Liberia Airport Arrivals (LIR)

Guanacaste International Airport

Airport Codes
Tel: (506)2666-9600
Blvd. Aeropuerto S/N Guanacaste Province, Liberia Costa Rica
Alias: Liberia International Airport, and Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport

Liberia arrivals LIR

About Guanacaste International Airport Arrivals

Usually called Liberia Airport but the official name is Guanacaste International Airport. It is located west of the city of Liberia in northwestern Costa Rica. The airport is mainly in use  for tourists who want to experience the Costa Rican culture and enjoy the beaches on the beautiful coasts. On average, more than 1 million passengers pass through the airport every year. These are often passengers from the US. There is 1 terminal and also 1 runway. The airport is about 5-10 miles from the coast and is the gateway to the entire peninsula.

Top routes from LIR
Passenger statistics

Compared to 20 years ago it has become 10 times busier. Last year there were 20,096 Liberia Costa Rica arrivals. With all these flights 1,148,811 were transported. This is done via the only runway that the airport has.

Liberia Airport Flight routes

The domestic Liberia arrivals fly in from San Jose and Tamarindo. From Europe often for group travel and from the USA often as a beach holiday. Liberia flight arrivals from Europe are largely by KLM and TUI. From the USA you can see most American airlines countries such as:

  • JetBlue
  • Delta
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • United
  • Alaska Airlines
  • WestJet

Most of these flights depart from Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Terminal Liberia Airport

The first part of the building is for departure area and second part for Liberia airport arrivals.

Liberia Airport Arrivals LIR

History of Liberia Airport

The airport was built in the 70’s and 80’s and started under the name Llano Grande. There would be some name changes over the years such as Aeropuerto Tomas Guardia and for some time Daniel Oduber Quirós. Many also call it Liberia Airport. In 2021 the name was changed to the province, Guanacaste Airport.

It has long been a regional airport. In the year 1995 it became an international airport. Many extensions and improvements were applied for this. Special landing lights and a fire station were built. The parking capacity for aircraft was increased and a taxiway was built parallel to the main runway. At that time there were several hundred thousand visitors a year. This has now risen to an average of 1.1 million passengers per year with many flights to and from the US and Canada.