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Dortmund Airport
Flughafen Dortmund GmbH, Flughafenring 11,
44319 Dort, Deutschland

Tel: 49 (0) 231/92 13-01
Fax: 49 (0) 231/92 13-125

IATA code: DTM

Dortmund International airport arrivals

You can learn a bit of history about Dortmund airport located in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is a very large airport that is about to turn a century, providing operations within the country and internationally. Dortmund Airport is located in North-Rhine and is a great point for Dortmund arrivals for the citizens of the Rhine Ruhr.

You can see the facilities inside the airport, what is your focus airline and where you can travel. The airport is very large. It has several Dortmund flight arrivals points and other news that you should know today.


The airport began with its commercial Dortmund airport arrivals in 1925 after three years expanded its operations. For the Second World War, the airport served as a German airbase, and after that, it was used by the British Royal Air Force for DTM arrivals. This airport did not resume operations when the war ended but was renovated for a few years.

Since 2000 Dortmund airport has had a greater number of passengers taking domestic Dortmund arrivals. This airport stands out for its low-cost flights and leisure charter flights throughout Germany.


You can locate Dortmund Airport less than 6.2 miles east of Germany’s third-largest city. The airport is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, so it will be easy to locate it. Very close to the air area is the Dusseldorf International Airport, which is also very popular in Germany.


You can go to the main station in Dortmund to take the public bus that will take you to the hinterland. You can go to Dortmund and the Ruhr area using this low-cost public service.

You can also take a shuttle bus near the Holzwickede / Dortmund Flughafen train station. You could also take a bus to the airport by metro line U47 and a bus to the city from Unna to get to the airport and have Dortmund flight arrivals.

If you want to go to Dusseldorf, you can take an AiportShutte bus to send you to Holzwickede station. This bus leaves every 20 minutes so you won’t wait long to catch it.


Dortmund airport only has one runway for Dortmund airport arrivals where it coordinates its few national and international flights. The runway measures around 2,000 meters on an asphalt surface.


The airport is structured with a single terminal for DTM arrivals since its inception that was remodeled for the year 2000. This terminal has several levels in which you can find several areas for food, air dispatch, green areas, etc. You can have prominent information about the city inside the terminal as well as tour guides.



Within the airport, you can take some airlines for commercial or international Dortmund arrivals such as:

  • EasyJet, Ryanair, SunExpress, and Eurowings.

Dortmund Airport is the headquarters of Wizz Air for you to take in and out outside the Republic of Germany.


You can have some Dortmund flight arrivals from exclusive destinations such as:

You can take many national and international destinations from Dortmund airport; you have to make a reservation in advance. As it is a very busy airport, you have to save your ticket, wait for the flight and enjoy the destination.


Dortmund Airport is located to the east of the city at 8 miles (13km) and can be reached in 20 minutes by car. You can also travel by public transport. There are Dortmund arrivals by train every 15/20 minutes. With the express bus you can be in the center in 25 minutes. Traveling by taxi is also possible and costs 30 euros each way during the day. You can rent a car at the airport from well-known rental companies such as Budget, Thrifty, Avis, Sixt and Europcar. Arriving at the airport there are several parking areas.

When you arrive at the airport you will see a modern airport consisting of several floors. The Dortmund DTP arrivals hall is at level 0 with the baggage claim and exit of the building. Level 1 is for the check-in counters and departures for boarding.

There is only 1 runway of 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) to handle all flights. Over the past 20 years, an average of 2 to 3 million passengers can be found at the airport annually. Due to the corona, this will be a lot less in 2020 (1.2 million) and it will also be a difficult year in 2021 to break the altitude records. Most Dortmund Airport arrivals are from low cost airlines Wizz Air, Ryanair, Eurowings and Easyjet. Flights go a lot to Polish cities and London (Luton, Stansted), Vienna, Budapest, Lisbon, Porto, Reykjavik, Bari and more.