Toronto Pearson Airport Arrivals

Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Address: 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
Phone: (416) 247-7678
IATA airport code: YYZ
ICAO airport code: CYYZ
Alias: Lester B. Pearson International Airport

YYZ Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
17:47 September-22 Indianapolis (IND) Air Canada Express AC8896 1 scheduled
17:47 September-22 17:43 Indianapolis (IND) Air Canada Express QK896 landed
17:50 September-22 17:54 Timmins (YTS) Air Canada Express QK434 estimated
17:51 September-22 18:11 Washington (IAD) Air Canada Express QK619 delayed
17:53 September-22 17:46 Montego Bay (MBJ) WestJet WS2703 3 landed
17:53 September-22 17:49 New York (EWR) Air Canada Express QK881 estimated
17:54 September-22 17:36 Kelowna (YLW) Swoop WO316 3 landed
17:54 September-22 17:50 White Plains (HPN) Flexjet LXJ429 estimated
17:55 September-22 17:50 Kingston (KIN) Air Canada Rouge AC1803 1 estimated
17:55 September-22 Timmins (YTS) Air Canada Express AC8434 1 scheduled
17:55 September-22 Cincinnati (CVG) Air Canada Express AC8708 1 scheduled
17:55 September-22 Philadelphia (PHL) Air Canada Express AC8933 1 scheduled
17:55 September-22 18:15 Cincinnati (CVG) Air Canada Express QK708 delayed
17:55 September-22 17:54 Philadelphia (PHL) Air Canada Express QK933 estimated
17:59 September-22 17:20 New York (EWR) United Express UA3706 1 landed
18:00 September-22 17:40 Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE2402 3 landed
18:00 September-22 17:48 Montreal (YUL) Porter PD124 3 estimated
18:00 September-22 17:47 Rome (FCO) Air Transat TS309 3 estimated
18:00 September-22 18:17 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC106 1 delayed
18:01 September-22 Washington (IAD) Air Canada Express AC8619 1 scheduled
18:01 September-22 London (YXU) scheduled
18:01 September-22 18:09 Kelowna (YLW) Air Canada AC2110 estimated
18:03 September-22 18:56 Halifax (YHZ) Air Canada AC613 1 delayed
18:03 September-22 New York (EWR) Air Canada Express AC8881 1 scheduled
18:03 September-22 18:18 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Express QK7623 estimated
18:04 September-22 17:36 New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5087 3 landed
18:09 September-22 Kelowna (YLW) Air Canada AC1910 1 canceled
18:09 September-22 18:32 Frankfurt (FRA) AeroLogic 3S460 delayed
18:10 September-22 18:15 Ottawa (YOW) Air Canada AC461 1 estimated
18:10 September-22 Anchorage (ANC) Cathay Pacific Cargo CX3080 scheduled
18:15 September-22 18:36 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1111 3 delayed
18:15 September-22 London (YXU) Air Canada Express AC8262 1 scheduled
18:15 September-22 18:17 Vancouver (YVR) Porter PD304 3 estimated
18:16 September-22 Chicago (ORD) scheduled
18:20 September-22 18:15 Nantucket (ACK) AirSprint ASP875 estimated
18:23 September-22 Thunder Bay (YQT) Air Canada Express AC8310 1 scheduled
18:23 September-22 18:34 Thunder Bay (YQT) Air Canada Express QK310 estimated
18:24 September-22 18:21 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC421 1 estimated
18:24 September-22 18:00 Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Connection DL4923 3 estimated
18:25 September-22 17:41 Punta Cana (PUJ) Air Canada Rouge AC1795 1 landed
18:26 September-22 Chicago (ORD) Air Canada Express AC8910 1 scheduled
18:32 September-22 New York (LGA) Air Canada AC719 1 scheduled
18:35 September-22 18:26 New York (LGA) American Eagle AA4344 3 estimated
18:35 September-22 18:32 Halifax (YHZ) Porter PD210 3 estimated
18:37 September-22 Ottawa (YOW) WestJet WS369 3 scheduled
18:40 September-22 18:49 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH494 1 estimated
18:41 September-22 18:43 Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX248 estimated
18:44 September-22 Montreal (YUL) WestJet WS593 3 scheduled
18:44 September-22 Montreal (YUL) WestJet WS3533 scheduled
18:48 September-22 18:51 Calgary (YYC) Westjet WS664 3 estimated
18:50 September-22 18:32 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK17 1 estimated
