Marseille Airport Arrivals MRS

Marseille Provence Airport

BP7 Aéroport, F-13727 Marignane, France

Tel: +33 (0) 4 42141414
Fax: +33 (0) 4 42142724
Owner: Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Airport Codes
IATA code: MRS

MRS Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
15:45 April-17 16:17 April-17 Fes (FEZ) Air Arabia 3O823 delayed
15:50 April-17 Algiers (ALG) Air Algerie AH1020 scheduled
16:25 April-17 16:30 April-17 Tunis (TUN) Nouvelair BJ516 estimated
16:25 April-17 16:09 April-17 Bordeaux (BOD) Ryanair FR6467 estimated
16:35 April-17 16:32 April-17 Paris (ORY) Air France AF6006 estimated
16:40 April-17 Bordeaux (BOD) easyJet U21805 scheduled
16:45 April-17 Ajaccio (AJA) Air Corsica (Ambizione 2025 Sticker) XK154 scheduled
16:45 April-17 Bastia (BIA) Air Corsica XK254 scheduled
16:45 April-17 17:04 April-17 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1469 delayed
17:00 April-17 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2264 scheduled
17:10 April-17 Limoges (LIG) Ryanair FR7116 scheduled
17:15 April-17 Tunis (TUN) Tunisair TU902 scheduled
17:15 April-17 Tunis (TUN) Tunisair TU902 scheduled
17:30 April-17 Madrid (MAD) Iberia Regional IB8750 scheduled
17:40 April-17 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR9759 scheduled
17:40 April-17 Paris (CDG) Air France AF7338 scheduled
17:45 April-17 Lyon (LYS) Air France AF1540 scheduled
17:50 April-17 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY1508 scheduled
17:59 April-17 Madrid (MAD) Volotea (10 Years Livery) V79084 scheduled
18:00 April-17 17:49 April-17 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1367 estimated
18:00 April-17 Annemasse (QYA) Alliance Executive Jets scheduled
18:05 April-17 Marrakesh (RAK) Ryanair FR5153 scheduled
18:05 April-17 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1088 scheduled
18:05 April-17 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3694 scheduled
18:10 April-17 Ajaccio (AJA) Air Corsica XK840 scheduled
18:15 April-17 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP9005 scheduled
18:30 April-17 Toulouse (TLS) Twin Jet T71528 scheduled
18:45 April-17 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT732 scheduled
18:55 April-17 Palermo (PMO) Ryanair FR6786 scheduled
18:55 April-17 Tours (TUF) Ryanair FR7709 scheduled
19:02 April-17 Augsburg (AGB) British Airways scheduled
19:20 April-17 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS401 scheduled
19:35 April-17 Paris (ORY) Air France AF6010 scheduled
19:40 April-17 Paris (CDG) Air France AF7340 scheduled
19:50 April-17 17:45 April-17 Bucharest (OTP) estimated
19:55 April-17 Toulouse (TLS) Twin Jet T71518 scheduled
20:00 April-17 Figari (FSC) Chalair Aviation XK456 scheduled
20:05 April-17 Chlef (CFK) Air Algerie AH1136 scheduled
20:05 April-17 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR5446 scheduled
20:05 April-17 Malta (MLA) Ryanair FR7795 scheduled
20:09 April-17 Algiers (ALG) ASL Airlines 5O756 scheduled
20:12 April-17 Tunis (TUN) Swiftair ITI118 scheduled
20:13 April-17 Lorient (LRT) Twin Jet scheduled
20:15 April-17 Nantes (NTE) Transavia TO7098 scheduled
20:20 April-17 London (LHR) British Airways BA370 scheduled
20:30 April-17 Malta (MLA) Swiftair 5B7275 scheduled
20:45 April-17 Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR6318 scheduled
20:50 April-17 Tlemcen (TLM) Volotea V72679 scheduled
21:00 April-17 Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR2077 scheduled
21:00 April-17 Bordeaux (BOD) easyJet U21807 scheduled
21:00 April-17 Tunis (TUN) Twin Jet T7118 scheduled
21:04 April-17 Ajaccio (AJA) ASL Airlines 5O774 scheduled
21:18 April-17 Metz-Nancy (ETZ) Twin Jet scheduled
21:20 April-17 Ajaccio (AJA) ASL Airlines France 5O5774 scheduled
21:20 April-17 Brest (BES) Transavia TO7379 scheduled
21:20 April-17 Milan (MXP) Twin Jet T79016 scheduled
21:30 April-17 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2266 scheduled
21:30 April-17 Ajaccio (AJA) Air Corsica (Ambizione 2025 Sticker) XK156 scheduled
21:30 April-17 Metz-Nancy (ETZ) Twin Jet T72215 scheduled
21:35 April-17 Paris (ORY) Air France AF6012 scheduled
21:35 April-17 Fes (FEZ) Ryanair FR5163 scheduled
21:45 April-17 Bastia (BIA) Swiftair WT5782 scheduled
22:10 April-17 Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR6496 scheduled
22:15 April-17 Bastia (BIA) Avion Express XK256 scheduled
22:35 April-17 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1090 scheduled
22:40 April-17 Algiers (ALG) Vueling VY7990 scheduled
22:45 April-17 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1471 scheduled
22:55 April-17 Luxembourg (LUX) Ryanair FR7278 scheduled
22:55 April-17 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN3603 scheduled
22:55 April-17 Jeddah (JED) flynas XY659 scheduled
23:00 April-17 Paris (CDG) Air France AF7342 scheduled
23:10 April-17 Milan (BGY) Malta Air FR1853 scheduled
23:10 April-17 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR4285 scheduled
23:20 April-17 Madrid (MAD) Iberia Regional IB8752 scheduled
23:35 April-17 Lille (LIL) Ryanair FR6025 scheduled
23:50 April-17 Essaouira (ESU) Ryanair FR6469 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR1771 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Seville (SVQ) Ryanair FR3107 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Nantes (NTE) Ryanair FR6773 scheduled
00:15 April-18 Oran (ORN) Volotea V72659 scheduled
02:05 April-18 Rennes (RNS) Swiftair WT3513 scheduled
02:15 April-18 Paris (CDG) ASL Airlines France 5O5725 scheduled
02:43 April-18 Paris (CDG) ASL Airlines 5O701 scheduled
02:55 April-18 Paris (CDG) ASL Airlines France 5O5701 scheduled
02:55 April-18 Paris (CDG) Swiftair WT5745 scheduled
05:10 April-18 Cologne (CGN) Maersk Air Cargo DJ6382 scheduled
05:20 April-18 Saint-Denis (RUN) Corsair SS633 scheduled
05:55 April-18 Bastia (BIA) ASL Airlines France 5O5784 scheduled
06:30 April-18 Bastia (BIA) Swiftair WT5784 scheduled
07:35 April-18 Venice (VCE) Volotea V71210 scheduled
07:50 April-18 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR7775 scheduled
07:50 April-18 Ajaccio (AJA) Air Corsica XK150 scheduled
07:55 April-18 Bastia (BIA) Air Corsica XK250 scheduled
08:00 April-18 Calvi (CLY) Air Corsica XK350 scheduled
08:10 April-18 Zagreb (ZAG) Ryanair FR2741 scheduled
08:10 April-18 Nantes (NTE) Transavia France TO7090 scheduled
08:10 April-18 Figari (FSC) Nordica XK450 scheduled
08:35 April-18 Paris (ORY) Air France AF6000 scheduled
08:55 April-18 Pafos (PFO) Ryanair FR6757 scheduled
09:03 April-18 Augsburg (AGB) British Airways scheduled

