Halifax Stanfield Airport Departures YHZ

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Address: 747 Bell Blvd, Goffs, NS B2T 1K2, Canada
IATA airport code: YHZ
Elevation: 475 ft
Phone: +1 902-873-4422
Province: Nova Scotia

YHZ Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
07:30 February-21 07:30 Toronto (YYZ) Porter PD200 estimated
08:05 February-21 08:05 Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS229 estimated
08:30 February-21 08:30 Toronto (YTZ) Porter PD2280 estimated
08:45 February-21 08:55 Anchorage (ANC) Atlas Air 5Y551 estimated
09:00 February-21 09:00 Cayo Coco (CCC) Sunwing Airlines WG366 estimated
09:00 February-21 09:00 Montreal (YUL) Porter PD2320 estimated
09:05 February-21 11:15 Cancun (CUN) Air Canada Rouge AC1785 estimated
09:25 February-21 09:25 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2250 estimated
10:30 February-21 10:30 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2252 estimated
10:30 February-21 10:30 Ottawa (YOW) Air Canada AC2261 estimated
10:30 February-21 New York (EWR) Air Canada Express AC8657 scheduled
10:30 February-21 Chicago (ORD) WestJet Cargo WS9107 canceled
10:35 February-21 10:35 London (LHR) Air Canada AC868 estimated
11:15 February-21 11:25 Boston (BOS) Air Canada Express AC8663 estimated
11:20 February-21 11:20 Gander (YQX) Air Canada AC2270 estimated
11:30 February-21 11:40 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1593 estimated
11:50 February-21 11:50 St. John's (YYT) Porter PD2205 estimated
12:00 February-21 12:00 Toronto (YYZ) Lynx Air Y9177 estimated
12:10 February-21 12:20 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada Rouge AC1581 estimated
12:30 February-21 Saint-Pierre (FSP) Air Saint-Pierre PJ1122 scheduled
13:05 February-21 13:15 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC611 estimated
14:00 February-21 14:00 St. John's (YYT) Porter PD2461 estimated
14:45 February-21 14:45 Toronto (YYZ) NovaJet NOJ35 estimated
15:15 February-21 15:15 Ottawa (YOW) Porter PD2234 estimated
16:15 February-21 16:15 Toronto (YYZ) Porter PD206 estimated
16:30 February-21 16:40 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC615 estimated
16:30 February-21 16:40 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1597 estimated
16:45 February-21 16:45 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2256 estimated
17:00 February-21 17:00 Deer Lake (YDF) Air Canada AC2282 estimated
17:05 February-21 17:15 Anchorage (ANC) Korean Air KE288 estimated
17:10 February-21 17:10 Toronto (YTZ) Porter PD2284 estimated
17:10 February-21 Vancouver (YVR) Korean Air KE8288 scheduled
17:30 February-21 17:43 Montreal (YUL) estimated
17:45 February-21 17:55 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Express AC8247 estimated
18:05 February-21 18:15 Orlando (MCO) Air Transat TS2656 estimated
18:05 February-21 18:15 Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS233 estimated
18:30 February-21 18:30 Ottawa (YOW) Porter PD2268 estimated
18:55 February-21 19:05 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC619 estimated
19:10 February-21 19:10 Montreal (YUL) Porter PD2486 estimated
19:50 February-21 19:50 Toronto (YYZ) Porter PD210 estimated
20:00 February-21 Hamilton (YHM) Cargojet Airways W8619 scheduled
21:25 February-21 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2258 scheduled
21:30 February-21 Goose Bay (YYR) Air Canada AC2278 scheduled
21:40 February-21 21:50 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1599 estimated
22:00 February-21 22:10 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC621 estimated
05:00 February-22 05:10 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC601 estimated
06:00 February-22 06:00 Santa Clara (SNU) Sunwing Airlines WG340 estimated
06:00 February-22 06:10 Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS281 estimated
06:15 February-22 06:25 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1591 estimated
07:00 February-22 07:10 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC603 estimated
07:10 February-22 07:20 Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS391 estimated
07:15 February-22 07:25 Orlando (MCO) Air Canada Rouge AC1727 estimated
07:30 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Porter Airlines Canada PD200 scheduled
08:05 February-22 08:05 Calgary (YYC) Westet WS229 estimated
08:30 February-22 Toronto (YTZ) Porter Airlines Canada PD2280 scheduled
09:00 February-22 Montreal (YUL) Porter Airlines Canada PD2320 scheduled
09:25 February-22 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2250 scheduled
10:30 February-22 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2252 scheduled
10:30 February-22 Ottawa (YOW) Air Canada AC2261 scheduled
10:30 February-22 New York (EWR) Air Canada Express AC8657 scheduled
10:35 February-22 London (LHR) Air Canada AC868 scheduled
11:15 February-22 Boston (BOS) Air Canada Express AC8663 scheduled
11:20 February-22 Gander (YQX) Air Canada AC2270 scheduled
11:25 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Porter Airlines Canada PD202 scheduled
11:30 February-22 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1593 scheduled
11:50 February-22 St. John's (YYT) Porter Airlines Canada PD2205 scheduled
12:10 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC609 scheduled
13:05 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC611 scheduled
14:00 February-22 St. John's (YYT) Porter Airlines Canada PD2461 scheduled
15:15 February-22 Ottawa (YOW) Porter Airlines Canada PD2234 scheduled
15:20 February-22 Cancun (CUN) Air Transat TS2688 scheduled
15:45 February-22 Vancouver (YVR) Korean Air KE8250 scheduled
16:15 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Porter Airlines Canada PD206 scheduled
16:30 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC615 scheduled
16:30 February-22 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge AC1597 scheduled
16:45 February-22 St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC2256 scheduled
17:00 February-22 Deer Lake (YDF) Air Canada AC2282 scheduled
17:05 February-22 Punta Cana (PUJ) Air Canada Rouge AC1767 scheduled
17:10 February-22 Toronto (YTZ) Porter Airlines Canada PD2284 scheduled
17:15 February-22 17:15 Varadero (VRA) Sunwing Airlines WG668 estimated
17:15 February-22 Anchorage (ANC) Korean Air KE8250 scheduled
17:45 February-22 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Express AC8247 scheduled
18:05 February-22 18:05 Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS233 estimated
18:30 February-22 Ottawa (YOW) Porter Airlines Canada PD2268 scheduled
18:55 February-22 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC619 scheduled
19:10 February-22 Montreal (YUL) Porter Airlines Canada PD2486 scheduled

