Shanghai Pudong Airport Departures PVG

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Address: S1 Yingbin Expy, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Height: 4 m
Phone: +86 21 96990
Opened: October 1, 1999
IATA airport code: PVG
ICAO airport code: ZSPD
Alias: Pudong Airport

PVG Departures today

Have Shanghai Pudong International Airport departures

If you plan to travel to East Asia in the next few days, you can take Shanghai Pudong Airport as your landing point. This airport is one of the most important in Asia for offering an unbeatable number of domestic Shanghai airport departures but also international ones. The airport serves all of Shanghai and areas close to where you want to go.

You can look at the facilities offered by the airport, the number of national and international PVG airport departures. You can also find out how to get to the airport using different means of public or private transport.

Busiest flight routes
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  • Shenyang
  • Harbin
  • Chongqing
  • Anchorage
  • Changchun
  • Guangzhou
  • Chengdu
  • Zhengzhou
  • Hong Kong

The construction of the Shanghai Pudong Airport was started in October 1997 as part of the suggestion of many citizens to finally have proper Pudong airport departures. This airport has been in operation for a short time, but it has achieved much admiration in that period. The airport is very important for citizens in Pudong, located on the east coast of Shanghai to process most Shanghai Pudong flight departures.

It is a very large airport that has serves as a base point for Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines with most Shanghai departures. You can take an unbeatable amount of domestic flights as well as international ones if you are interested.

Location for PVG flight departures

Shanghai Pudong Airport is located about 19 miles east of downtown Shanghai in Asia. It is an airport with more than 10,000 acres of land with which it lends its operations inside and outside the country.

Transport at Shanghai airport

The airport is 30 miles from the city center and easy to get to. There are Pudong departures by metro, bus, train or taxi to the center which can be reached in an hour. On the outskirts of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, you have several means of transportation such as:

  • Airport buses: You can take Shanghai PVG departures with around eight bus lines that can take you to Shanghai Hoggiao railway station and Jing’an temple. You can also take routes that take you to Xinzhuang Subway Station, Nanhui, Hongkou Stadium, etc.
  • Rental cars: You can rent cars outside the airport and take the north road on the S1 motorway to get to the city. You can also take the south highway from Shanghai, which will send you to Jiaxing and Huzhou.
  • Metro line: Inside the airport, line 2 of the Shanghai metro passes, which can take for Shanghai Pudong airport departures to almost any area of the country. You can have an active metro that runs 24 hours for you to take after arriving at the airport.

You can see four runways for PVG departures in operation at the airport that have the following dimensions:

  • Runway 17L / 35R with 13,123 feet long for PVG departures.
  • Runway 16R / 34L with 12,467 feet long.
  • Runway 17R / 35L with 11,155 feet long for Shanghai airport departures.
  • Runway 16L / 34R with 12,467 feet long.
  • Runway 15/33 with 11,155 feet long.

All courts have a concrete surface and are reconditioned every year for the vital operation to arrange safe PVG airport departures.

Shanghai airport terminals

There are 2 terminals at the airport for Shanghai Pudong flight departures. Both operate domestic and international flights. Terminal 2, however, is a lot bigger with a capacity of 60 million passengers per year. The total number of passengers will reach 76,153,455 in 2019. Unfortunately, there will be a significant decrease in 2020 due to corona and 2021 is not yet as expected. There are still many Shanghai departures with cargo.


You may be stunned by the terminal featuring Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The facilities are very spacious and are divided into:

  • Terminal 1 for Shanghai Pudong departures

It was inaugurated in 1999, and since then, it has 28 boarding gates and can accommodate 20 thousand passengers. The terminal has 13 luggage conveyors and gates 1-12 and 14-32 for domestic and international Shanghai airport departures.


  • Terminal 2 Shanghai Pudong airport departures

It is the most recent terminal at the inaugurated airport in 2009 and has 48 boarding gates. The terminal is capable of accommodating more than 60 million passengers who will take domestic Shanghai Pudong flight departures. This terminal offers very few international flights, but it is still very functional.



The airlines that have available Shanghai Pudong departures are:

  • Air China, Air France, Air Mauritius, Indian Water, All Nippon Airways, 9 Air, Aeroflot, Air New Zealand, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Spring Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, among other options.
Shanghai Pudong airport destinations

Among the most popular Shanghai departures that you can take from Shanghai Pudong Airport are: