Dubrovnik Airport Arrivals DBV

Dubrovnik International Airport

Address: 20213 Cilipi, Croatia
Phone: +385 20 773 100
E-Mail: informacije@airport-dubrovnik.hr
Website: airport-dubrovnik.hr
IATA Airport Code: DBV
ICAO Airport Code: LDDU
Alias: Cilipi Airport

DBV arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
12:10 November-28 12:16 Berlin (BER) Freebird Airlines MI8173 estimated
12:30 November-28 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU668 scheduled
12:55 November-28 Split (SPU) SprintAir C3821 scheduled
15:45 November-28 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU662 scheduled
18:36 November-28 Sarajevo (SJJ) Ryanair scheduled
21:10 November-28 Frankfurt (FRA) Croatia Airlines OU419 scheduled
21:55 November-28 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU664 scheduled
12:30 November-29 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU668 scheduled
15:45 November-29 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU662 scheduled
21:55 November-29 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU664 scheduled

Find out Dubrovnik international airport arrivals

If you want to travel a large part of Croatia from a single airport, you have to prioritize the airport of Dubrovnik. Although this airport is not well known, it certainly offers the best national and international Dubrovnik arrivals. You can get to know the aerial installation in detail and why you should fly alongside it.

Top winter routes from DBV

Not only in winter but also in summer these routes are popular. This city is popular to fly to from all over Europe in the summer. Most flights are operated by Croatia Airlines and by low cost/charter airlines. Some of these include Easyjet, Jet2, TUI, Eurowings, and Vueling. In addition, major airlines such as Turkish Arlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Austrian Airlines, and Norwegian Air also fly to this coastal destination in Croatia. Some of these as well as other options fly from the following most popular destinations to Dubrovnik:

About Dubrovnik Airport

The first flight from Dubrovnik airport was in 1936, leading to the inauguration of the airbase with the first Dubrovnik flight arrivals. This airport offers hub flights by Croatia Airlines to destinations such as Tel Aviv, Munich, Dusseldorf, or Athens. You will have more than 30 destinations at your disposal in the hands of 48 airlines with DBV airport arrivals.

In 2019 the airport served 2,896,227 passengers on more than 30 national and international Dubrovnik airport arrivals. This was only around 350 thousand passengers in 2020. This airport stands out for having the longest runway in Croatia, spanning 10,827 feet long.

Location for DBV arrivals

The airport is very close to the city of Dubrovnik, which is close to the town of Cilipi. You have to travel 9.5 miles from the airport to get to the city center.

Ground transport at Dubrovnik Airport

With the airport, you can have several means of ground transportation available, such as:

  • Dubrovnik arrivals by bus: You can take the Platanus bus to go to the old town of Dubrovnik or the city bus station. This tour can take about 30 minutes due to the number of stops the bus makes.
  • After your Dubrovnik flight arrivals you can take the taxi. Travel in style by taking a taxi outside the airport to Dubrovnik or the town of Cilli.
  • Rent a car when having DBV airport arrivals. You can rent a vehicle at the air terminal to travel all over Croatia at ease. You must take the Dubrovnik Regional Highway to go to any destination.


Dubrovnik Airport terminal

Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia has a terminal divided into areas A, B, and C. Lobby C was opened in 2017 to process Dubrovnik airport arrivals, while Lobby A and B are much older.

In Zone A, you will find flight reservation services, Check-in, security, and luggage carousels for people with DBV arrivals. Zone B serves most of the national and international flights next to lobby C.

In the new lobby, you will find the airport Dubrovnik airlines hub and several commercial premises. This area has a Premium lounge, waiting room, restaurants, and the main square.