third terminal will be open so a capacity of 90 million passengers a year will be possible. That’s an extra 15 million. The airport is therefore getting ready to enter the top 3 largest airports in Europe.


Passenger numbers

With 514 thousand Frankfurt airport arrivals, 70,560,987 people were transported in 2019. Due to the pandemic, there has been a 73.4% decrease (just under 19 million passengers) in 2020 and in 2021 there will be far from the number of FRA arrivals in 2019.

Flight routes Frankfurt airport

Most airlines that can be seen at the airport are:

  • Condor
  • Eurowings
  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • TUI fly

Less frequent are:

  • British Airway
  • Singapore Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Air Europa
  • LAN Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Swiss Air Lines
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • KLM
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Corendon
  • Air France
  • Emirates
  • Air China
  • China Eastern
  • Asians Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Thai Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Air India

Domestic flights to Frankfurt are important. This is evident from the list of busiest routes with Berlin and Hamburg at the top with millions of travelers taking this routes every year. Munich is also important followed by Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

Within Europe, most Frankfurt arrivals are coming from London-Heathrow with British Airways and Lufthansa followed by:

The top 3 international routes outside Europe with Frankfurt Arrivals are: