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Aalborg Airport
NY Lufthavnsvej 100, DK-9400 Nørresundby, DENMARK

Tel: +45 (0) 98 171144
Fax: +45 (0) 98 173684
Web: aal.dk/frontpage
Owner: Aalborg Lufthavn a.m.b.a

Airport Codes
IATA code: AAL

Discover Aalborg arrivals at the local airport

It is time for you to get to know Denmark from its roots by having Aalborg flight arrivals. This airport is characterized by providing some national and international category flights. You can take a look at EKYT’s small aerial facility and be delighted with the services available.


Aalborg Airport or better known as EKYT, is a key military-air base to reach Denmark. This airport has not been in operation for more than three decades, so its facilities are very new which you can experience when having AAL arrivals. Over time the airport has been renovated several times, its runways have been expanded, and its flights.

This airport is operated by Aalborg Lufthavn a.m.b.a and operates with eight recognized commercial airlines. From EKYT, you can have more than ten flight routes and Aalborg airport arrivals so that you can continue with your tourist tour of the European Union.

Location for AAL arrivals

The EKYT airport is located in the north of Denmark, specifically in Norresundby on the island Vendsyssel-thy. This airport is very important for the Danish city of Aalborg, which is located to the northwest.


If you want to go from Aalborg airport to the Danish city center or vice versa you will have to use these means of transport:

  • Aalborg arrivals by taxi: You can take an air facility certified taxi to take you to Limfjord, Norresundby, or Aalborg in general. This tour can conclude in approximately 1 hour.
  • AAL arrivals by rental car: Car rental services are available at the terminal so that you can take it now. Just take Route 180 to Limfjord and then Route 55 to get to Aalborg.
  • Aalborg airport arrivals by bus: two public bus systems can take you to the city center at a low cost.

The airport has a single terminal for all Aalborg flight arrivals in which you will find eight airlines and several national destinations. This airbase has two runways with addresses 08R-26L and 08L-26R.


You can find car rental services, food services, tourism, and public transport in the terminal. The terminal has two waiting rooms for direct and seasonal flights as well as ten boarding gates. You can also have a duty-free zone for international AAL arrivals promoted by the airbase.