Discover Marseille Provence Airport Arrivals

Marseille Airport is a renowned international airport and known for its exclusive facilities for all passengers. This airport is located 27 km northwest of Marseille on Marignane territory. The hinterland of this airport goes from Gap to Arles and also from Toulon to Avignon. So you can imagine it’s popular to have MRS flight arrivals for your start to explore the area. This airport is hub for Air France who serves most MRS airport arrivals.  Every beginner to the Marseille Airport can focus on the following details explaining different things like the location, terminals, runways, transport facilities, airlines, and passenger statistics.

Top routes from Marseille Provence Airport:
About Marseille Airport

Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) manage the Marseille-Marignane Airport since 1934 with its first Marseille Provence arrivals. As an important point of operation for flying boats in France in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the airport was very popular. This airport served as a terminal with Marseille arrivals for Pan American World Airways Clipper flying boats. Air Union and Aeropostale were flying boat operators in the nation. This airport opened its new terminal MP2 in September 2006 with Marseille flight arrivals for budget airlines. This airport expanded its shopping as well as dining options in 2013 with thirty new shops and restaurants.


Ground transportation Marseille Airport

Marseille Airport is located at 13700 Marignane, France. You can use the A7 motorway to reach the airport. It is the southern part of the Autoroute du Soleil to have eventually have arrivals at the airport.

  • Many people  prefer the to travel by car to reach the Airport on time. It is only 27 km from the center of the city to this airport. You will spend about 30 minutes to have MRS arrivals from the city when traveling by car.
  • You can also travel by train and bus when you opt for the public transport to reach the airport. An airport express bus service to have Marseille airport arrivals is one of the best options to fulfill your travel requirements.
  • You can also use the taxi and car rental service as per your requirements.

Marseille Airport has 13L/31R runway with 3,500 meter length and 13R/31L runway with 2,370 meter length for its Marseille Provence airport arrivals. These two runways are made of the material asphalt. These runways will give you satisfaction when having MRS flight arrivals because of the quality.

Terminals at Marseille Airport

It has two terminals; Terminal 1 MP1 and Terminal MP2. There are two halls in the first terminal; Hall A and Hall B. Terminal MP2 is dedicated to Marseille Provence arrivals for low-cost flights. There are plans to expand Terminal 1 to for accommodate the growing number of passengers. They are planning to have a glazed terminal which need to be finished in 2023. It will definitely increase the Marseille arrivals.


Airlines that use Marseille Airport often

The main airlines that are having Marseille flight arrivals are:

  • Ryanair
  • Vueling
  • easyJet
  • Volotea
  • Aegean Airlines
  • Aer Lingus
  • KLM
  • Air Algerie, Air
  • Austral
  • Air Corsica
  • Air France
Destinations from Marseille Airport

The main destinations that offer MRS airport arrivals are the following:

Passenger statistics

As per the 2019 Marseille Airport passenger statistics, 10,151,743 passengers traveled. With a big decrease of Provence flight arrivals in 2020 they only served about 3 million passengers.