18:50 September-22 18:58 Los Angeles (LAX) Lynx Air Y9737 1 estimated
18:55 September-22 19:06 Nanaimo (YCD) Air Canada Rouge AC1914 1 estimated
18:55 September-22 19:02 Edmonton (YEG) Porter PD406 3 estimated
18:55 September-22 Washington (IAD) United Express UA6169 1 scheduled
18:56 September-22 18:58 Phoenix (PHX) Air Canada Rouge AC1720 1 estimated
18:57 September-22 18:36 Halifax (YHZ) Lynx Air Y9520 1 estimated
18:58 September-22 18:36 Fort McMurray (YMM) Air Canada Rouge AC1940 1 estimated
18:59 September-22 18:47 Calgary (YYC) Air Canada AC144 1 estimated
19:00 September-22 18:53 Islamabad (ISB) Pakistan International Airlines PK781 3 estimated
19:00 September-22 18:53 Cancun (CUN) WestJet WS2581 3 estimated
19:00 September-22 18:38 Mexico City (MEX) Air Canada AC990 1 estimated
19:00 September-22 19:38 San Diego (SAN) Air Canada AC1092 1 delayed
19:00 September-22 Minneapolis (MSP) Air Canada Express AC8720 1 scheduled
19:00 September-22 18:36 Minneapolis (MSP) Air Canada Express QK720 estimated
19:03 September-22 18:49 Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5030 3 estimated
19:04 September-22 19:10 Fredericton (YFC) Air Canada Rouge AC1529 1 estimated
19:05 September-22 18:58 London (LHR) Air Canada AC857 1 estimated
19:06 September-22 Boston (BOS) scheduled
19:08 September-22 Ottawa (YOW) Air Canada AC463 1 scheduled
19:09 September-22 20:42 Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC788 1 delayed
19:10 September-22 19:04 Reykjavik (KEF) Icelandair (100 Years Independence Livery) FI603 3 estimated
19:15 September-22 19:10 Calgary (YYC) Porter PD356 3 estimated
19:15 September-22 19:23 Punta Cana (PUJ) Air Transat TS2187 3 estimated
19:16 September-22 19:49 Victoria (YYJ) Air Canada Rouge AC1900 1 delayed
19:17 September-22 20:00 Vancouver (YVR) Lynx Air Y9121 1 delayed
19:19 September-22 Baltimore (BWI) scheduled
19:19 September-22 18:55 Seattle (BFI) Jet Edge EDG151 estimated
19:20 September-22 Windsor (YQG) scheduled
19:24 September-22 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC423 1 scheduled
19:25 September-22 19:08 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC110 1 estimated
19:25 September-22 Atlanta (ATL) Air Canada Express AC8954 1 scheduled
19:25 September-22 19:17 Atlanta (ATL) Air Canada Express QK954 estimated
19:27 September-22 Chicago (ORD) United Express UA5542 1 scheduled
19:28 September-22 19:28 Las Vegas (LAS) WestJet WS1117 3 estimated
19:29 September-22 Baltimore (BWI) Air Canada Express AC8683 1 scheduled
19:30 September-22 19:10 Ponta Delgada (PDL) Azores Airlines (Inspire Livery) S4323 3 estimated
19:30 September-22 00:20 Seoul (ICN) Air Canada AC62 1 delayed
19:30 September-22 19:23 Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC843 1 estimated
19:33 September-22 Windsor (YQG) Air Canada Express AC8362 1 scheduled
19:35 September-22 19:36 Las Vegas (LAS) Air Canada Rouge AC1700 1 estimated
19:35 September-22 Pittsburgh (PIT) scheduled
19:38 September-22 19:36 Halifax (YHZ) Air Canada AC617 1 estimated
19:38 September-22 19:15 San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC740 1 estimated
19:42 September-22 Charlottetown (YYG) Air Canada AC633 1 scheduled
19:42 September-22 19:10 Sydney (YQY) Air Canada Rouge AC1579 1 estimated
19:42 September-22 19:55 Seattle (SEA) Air Canada AC542 1 estimated
19:45 September-22 Pittsburgh (PIT) Air Canada Express AC8926 1 scheduled
19:48 September-22 Pittsburgh (PIT) Skyservice Business Aviation SYB110 scheduled
19:49 September-22 19:45 Edmonton (YEG) Air Canada AC168 1 estimated

Find out Toronto Pearson international airport arrivals

Toronto Pearson Airport is Canada’s busiest and largest airport with more than 50 million passengers in 2019. Located in Ontario west of the city of Toronto. It is also near the well-known Niagara Falls. The airport contains 5 runways and two passenger terminals on a 1,867 hectare piece of land. It is used as a hub next to WestJet by the most widely seen carrier Air Canada. Many routes are offered within Canada, but there are several options to destinations around the world.

