Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Arrivals HEL

Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

Address: Lentoasemantie 1, 01531 Vantaa, Finland
Phone: +358 20 708 000
Owner/Operator: Finavia
IATA airport code: HEL
ICAO airport code: EFHK
Alias: Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema

HEL arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
16:15 April-17 16:07 April-17 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1712 landed
16:18 April-17 Maastricht (MST) AMC Aviation canceled
16:30 April-17 Oulu (OUL) Finnair AY440 canceled
16:40 April-17 16:21 April-17 Vienna (VIE) Lauda Europe FR9857 estimated
16:40 April-17 16:38 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK716 estimated
16:40 April-17 16:24 April-17 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1070 estimated
16:50 April-17 16:58 April-17 Alicante (ALC) Finnair AY1726 estimated
16:59 April-17 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair scheduled
17:00 April-17 16:45 April-17 Billund (BLL) Finnair (Oneworld livery) AY986 estimated
17:00 April-17 17:04 April-17 Malaga (AGP) Finnair AY1672 estimated
17:05 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) Finnair AY810 scheduled
17:05 April-17 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair AY1022 scheduled
17:25 April-17 17:24 April-17 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH850 estimated
17:25 April-17 17:30 April-17 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1253 estimated
17:44 April-17 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair scheduled
17:50 April-17 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair AY1024 scheduled
17:55 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) Lufthansa LH8354 scheduled
18:20 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) Norwegian (Unicef Livery) D82615 scheduled
18:35 April-17 Vaasa (VAA) Finnair AY316 scheduled
18:35 April-17 Oulu (OUL) Finnair AY442 scheduled
18:35 April-17 18:17 April-17 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1763 estimated
18:45 April-17 Kuopio (KUO) Finnair AY370 scheduled
18:45 April-17 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2464 scheduled
19:00 April-17 Paris (CDG) Finnair AY1576 scheduled
19:05 April-17 Riga (RIX) Finnair AY1076 scheduled
19:10 April-17 Rovaniemi (RVN) Finnair AY536 scheduled
19:25 April-17 Joensuu (JOE) Finnair AY346 scheduled
19:25 April-17 Kajaani (KAJ) Finnair AY416 scheduled
19:30 April-17 Copenhagen (CPH) Finnair AY956 scheduled
19:35 April-17 Oulu (OUL) Finnair AY444 scheduled
19:35 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) Finnair (Oneworld livery) AY816 scheduled
19:40 April-17 Oslo (OSL) Finnair AY916 scheduled
19:45 April-17 Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR4412 scheduled
19:50 April-17 Gothenburg (GOT) Finnair AY866 scheduled
19:55 April-17 Vilnius (VNO) Finnair AY1106 scheduled
19:57 April-17 20:36 April-17 Hurghada (HRG) Jettime JP962 delayed
20:15 April-17 Kuopio (KUO) Scanwings scheduled
20:30 April-17 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair AY1028 scheduled
20:40 April-17 Riga (RIX) Air Baltic BT307 scheduled
20:45 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK722 scheduled
21:00 April-17 Berlin (BER) Finnair AY1438 scheduled
21:00 April-17 London (LHR) Finnair AY1336 scheduled
21:10 April-17 Hamburg (HAM) Finnair AY1426 scheduled
21:20 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) Norwegian (Unicef Livery) D82617 scheduled
21:40 April-17 Gran Canaria (LPA) Sunclass Airlines DK1325 scheduled
21:50 April-17 Copenhagen (CPH) Finnair AY960 scheduled
21:50 April-17 Krakow (KRK) Finnair AY1164 scheduled
21:50 April-17 Warsaw (WAW) Finnair AY1146 scheduled
21:55 April-17 Kemi (KEM) Finnair AY632 scheduled
21:55 April-17 Tromso (TOS) Finnair AY946 scheduled
22:00 April-17 Munich (MUC) Finnair AY1406 scheduled
22:05 April-17 Amsterdam (AMS) Finnair AY1306 scheduled
22:10 April-17 Dusseldorf (DUS) Finnair AY1396 scheduled
22:15 April-17 Budapest (BUD) Finnair AY1256 scheduled
22:25 April-17 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3392 scheduled
22:35 April-17 Prague (PRG) Finnair AY1224 scheduled
22:40 April-17 Stockholm (BMA) Finnair AY840 scheduled
22:40 April-17 Berlin (BER) Finnair AY1436 scheduled
22:40 April-17 Vienna (VIE) Finnair AY1476 scheduled
22:40 April-17 Brussels (BRU) Finnair AY1546 scheduled
22:45 April-17 Frankfurt (FRA) Finnair AY1416 scheduled
22:50 April-17 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair AY1032 scheduled
22:50 April-17 Zurich (ZRH) Finnair AY1514 scheduled
22:50 April-17 London (STN) Ryanair FR2344 scheduled
22:55 April-17 Geneva (GVA) Finnair AY1534 scheduled
22:55 April-17 Paris (CDG) Finnair AY1578 scheduled
23:00 April-17 London (LHR) Finnair AY1338 scheduled
23:05 April-17 Dublin (DUB) Finnair AY1386 scheduled
23:05 April-17 Milan (MXP) Finnair AY1756 scheduled
23:10 April-17 Gothenburg (GOT) Finnair (Oneworld livery) AY868 scheduled
23:15 April-17 Oulu (OUL) Finnair AY446 scheduled
23:15 April-17 Lisbon (LIS) Finnair AY1740 scheduled
23:15 April-17 Rome (FCO) Finnair AY1764 scheduled
23:20 April-17 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1176 scheduled
23:25 April-17 Oslo (OSL) Finnair AY918 scheduled
23:45 April-17 Dubrovnik (DBV) Finnair (Bringing us together since 1923 Sticker) AY1836 scheduled
23:50 April-17 Munich (MUC) Air Baltic LH2466 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Nice (NCE) Finnair AY1604 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1720 scheduled
23:55 April-17 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK728 scheduled
00:05 April-18 Reykjavik (KEF) Finnair AY994 scheduled
00:20 April-18 Ivalo (IVL) Finnair AY608 scheduled
00:20 April-18 Riga (RIX) Air Baltic BT325 scheduled
00:40 April-18 Chania (CHQ) Finnair AY1860 scheduled
01:15 April-18 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH854 scheduled
01:20 April-18 Alicante (ALC) Norwegian D82913 scheduled
01:25 April-18 Gazipasa (GZP) Finnair AY1936 scheduled
01:40 April-18 Malaga (AGP) Norwegian (Theodor Kittelsen Livery) D82887 scheduled
01:51 April-18 Oslo (OSL) Turkish Airlines TK6204 scheduled
03:30 April-18 Jonkoping (JKG) ASL Airlines Belgium 3V4904 scheduled
04:40 April-18 Tokyo (HND) Finnair (Marimekko Kivet Livery) AY62 scheduled
05:20 April-18 Tenerife (TFS) Norwegian (Charles Lindbergh Livery) D82878 scheduled
05:30 April-18 05:01 April-18 Seoul (ICN) Finnair (Moomin Livery) AY42 estimated
05:30 April-18 Osaka (KIX) Finnair (Bringing us together since 1923 Sticker) AY68 scheduled
05:45 April-18 05:03 April-18 Hong Kong (HKG) Finnair AY100 estimated
05:55 April-18 Tokyo (NRT) Finnair AY74 scheduled
06:15 April-18 Singapore (SIN) Finnair AY132 scheduled
06:25 April-18 Jyvaskyla (JYV) Finnair AY290 scheduled
06:30 April-18 Shanghai (PVG) Finnair AY88 MAIN scheduled
06:30 April-18 Tallinn (TLL) Finnair AY1036 scheduled

Find out Helsinki Vantaa international airport arrivals

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was opened on July 10, 1952, for the first Helsinki arrivals. It is considered the most important in all of Finland. It is one of the most Nordic countries’ busiest; it operates with domestic and international Helsinki Vantaa airport arrivals from all continents. This main international airport of Helsinki is located in the metropolitan area and its surroundings, also next to the Uusimaa region.

Top routes from HEL
About Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

This airport is very busy in Finland (20 times more passenger traffic than Oulu), and its international air traffic is 90% more busy. It handled 21.8 million passengers in 2019, where 18.9 million were only international passengers and 2.9 million domestic passengers with Helsinki flight arrivals. On average, this major Helsinki airport handles around 350 Helsinki Vantaa flight arrivals per day.

It was originally built for the 1952 Summer Olympics in this city. Today this airport employs 25,000 people, and 1,500 people are operating the airport.

Location for HEL airport arrivals

The airport is located in Helsinki, Vantaa, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) west of Tikkurila. It is about 9.2 NM (10.6 miles / 17.0 km) north of the Vantaa administrative center. This airport is operated by the state company Finavia.


Ground transportation

Passengers have different means of transport that go to and from Helsinki airport:

  • Helsinki Vantaa arrivals by rail service: At this airport, the train station is located in the arrivals hall between terminals 1 and 2. The travel time between the airport and the central station is about 30 minutes.
  • Helsinki airport arrivals by taxis: Taxi ranks are located just outside terminals 1 and 2. Travel times to Helsinki city center are around 30 minutes, and the price is 50 euros.
  • HEL arrivals by buses: Regular bus service is available, operating from the airport to Helsinki City Central Train Station. They provide their services 24 hours a day and, most of the time, every half hour.
  • Helsinki arrivals by car rental: Passengers can rent the cars that are operational at Helsinki airport. These are active all the hours and make transfers throughout the city from the airport.
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport runways

This airport has three runways to process Helsinki Vantaa airport arrivals that are currently operational (its surface is asphalt):

  1. 04R / 22L: The length of this runway is 11,483 feet (3,500 meters)
  2. 04L / 22R: Measures approximately 10,039 feet (3,060 meters)
  3. 15/33: It is about 9,518 feet (2,901 meters) long
Terminals at Helsinki Airport

The airport is nominally divided into two terminals with Helsinki flight arrivals located about 250 meters (820 feet) apart. These terminals are connected only by a pedestrian corridor and are suitable to handle 17 million passengers annually.

  • Terminal 1: It is for domestic and Schengen Helsinki Vantaa flight arrivals (it was the first to be opened in the airport’s history)
  • Terminal 2: Operates only for international and non-Schengen flights (opened in 1969)
Airlines with Helsinki Vantaa arrivals

Helsinki airport offers a wide variety of airlines with which all passengers can fly anywhere in the world. Among the main ones are:

  • Finnair, Air France, Air Mediterráneo, Sunclass Airlines, Belavia, Aegean Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Jet Time, Animawings, Blue Air, Ryanair, etc. There are currently an estimated 50 airlines operating at the airport with HEL airport arrivals.

Helsinki airport offers all its passengers nonstop Helsinki airport arrivals from more than 160 destinations in more than 50 countries worldwide. These include 100 cities in Europe and the Middle East, 5 in North America, and more than 20 in Asia. Some other destinations than above are: