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Finavia Oyj, Oulu Airport, PL 33,
Phone: +358 20 708 000
Website: finavia.fi/fi/lentoasemat/oulu
Owner: Finavia

Airport Codes
IATA code: OUL

Explore The Nordic Territory with Oulu international airport departures

If you want to know the nightlife in Finland in-depth, you may have to land and have Oulu departures. This airport is very important due to its proximity to Helsinki, which stands out for being very partying. You can have a fantastic holiday in Finland, get to know the country’s culture, and certainly connect with its Nordic roots.


Oulu Airport opened to the public in 1949 in the former municipality of Oulunsalo in Finland. It is a very active airport that began offering commercial Oulu flight departures in 1953 and has not stopped since. At the airbase, you will find four operating airlines that offer more than five destinations in Finland.

For 2018, the airport was the access point for 1,969,917 passengers, and more than five commercial OUL airport departures were obtained. For 2019-2020, the airport experienced a drop in passengers due to the arrival of Covid-19.

Location for Oulu airport departures

The aerial installation is located in the municipality and city of Oulu, so the name is attributed to it. It is an airport that you can find 13 kilometers from downtown Oulu.


If you are at the Oulu airport you can take some means of public transport:

  • OUL departures by cab: You can order a taxi at the airport entrance that will take you to Oulu in less than 15 minutes. These taxi services run around the clock for you to order without worry.
  • Oulu departures by bus: Wait for routes 8 and 9 of the Oulu bus to take you to the region’s city center or important tourist spots. You can stay in Keshusta or Oulu University.

The airport has a beautiful terminal that was modified in 2005 to boost Oulu flight departures and tourism in the country. In the new air facility, you can find 16 gates and ten check-in counters for Oulu airport departures. As a tourist, you will have all the comforts at the airport, including a bar, restaurant, cafe, retail stores, etc.


The terminal has a waiting room and an isolated area for smokers. You can also appreciate the main square of the airport where there is a piano available to the public.