Top routes from YYZ
History of Toronto Pearson Airport

The first Toronto arrivals (Malton Airport) took place in 1939. During the Second World War, the Royal Canadian Air Force used the airport. It was also used as a training school. A decade after the war, the Toronto local government sold the airport to the Canadian government. As a result, the name of the airport changed to Toronto International Airport.

Toronto Airport Transportation

There are many options for getting to or from Toronto Pearson Airport. You can reach the city center in 25 minutes by public transport. With private transport this will be just a little faster.

  • As with many airports, you can also rent a car at Toronto Airport. There are car rental companies with counters at terminals 1 and 3 on Level 1. There are also less well-known car rental companies. They have a free pick-up service from Viscount Station. This is easily accessible from Terminal 1 and 3 with the Terminal Link train.
  • Travel by train to the airport. The UP Express offers Toronto airport arrivals in 25 minutes from the city center. A train ticket costs 12 dollars. There is a departure every 30 minutes between 5:40 am and 10:40 pm from Pearson airport.
  • Travel by taxi if you want to travel door to door. At the Toronto arrivals level there is a pick up area for taxis. At terminal 1 it is near door D and at terminal 3 at doors D, E, and F.
  • Ride sharing: there are ride share pick up location at terminal 1 and 3. At terminal 1 it is at Door Q or P and A (Uber and Lyft). At terminal 2, it is at Door D and A (Uber and Lyft).
  • If you prefer to travel by bus, Go Transit is the most common option. They offer many routes to different areas in and around Toronto. Some other carriers with options are TTS, Brampton Transit and Miway Mississauga. All buses depart from Terminal 1. The company TTC has some options from Terminal 3. Long-distance buses are also available and even in large numbers. For example, travel with Airlink, Airways Transit or Coach Canada to other cities such as Port Hope, Kingston, Dundas, Oakville Port Dover or Tillsonburg.
Toronto Pearson airport terminals

The airport has 2 terminals and a satellite terminal called Infield Concourse.

  • Terminal 1: this is the largest terminal used by Air Canada, Emirates and the Star Alliance partners. It has 3.7 million sq ft and is the largest of Canada. The 58 available gates are divided into D, E, and F. There are also many lounges within this terminal. Five of the eight are Air Canada lounges and the remaining three are Plaza Premium. There is space for more than 9,000 parking spaces in front of the terminal.
  • Terminal 3: the terminal is the base for WestJet. About half the size of terminal 1, mainly the airlines that are affiliated with SkyTeam and Oneworld can be seen here. There are 46 gates under the letters A, B, and C. There are 4,600 parking spaces available in front of the terminal along with the Sheraton Hotel. Terminal 3 is used by all other airlines for Pearson flight arrivals. The baggage claim area is on Level 1 at both terminals 1 and 3.
  • Infield Concourse: most Toronto Pearson arrivals will be processed with the airline carrier Sunwing. There are 11 gates and a business lounge.
  • VIP terminal: a 9 thousand sq ft area for private aircraft having arrivals at Toronto Pearson Airport.
Terminal 1 Level 1 baggage claim area:


There are 5 runways for all Toronto YYZ airport arrivals. All long enough to land large planes.

Passenger statistics at Toronto Airport

Air Canada has by far the most Toronto arrivals from destinations around the world. Last year there were many aircraft movements. In total, there were 455,099 Toronto Pearson Airport arrivals. 50,499,431 passengers flew on all those flights. That is double compared to 2003.

Airlines with Toronto Pearson airport arrivals

Most routes are offered by the carrier Air Canada. These Toronto Airport arrivals come from all over the world such as

Some of the popular airlines that fly above flight routes are the following:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air France
  • Air Transat
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Delta
  • Emirates
  • KLM
  • Korean Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Sunwing Airlines
  • Swoop
  • United Airlines
  • Westjet

Many more routes to destinations around the world are available through all these airlines.