Discover Halifax international airport departures

You can learn a little about Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia, a Canadian community. This airport can be very significant for you to tour the rural area and get to know the place. You can travel alone or as a family to the municipality that very few people in the world know.

Find out how distinguished the airport is, how long it has operated, and the Halifax departures available. Know how well the runways look at the airport, their length, and how many aviation companies leave each day.

Most popular routes

Halifax Stanfield Airport is part of Transport Canada, owned by the Canadian government. This airport was opened in 1960 but started its operations with HIAA (Halifax International Airport Authority) in 2000 for Stanfield airport departures. Halifax Stanfield airport is the eighth most used airport by Canadian citizens and tourists.

There are Cougar Helicopters, Maritime Air Charter, Air Canada Express, and Skylink Express at the airport for Halifax airport departures. By December 2003, the airport adopted the name “Robert Stanfield” in honor of the former Prime Minister of Nova Scotia.

Halifax Stanfield Airport ground transportation

Robert Stanfield Airport is located in the rural community of Nova Scotia that the Canadian government owns. The location is in Goffs, within the Halifax Regional Municipality.

You can take different means of transport outside the airport such as:

  • You can rent a vehicle and take Highway 102 that will connect you to the Trans-Canada highway. This route will take you to downtown Halifax in less than 30 minutes. Keep in mind that bringing a car rental can cost time when you return it so you won’t be too late for HIAA departures.
  • You can take MetroX route 320, which can take you to the Dartmouth Bridge terminal or into the suburbs of Fall River. This bus service runs every day of the week.
  • You can drive to the city center in about 30 minutes by taxi. They are waiting outside when you walk out of the terminal. The trip to Halifax costs about 60-70 dollars. A cheaper option is to travel with a Rideshare such as Lyft and Uber.
Parking Map


Park your car at Parkade if you want to park Hourly (level 1) or Daily. Ideal for short-term parking when you want to leave the car for a few hours or days. Exterior Parking Lot is located in front of this garage. This is not covered and there is no maximum vehicle height. This is just a bit cheaper. For long term parking you can go to Park’N Fly. Park the car at 668 Barnes Drive and continue on a free shuttle bus to the terminal. The parking fees for this are $16 per day and $80 per week


Since its opening in 1960, Halifax Stanfield International Airport has had two runways for Halifax Stanfield departures. These runways are 05/23, which is 10,500×200 feet, and 14/32, which is 7,700×200 feet wide. Overall the airport measures 960 hectares of land, so it still has enough land to create other runways to increase the number of Halifax flight departures.

Terminals at Halifax Airport

The airport has a fairly large terminal where you can see a huge Halifax Stanfield airport departures hall for domestic flights. This terminal has its plaza for you or your family to sit in for a long time. The terminal is also divided into a check-in hall with huge windows and a very attractive design. There are multiple restaurants and shopping options pre- and after security. There is no lounge at the airport.

The terminal has a total of 32 gates for YHZ departures for air and overland bridges with which you can leave the airport.


The airlines that are working with Halifax departures are:

  • Air Canada
  • Condor
  • Air Saint-Pierre
  • American Eagle
  • Air Transat
  • Porter Airlines
  • Flair Airlines
  • PAL Airlines
  • United Express
  • WestJet

You can also request cargo services who have Halifax airport departures at the airport with companies such as:

On the other hand, you can also take private Halifax airport flight departures from the airport with Sable Aviation, Maritime Air Charter, Cougar Helicopters, and Provincial Airlines.

Halifax Airport flight routes

If you want Halifax Stanfield departures, you can take one of these destinations:

Cargo destinations in Europe:


If you have a flight with an early departure, it is ideal to be at the airport. Otherwise you still have to make the trip to the Halifax Airport. That is why many passengers use the Alt Hotel Halifax Airport, which is within walking distance of the terminal. This hotel offers sufficient services for a good stay. This is also reflected in the many good reviews. If you want to stay in another hotel for one reason or another, this is of course also possible. A short distance away are three more hotels with good reviews where you can stay. You can easily travel by car in a few minutes to the airport car park or use the free hotel shuttle. You can also spend the night in these hotels if you want to be close to the airport:

  • Quality Inn
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites