Calgary Airport Departures

YYC Calgary International Airport

2000 Airport Road N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 6W5, Canada

Phone: +1 403-735-1200
Airport code: YYC
Elevation: 3,550 ft
Province: Alberta
Serves: Calgary Region


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Calgary International Airport (YYC) is the main airport in the Canadian state of Alberta. The location is 12 miles north of the city center. The area is about 5,000 acres. One this piece of land they created 2 passenger terminals, for domestic and international flights. There are 4 runways with different lengths.

YCC handles nearly 18 million Calgary departures (passengers) annually, making it Canada’s fourth-largest airport for passenger traffic. Calgary Airport has the longest runway in Canada of 14,000 feet to process Calgary flight departures. The length of the runway has to do with the height of the airport. Due to the lower air pressure, aircraft must approach at a higher approach speed.

Carriers that have an important share at the airport are WestJet and Air Canada. They use the airport as a headquarters or hub. Since Canada is a large country, Calgary departures are widely used. There are many flights to smaller airports in the region.

Terminal at Calgary airport

There are 2 terminals that are interconnected. The first part is for domestic flights (A, B, C) and the second part for YYC departures to the U.S. (E) and Calgary Airport departures to other international (D) destinations.

  • The domestic terminal is the older of the two. It opened in 1977. There have been many renovations and extensions over the years. At ground level you can find the transportation facilities. There is also a baggage claim for when you have landed. On the second level are the check-in counters. Security is also located here, through which you have to go to the Calgary airport departures hall. Then there is also mezzanine level. Here you can find a food court to eat or drink. The airline offices are also located here. Once in the departures hall you will be able to go to three possible concourses where the boarding gates are located. These are A, B, and C. In most cases, C will be used by Air Canada. Concourses A and B are used by WestJet and other airlines.
  • The international terminal is quite new. It was put into use in 2016. The basement level is for the workers. Baggage processing takes place here. One floor higher on the ground level is the arrival area and customs. Check-in for Calgary departures takes place on the second floor. The security and international concourse with boarding gates is also on this floor. Domestic flights also take place in this international terminal. These flights depart from the third floor. Then you also have a mezzanine level at the top with different lounges. In total there are two competitions. Concourse E is for all departures to the US (there is a preclearance facility) and Concourse D is for all other international destinations.



Calgary airport Flight routes

Most flights have YYC Calgary departures to:

In most cases this happens with Air Canada and WestJet. Some other popular domestic flight routes:

There are also many international flights starting at Calgary airport. Air Canada and WestJet offer most of these. Destinations are going to the Caribbean, US and Europe. Other airlines you frequently would see are Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines.

There are popular holiday destinations like:

Flights to Europe often go to the big airports like:

Most international flight routes are actually to the USA. Not just to the big cities but also smaller ones: