Kunming Changshui Airport Departures KMG

Kunming Changshui International Airport

Address: China, Yunnan, Kunming, Guandu District, 长 水 村
IATA code: KMG
Elevation: 2,103 m
Province: Yunnan
Phone: +86 871 96566
ICAO airport code: ZPPP
Alias: Kunming Airport

KMG Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
13:05 September-27 13:19 Liuzhou (LZH) China Southern Airlines CZ3460 estimated
13:05 September-27 13:18 Yueyang (YYA) Juneyao Airlines (All Red Livery) HO1094 estimated
13:05 September-27 13:37 Dhaka (DAC) China Eastern Airlines MU2035 estimated
13:10 September-27 13:10 Hefei (HFE) China Eastern Airlines MU5490 estimated
13:10 September-27 13:10 Changsha (CSX) China Eastern Airlines MU5749 estimated
13:10 September-27 13:15 Hangzhou (HGH) China Eastern Airlines MU6480 estimated
13:10 September-27 13:10 Guangzhou (CAN) China Eastern Airlines MU9689 estimated
13:15 September-27 13:38 Beijing (PEK) Air China CA1476 estimated
13:15 September-27 13:29 Tianjin (TSN) Tianjin Airlines GS7856 estimated
13:15 September-27 Hefei (HFE) West Air PN6402 canceled
13:15 September-27 13:21 Bangkok (BKK) China Eastern Airlines MU741 estimated
13:15 September-27 13:42 Taiyuan (TYN) China Eastern Airlines MU2144 estimated
13:15 September-27 13:40 Jinan (TNA) Shandong Airlines SC8838 estimated
13:20 September-27 13:44 Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Airlines CZ3494 estimated
13:25 September-27 13:51 Zhaotong (ZAT) China Eastern Airlines MU5925 estimated
13:25 September-27 13:30 Hangzhou (HGH) Sichuan Airlines 3U3190 estimated
13:25 September-27 13:30 Chengdu (TFU) Lucky Air 8L9630 estimated
13:25 September-27 13:30 Ningbo (NGB) China Eastern Airlines MU5456 estimated
13:30 September-27 13:58 Chengdu (CTU) Air China CA4414 estimated
13:30 September-27 13:35 Nanjing (NKG) China Eastern Airlines MU2726 estimated
13:35 September-27 13:41 Yichang (YIH) Lucky Air 8L9871 estimated
13:40 September-27 Nanjing (NKG) Shandong Airlines SC4820 canceled
13:40 September-27 13:45 Hong Kong (HKG) China Eastern Airlines MU733 estimated
13:40 September-27 14:20 Qingdao (TAO) China Eastern Airlines MU5686 estimated
13:45 September-27 13:48 Nanchang (KHN) Shenzhen Airlines ZH8838 estimated
13:50 September-27 13:55 Taiyuan (TYN) Lucky Air 8L9961 estimated
13:50 September-27 13:50 Xi’an (XIY) China Eastern Airlines MU5723 estimated
13:50 September-27 13:55 Jieyang (SWA) China Eastern Airlines MU9699 estimated
13:55 September-27 14:00 Zhanjiang (ZHA) China Eastern Airlines MU9679 estimated
14:00 September-27 14:00 Xining (XNN) Ruili Airlines DR6569 estimated
14:00 September-27 14:00 Shanghai (SHA) Shanghai Airlines FM9452 estimated
14:05 September-27 14:10 Changsha (CSX) Hainan Airlines HU7642 estimated
14:10 September-27 14:10 Changsha (CSX) Tianjin Airlines GS6578 estimated
14:15 September-27 14:20 Jinghong (JHG) China Eastern Airlines MU5905 estimated
14:15 September-27 Xuzhou (XUZ) Sichuan Airlines 3U3324 scheduled
14:25 September-27 Jinghong (JHG) Okay Airways BK2975 scheduled
14:30 September-27 14:35 Mandalay (MDL) China Eastern Airlines MU2029 estimated
14:30 September-27 14:44 Ordos (DSN) China Eastern Airlines MU6460 estimated
14:30 September-27 14:47 Urumqi (URC) Ruili Airlines DR6565 estimated
14:30 September-27 14:30 Shenzhen (SZX) China Eastern Airlines MU5757 estimated
14:30 September-27 Guangyuan (GYS) Sichuan Airlines 3U8247 canceled
14:30 September-27 Chengdu (CTU) Sichuan Airlines 3U8668 scheduled
14:40 September-27 14:40 Yangon (RGN) China Eastern Airlines MU2031 estimated
14:40 September-27 14:40 Guangzhou (CAN) China Eastern Airlines MU5737 estimated
14:50 September-27 Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Airlines CZ3416 scheduled
14:50 September-27 Xuzhou (XUZ) Loong Air GJ8547 scheduled
14:50 September-27 Xiamen (XMN) Kunming Airlines KY8211 scheduled
