Brno Airport Arrivals BRQ

Brno–Tuřany Airport

Address: Letiště Brno a.s., 62700 Brno 27, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 (0) 5 45521302
Fax: +420 (0) 5 45216357
Owner: Airport Brno Ltd
Airport Codes
IATA code: BRQ

BRQ Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
06:36 November-29 Leipzig (LEJ) Titan Airways scheduled
07:24 November-29 Nuremberg (NUE) ASL Airlines France 5O4038 scheduled
07:27 November-29 Nuremberg (NUE) FedEx scheduled
07:44 November-29 Bratislava (BTS) scheduled
09:08 November-29 Prague (PRG) Smartwings scheduled
20:49 November-29 Le Mans (LME) scheduled
07:24 November-30 Nuremberg (NUE) ASL Airlines France 5O4038 scheduled
10:55 November-30 London (STN) Ryanair FR2477 scheduled

Find out Brno–Tuřany airport arrivals

You have to go a little to the south of the Czech Republic to get to know the country in-depth and all the culture it hides. You can have Brno arrivals, which is located in the communal city of the same name. But before you can pack your bags and go to the site, you need to know its facilities and full location.

Top winter routes from BRQ
About Brno Airport

The first years of the Brno airport in operation date back to the 1950s where it offered commercial Brno flight arrivals. This airport is for public use and is operated by the company “Aeropuerto Brno Ltd.” It is a very small but important aerial facility for the landlocked country of Europe.

Brno airport belongs to the local government of South Moravia, and with them, its terminal has been rebuilt to increase the Brno–Tuřany arrivals. For now, the airbase serves three prominent airlines where you will have more than ten direct or stopover destinations.

Location for BRQ airport arrivals

The LKTB aerial facility is located in Brno, which is part of the South Moravian region. It is an airport that lies between the IATA limits of Vienna and Bratislava Airport.


For you to get to the city of Brno from the airport you can take some means of land transport:

  • Brno–Tuřany flight arrivals and travel further by car: You can rent a vehicle before you visit the Czech Republic to move around the country. You can take the D1 motorway from the airport that will take you to Prague or Brno hlavní nádrazí. This tour can take about 10 minutes without traffic.
  • Brno airport arrivals by bus: Many public transport routes depart from the airport, such as the E76 that provides daytime operations. You can also take the night route with the N89 bus to go to Prague or other nearby cities.
Brno Airport Terminal

The air terminal is divided into two lobbies for BRQ arrivals, one of which was inaugurated in 2006 while the other is older. The airport is capable of accommodating one million people and receiving more than 3,800 flights a year.


Inside the terminal, you will find several retail stores, a free Wi-Fi zone, ATM’s, rental cars, etc. You can also have cargo airlines such as Antonov Design Bureau or ASL Airlines Belgium available who offers Brno–Tuřany airport arrivals. From this airport, you can travel to London Stansted, Bergamo, Corfu or Rhodes if you wish. During summer there are some more options to fly to like: