Dubrovnik Airport Departures DBV

Dubrovnik International Airport

Address: 20213 Cilipi, Croatia
Phone: +385 (0)20 773100
Fax: +385 (0)20 773322
Website: airport-dubrovnik.hr
Owner: Dubrovnik Airport Ltd

Airport Codes
IATA code: DBV

DBV departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
13:00 November-28 13:00 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU669 estimated
13:25 November-28 13:25 Split (SPU) SprintAir C3822 estimated
14:00 November-28 14:10 Oslo (OSL) Freebird Airlines MI8412 estimated
16:30 November-28 16:40 Frankfurt (FRA) Croatia Airlines OU418 estimated
21:50 November-28 22:00 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU665 estimated
00:30 November-29 Larnaca (LCA) Cyprus Airways CY101 scheduled
06:40 November-29 06:40 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU661 estimated
13:00 November-29 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU669 scheduled
16:20 November-29 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU665 scheduled

Get to know Dubrovnik international airport departures

Croatia may call your attention for being one of those new countries that offer you formidable parties. To meet the objective of traveling to the country, you will need to land at Dubrovnik airport or have Dubrovnik departures. The reasons are many for you to take this airport as your access point to the country and you should know them.

Flight routes

Most planes depart for the capital Zagreb with Croatia Airlines. Other domestic flight options are to other coastal towns such as Split, Pula, and Osijek as well as inland to Rijeka. In the winter it is actually quite quiet at the airport. Most tourists who visit Dubrovnik in the winter, but also in the spring and autumn often do so with the camper. It is a typical summer destination that can be seen as a city trip. Due to a shorter visit, there will therefore be few intercontinental flights. However, there are many European cities that are happy to offer flights to this historic city in Croatia. Countries where many flights from often different airlines come from are the UK, France, and Germany.

About Dubrovnik Airport

The airport of Dubrovnik was inaugurated in 1936, but it did not last long in operation due to the Second World War for Dubrovnik flight departures. In the 1950s, the airport began to give domestic flights, and it was not until 30 years later that it adopted Croatia Airlines. You can have DBV airport departures to Munich, Tel Aviv, Athens, and other popular destinations in Europe from this airport.

In 2019 the airport served almost 3 million passengers eager to get to know Croatia and tourist spots. Unfortunately the Dubrovnik airport departures dropped a lot due corona. One of the advantages of the airport is that it has the longest runway in the country, making way for commercial flights. This airport also lends its operations for cargo flights in Croatia.

Location for DBV departures

The international airport is located near the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, which is also close to the town of Cilipi. The distance you have to travel from the airbase to the city center is 9.5 miles.

Dubrovnik Airport transportation

When you leave the air terminal, you will see that there are several means of transport available, such as:

  • Dubrovnik departures by rental car: You can talk to a car rental company so they can give you a unit in optimal condition. With your hands on the wheel, you can take the Dubrovnik national highway to the city center. This tour can take 1 hour in heavy traffic.


  • DBV airport departures by bus: You can go to the offices of Platanus, which is a public bus service in Croatia, to go to Dubrovnik. This bus service can also take you to the train station and points of tourist interest in the country.
Terminal at Dubrovnik Airport

You can see that Dubrovnik airport has a terminal that is divided into three lobbies of equal dimensions to process the Dubrovnik flight departures. Lobby A and B can have commercial flights, while Lobby C is for international destinations.

In base A, there is also the check-in hall, baggage carousels, and ten boarding gates to have Dubrovnik airport departures. In base C, you will find the charter flights with Croatia Airlines and the VIP waiting rooms.