Billund Airport Departures BLL

Address: 10 Passenger Terminals, 7190 Billund, Denmark
Elevation: 75 m
Phone: +45 76 50 50 50
Opened: November 1, 1964
ICAO airport code: EKBI
Alias: Billund Lufthavn

BLL Departures today

Discover the Billund Airport Departures in Denmark

One of the things that you should consider when traveling to Denmark is the quality of the airport. On this occasion, you can take a look at Billund airport, which is part of the heart of the Danish country. This airport offers a good number of public transport services and distinguished Billund departures that you should not miss.

Flight routes

You can travel to many destinations within Europe. From big cities to small holiday destinations. However, there are not many flights outside Europe. Then it is obvious to fly in Denmark from Copenhagen or via one of the major airports such as Amsterdam, Paris or Frankfurt. There are also mainly flights to cities that are visited as tourists. Some examples of this are:

Many of the flights are offered by low cost airline Ryanair. For cheap flights to the east of Europe it is best to look for the possibilities with Wizz Air. Many seasonal charter flights will be with Sunclass Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Corendon, and Vueling.


Billund Airport in Denmark opened in 1964 for the first Billund flight departures. It is managed by Billund Lufthavn A-S. It is an airport where you can take charter BLL airport departures like Norwegian Air Shuttle or Sun-Air. It is an important destinations which make many flights in Europe stop at Billund airport.

In 2019 the airport served 4 million passengers who wanted to visit Denmark or nearby countries. It is an airport with the power to accommodate 5 million people, so in 2019 it almost broke the total capacity. While it kept increasing the Billund airport departures over the last decades it had a big drop in 2020.

Location for BLL departures

The airbase is located in Jutland, very close to Billund on one side of the Danish limits. From the city center, you have to travel 1 mile to get to the airport.

Billund Airport transportation

If you want to go from Billund airport to the capital city or nearby areas you can take:

  • At the terminal, you have the freedom to rent a bicycle so that you can have Billund departures to the city. As the routes are short, you can reach the city center in 10 minutes.
  • Take be on time for your Billund flight departures you can take a bus from the terminal to Skanderborg, Horsens, or Aarhus in Denmark. These routes usually vary between 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the traffic.
  • BLL airport departures by car rental. You can request a rental car, take the Billund National Highway and go to the city center. You can get there in approximately 5 minutes.
Terminal at Billund Airport

The airport terminal offers more than 40 thousand square meters under construction with various services available to make the Billund airport departures as comfortable as possible. The airbase was rebuilt in 2019 to increase BLL departures and waiting room capacity. You can have more than 20 check-in counters, three baggage carousels, and two waiting rooms.


The terminal offers KLM, Ryanair, Lufthansa, and DAT to Amsterdam, Oslo, or Bucharest. You will be able to experience Billund departures under an airstrip which addresses 27-09 and 10,172 feet long.