Xi’an Xianyang Airport Arrivals XIY

XIY Arrivals today

Xi An Xianyang Airport
Address: Xianyang, Xi´an 712035, Shanxi, China

Tel: +86 (0) 29 88375000
Website: xxia.com/Home.htm

Airport Codes
IATA code: XIY

Find Out Xi’an Xianyang International Airport arrivals

If you want to travel to many regions of China, you can do it with the Xi’an Xianyang airport in the locality. This airbase would correspond to the second largest that you would find in the limits of the Asian country. For your trip to be fantastic, you can take a look at the airport facilities and prepare for Xi’an Airport arrivals.


In 1984, the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport was built in China to process the first Xi’an arrivals. In 1991, it was opened in the region for Xi’an flight arrivals. This airport is operated by XXIA, which has maintained its facilities as a public airbase. For now, you can find airlines like China Eastern Airlines, Bien Airways, and Chang’an Air for hub flights and other XIY airport arrivals.

In 2013 the airport opened its intercontinental operations to have Xi’an Xianyang arrivals from Helsinki of the country of Finland. You can also take domestic routes to explore the rest of China on your tourism or business trip.

Location for Xi’an Xianyang flight arrivals

The airport is located within the city of Xianyang, which is in Shaanxi province in northern China. You have to travel 16 miles from Xi’an city to reach the international airport.


If you land in the next few days at Xi’an Xianyang airport, you can take some means of ground transportation:

  • Xi’an Xianyang airport arrivals by bus: You will have eight public bus routes that take you to cities like Xianyang and Xi’an in China. You can also take the long-distance buses to go to Lintong, Yangling Hanzhong, Hancheng or Baoji.
  • XIY arrivals car: You can take a rental car or a taxi to go to the cities near the airport in less than 20 minutes. These car services are available within the air station.
  • Xi’an Airport arrivals by subway: You can take the Xi’an subway at the airport to take you to Beikenzhan station, which is close to the city.

The airport is made up of three buildings in which you can find a huge number of commercial Xi’an arrivals. This airport has three huge runways that are 12,467 and 9,843 feet long to process all the Xi’an flight arrivals.

This air terminal accommodated more than 44 million passengers in 2018 with around 300 thousand air movements. This went unfortunately down in XIY airport arrivals. On domestic flights, Xi’an Xianyang airport becomes the seventh busiest in China.


Terminal number 3 was opened in May 2012 for Xi’an Xianyang arrivals, to which the operating rooms for some charter airlines were added. You can see the offices of Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines. In addition, a new VIP lounge was also included so that passengers wait for their trip with the best comfort.