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Prague Airport
Address: K letišti 6/1019, 160 08 Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel: +420 (0) 2 20111111
Fax: +420 (0) 2 35350922
Owner: Letiště Praha, s. p.
Airport Codes
IATA code: PRG



Prague Airport Is An Excellent Option For International Travel

This is a very modern and extremely large international airport; it is considered the most important for the Czech Republic. Today, this airport is constituted as the city’s central artery and the region that allows large mobility between passengers. For the year 2019, more than 18 million travelers passed and moved through the three terminals that it has available.


This airport was previously known as the “Prague-Ruzyně,” which officially changed to its current name in 2012 October. It receives this name due to the first subsequent president of the “Velvet Revolution” in this country. Václav Havel was an important person who served as president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.

All international flights arrive directly at this airport, including all the most famous and well-known airlines from all over Europe. The presence of this airport in this city reflects and adds importance to the town as a cultural, business, and scientific center.


This airport is located 10 km from the city center and serves as a hub for Czech Airlines. It was inaugurated on April 5, 1937, and it has been a very large international airport and is progressively being modernized. It is located in the extreme northwest of Prague – Czech Republic, and it is 17 kilometers that separate the airport from the north of the city.


Passengers can get excellent options when they want to get to the airport or move from it to any destination in the cities:

• Shuttle service

It is the most comfortable and recommended option that all passengers can have at really low prices. From 23 euros for each vehicle, the drivers will transfer the person immediately and without deception to the hotels.

• Bus 119

These depart from terminals 1 and 2 and go where passengers can connect with line A of the city subway. Tickets can be purchased at the airport newspaper shops.

• Taxis

This method is less interesting than transfers since taxi drivers in Prague are not very reliable. The prices of this method of transport vary between 30 to 40 euros.

• Airport Express bus

If passengers choose a train from the central station; its price is 60 Kč. They take about 35 minutes and drop people off at a station where you can connect to line C.


Currently, this airport has only two runways in service: 06/24 and 13/31. The runway that was previously 04/22 is no longer used, and the most used runway is 24 due to the winds coming from the west. Track 31 is used frequently, and track 06 is used very rarely; track 13 is used only exceptionally.


This airport has four terminals that are divided into north and south; They are distributed as follows:

• North Terminal 1: It handles all flights outside the Schengen area and international flights (United States, Africa, Asia, Canada).

• North Terminal 2: Only flights within the Schengen area

• South Terminal 1: Special and private flights (Official State Visits)

• South Terminal 2: Special, private flights or important events


With more than 50 airlines, this airport offers a wide variety of options to its passengers. The main ones are Air France, Air, Serbia, Alitalia, Air Malta, Belavia, British Airways, Czech Airlines, flydubai, and much more.


This international airport has all the most wonderful destinations: Athens, Dublin, Lyon, Vienna, Rome, New York, Barcelona, Dubai, Amsterdam, Madrid, Munich, and other cities.

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