14:55 September-27 15:09 Luang Prabang (LPQ) China Eastern (Yunnan Peacock Livery) MU9611 estimated
14:55 September-27 14:55 Shijiazhuang (SJW) Spring Airlines 9C8938 estimated
15:00 September-27 Changchun (CGQ) China Southern Airlines CZ5140 scheduled
15:00 September-27 16:30 Beijing (PKX) China Southern Airlines CZ6112 estimated
15:00 September-27 15:00 Zhengzhou (CGO) China Eastern Airlines MU7645 estimated
15:00 September-27 15:00 Beijing (PKX) China Eastern Airlines MU5717 estimated
15:00 September-27 15:10 Jinan (TNA) Lucky Air 8L9865 estimated
15:05 September-27 15:10 Shangri-La (DIG) China Eastern Airlines MU9744 estimated
15:05 September-27 15:15 Shenyang (SHE) China Southern Airlines CZ5366 estimated
15:10 September-27 15:10 Jinan (TNA) Kunming Airlines KY8205 estimated
15:10 September-27 15:10 Lhasa (LXA) China Eastern Airlines MU9737 estimated
15:10 September-27 Ganzhou (KOW) Lucky Air 8L9571 scheduled
15:15 September-27 Beijing (PEK) Air China CA1446 scheduled
15:15 September-27 Qingdao (TAO) Lucky Air 8L9869 scheduled
15:15 September-27 Jieyang (SWA) Shanghai Airlines FM9250 scheduled
15:20 September-27 15:20 Nanning (NNG) China Eastern Airlines MU5895 estimated
15:20 September-27 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Airways TG613 scheduled
15:20 September-27 Wuhan (WUH) China Southern Airlines CZ6426 scheduled
15:25 September-27 Shenzhen (SZX) Shenzhen Airlines ZH9456 scheduled
15:30 September-27 Hangzhou (HGH) Lucky Air 8L9935 scheduled
15:30 September-27 15:30 Xiangyang (XFN) Kunming Airlines KY8225 estimated
15:30 September-27 15:30 Chengdu (CTU) China Eastern Airlines MU5851 estimated
15:30 September-27 15:30 Nanchang (KHN) China Eastern Airlines MU6452 estimated
15:35 September-27 Zunyi (WMT) Air China CA2872 canceled
15:35 September-27 15:35 Xiamen (XMN) Xiamen Air MF8418 estimated
15:35 September-27 15:35 Qingdao (TAO) China Eastern Airlines MU9757 estimated
15:35 September-27 Chengdu (CTU) Air China CA4412 scheduled
15:40 September-27 Chenzhou (HCZ) Qingdao Airlines QW6097 scheduled
15:45 September-27 15:45 Nanchong (NAO) China Eastern Airlines MU5438 estimated
15:50 September-27 15:50 Shanghai (SHA) China Eastern Airlines MU5811 estimated
15:50 September-27 15:50 Yulin (UYN) China Eastern Airlines MU9770 estimated
15:55 September-27 Sanya (SYX) China Southern Airlines CZ6584 scheduled
15:55 September-27 15:55 Phuket (HKT) China Eastern Airlines MU9615 estimated
16:00 September-27 Changsha (CSX) China Southern Airlines CZ5974 scheduled
16:00 September-27 16:00 Tengchong (TCZ) Kunming Airlines KY8303 estimated
16:00 September-27 16:00 Beijing (PKX) China Eastern Airlines MU5709 estimated
16:00 September-27 16:00 Wenzhou (WNZ) China Eastern Airlines MU9661 estimated
16:00 September-27 16:00 Quanzhou (JJN) Kunming Airlines KY3213 estimated
16:05 September-27 Lijiang (LJG) China Eastern Airlines MU5921 scheduled
16:05 September-27 16:10 Phnom Penh (PNH) China Eastern Airlines MU9609 estimated
16:10 September-27 16:10 Fuzhou (FOC) China Eastern Airlines MU5588 estimated
16:10 September-27 Wuxi (WUX) Lucky Air 8L9599 scheduled
16:10 September-27 16:10 Wuhan (WUH) China Eastern Airlines MU2537 estimated
16:15 September-27 Nanjing (NKG) China Postal Airlines CF9017 scheduled
16:15 September-27 16:15 Nanjing (NKG) China Eastern Airlines MU2746 estimated
16:15 September-27 16:15 Yinchuan (INC) Lucky Air 8L9733 estimated
16:20 September-27 Shanghai (PVG) Sichuan Airlines 3U8201 scheduled
16:20 September-27 16:25 Changzhou (CZX) Sichuan Airlines 3U8297 estimated
16:25 September-27 16:25 Changsha (CSX) China Eastern Airlines MU5190 estimated
16:30 September-27 16:30 Beijing (PKX) Capital Airlines JD5630 estimated
16:30 September-27 16:30 Shenzhen (SZX) Lucky Air 8L9979 estimated
16:35 September-27 16:35 Changzhou (CZX) China Eastern Airlines MU9764 estimated
16:35 September-27 Chengdu (TFU) Kunming Airlines KY8291 scheduled


