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Address: Letiště Brno-Tuřany 904/1, 627 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Height: 235 m
Phone: +420 545 521 310
Owner: South Moravia
Serves: Brno
ICAO airport code: LKTB
Alias: Brno-Turany Airport


Brno airport departures
Brno departures
Brno flight departures
BRQ departures
BRQ airport departures
Brno–Tuřany airport departures
Brno–Tuřany flight departures
Brno–Tuřany departures

Do You Want To Visit The Czech Republic Now? Travel With Brno Airport

The only way you can get to know the Czech Republic thoroughly is by using the Brno airport. It is a very important airport for the country with which you can get to know the colonial city of Brno. You can know how well they look at aerial installations and what your terminal provides the services.


Brno airport has been operating since 1950 as a base for domestic flights, which would later be expanded. It is a public airport that offers many flights through Europe and international destinations with connections. The company “Brno Airport LTD” is the one who manages the operations of IATA Brno.

At the moment, the airport works with three prominent airlines and more than ten low-cost commercial destinations. The airport has paralyzed its operations on several occasions for reasons of reconstruction at its terminal.


The airport is located in Brno, which belongs to the South Moravian Region in the Czech Republic. The airbase is located on the borders of Bratislava Airport and Vienna Airport in Austria.


If you land at the airport in the Czech Republic, you may need public transport services such as:

• You can take the E76 bus route that will take you to the city of Brno in less than 30 minutes. This service is day and night, although late at night, you must take the N89 route. With public transport, you can visit the South Moravian region as well as exclusive areas like Prague.

• You can rent a vehicle inside the terminal and take the D1 motorway connected to the airport. With the highway enabled, you can reach Brno hlavní nádrazí or Prague if you wish.


The airport has a single building that divides its operations into two lobbies that offer many services. In lobby 1, which is the oldest, you will have the check-in and baggage control desks. In lobby two, you can have ASL Airlines Belgium and Antonox Design Bureau offices with cargo services.

From Brno airport, you can travel to Bergamo, Rhodes Greece, London, and Corfu in Greece. It is a very busy airport that can accommodate 1,000,000 passengers per year.