Find out Kunming Changshui International Airport departures

Kunming Changshui International Airport is the main air terminal operating in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. It is an airport that provides its services for domestic flights and international Kunming departures to the most important cities in Asia.

Most busy flight routes

Airlines to choose from:

  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Air China
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Kunming Airlines
  • Lucky Air
  • Sichuan Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines

There are international airlines and destinations pre-pandemic but most flight routes have been temporarily canceled. Perhaps the routes will return soon. Some of these are:


Kunming Changshui International Airport is located 24.5 km (15.2 miles) northeast of the city center at about 2,100 meters above sea level. This air terminal was opened in June 2012 for Kunming flight departures, replacing the old Kunming Wujiaba International Airport, which was torn down.

It is among the 50 busiest airports globally due to its passenger traffic. In 2019 alone, it handled about 48,075,978 passengers. The KMG airport departures dropped a lot in 2020 and 2021 because of Cvid-19. The main terminal was created and designed by the architectural firm SOM and the engineering firm Arup.

Kunming Changshui Airport ground transportation
  • Kunming Changshui airport departures by bus: Shuttle buses frequently run to the central areas from Kunming Changshui International Airport. Additionally, there is a public bus that connects this air terminal with the East bus station.
  • Kunming Changshui departures by underground subway: Subway line 6 covers the route between Kunming Changshui International Airport and the city center.
  • Changshui flight departures by cab: You can take a taxi to the city center from the airport, and the trip should take around 40 minutes, it will also depend on the destination and traffic.
  • Kunming Airport departures by renting a car: You can rent a car at Kunming Changshui Airport and get around freely. It is essential to have a driving license that the People’s Republic of China issues. You can rent the car with a driver.
Terminal at Kunming Airport

Kunming Changshui International Airport has a single passenger terminal for KMG departures of 548,300 square meters (5,902,000 square feet). It is considered the second-largest terminal building in all of China and is the main gateway to the country’s southwest.

It handles domestic Kunming departures in China and international flights to the most important Asian cities. The terminal has three underground levels and three above-ground levels. Terminal 2 is scheduled to be completed soon to also process Kunming flight departures.

Among the services they offer include luggage carts, ATMs, changing rooms, drinking water, currency exchange, children’s area, duty-free shops, restaurants, rest areas, medical clinic, information desk, and more.