Calgary Airport Arrivals

YYC Calgary International Airport

Address: 2000 Airport Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6W5, Canada
Phone: 403 735 1200
IATA airport code: YYC
ICAO airport code: CYYC
Alias: Calgary Airport and Aeroport International de Calgary

YYC Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal/gate Status
11:54 June-2 11:49 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS106 A11 landed
11:59 June-2 11:04 June-2 Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA1125 D89 landed
12:03 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS9101 canceled
12:04 June-2 11:45 June-2 Los Angeles (LAX) WestJet WS1513 D73 landed
12:05 June-2 12:37 June-2 London (LHR) Air Canada AC851 D74 delayed
12:08 June-2 12:02 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC139 A22 estimated
12:12 June-2 11:48 June-2 Las Vegas (LAS) WestJet WS1399 D83 landed
12:12 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS9007 canceled
12:15 June-2 12:13 June-2 Kelowna (YLW) WestJet WS3346 B33 estimated
12:16 June-2 12:04 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS655 B37 estimated
12:18 June-2 Cranbrook (YXC) WestJet Link WS3056 A1 scheduled
12:19 June-2 12:25 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) Porter Airlines PD353 A16 estimated
12:26 June-2 12:25 June-2 Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet WS3379 A23 estimated
12:40 June-2 12:25 June-2 Regina (YQR) WestJet WS3291 A17 estimated
12:43 June-2 Victoria (YYJ) WestJet WS206 C53 scheduled
12:51 June-2 12:29 June-2 Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA537 D85 estimated
12:51 June-2 12:57 June-2 London (LGW) WestJet WS2 D76 estimated
12:53 June-2 12:44 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS108 C51 estimated
13:00 June-2 Abbotsford (YXX) Flair Airlines F8500 A20 scheduled
13:02 June-2 12:35 June-2 Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1102 E95 estimated
13:05 June-2 13:58 June-2 New York (EWR) Air Canada AC585 D71 delayed
13:11 June-2 12:54 June-2 Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Connection DL3500 E90 estimated
13:14 June-2 12:46 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS657 C56 estimated
13:14 June-2 Kamloops (YKA) WestJet WS3314 B39 scheduled
13:20 June-2 Grande Prairie (YQU) WestJet WS3522 B31 scheduled
13:20 June-2 Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS3348 B40 scheduled
13:23 June-2 13:18 June-2 Phoenix (PHX) WestJet WS1537 D94 estimated
13:25 June-2 13:39 June-2 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL677 D78 estimated
13:25 June-2 Fort St. John (YXJ) WestJet WS3100 C58 scheduled
13:29 June-2 Kamloops (YKA) WestJet WS8988 A5 scheduled
13:30 June-2 Comox (YQQ) WestJet WS492 C50 scheduled
13:39 June-2 Seattle (SEA) WestJet WS1551 D86 scheduled
13:41 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC210 C72 scheduled
13:50 June-2 Prince George (YXS) WestJet WS3174 C54 scheduled
13:51 June-2 13:18 June-2 Denver (APA) Netjets EJA794 estimated
13:53 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet (Walt Disney World - Mickey Mouse Livery) WS110 C57 scheduled
14:02 June-2 Winnipeg (YWG) WestJet WS267 C55 scheduled
14:03 June-2 Yellowknife (YZF) WestJet WS222 A21 scheduled
14:04 June-2 Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA2459 D88 scheduled
14:10 June-2 Kelowna (YLW) WestJet WS188 C53 scheduled
14:10 June-2 Nanaimo (YCD) WestJet WS3228 C51 scheduled
14:14 June-2 Abbotsford (YXX) WestJet WS3306 A17 scheduled
14:17 June-2 Brandon (YBR) WestJet WS3243 B37 scheduled
14:19 June-2 14:09 June-2 Dublin (DUB) WestJet WS5 D80 estimated
14:30 June-2 Winnipeg (YWG) Flair Airlines F8535 A19 scheduled
14:40 June-2 Las Vegas (LAS) WestJet WS1501 D70 scheduled
14:43 June-2 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA2462 D89 scheduled
14:43 June-2 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA2421 scheduled
14:44 June-2 14:14 June-2 Victorville (VCV) estimated
14:46 June-2 Lethbridge (YQL) WestJet WS3003 A1 scheduled
14:50 June-2 14:52 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) Flair Airlines F8621 A20 estimated
14:53 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS112 B35 scheduled
14:55 June-2 15:11 June-2 Frankfurt (FRA) Air Canada AC849 D74 delayed
14:57 June-2 Phoenix (PHX) Lynx Air Y9713 scheduled
14:58 June-2 14:58 June-2 Halifax (YHZ) Air Canada AC391 A22 estimated
15:05 June-2 Fort McMurray (YMM) WestJet WS3136 A6 scheduled
15:06 June-2 Regina (YQR) WestJet WS3199 B33 canceled
15:08 June-2 Victoria (YYJ) WestJet WS196 A11 scheduled
15:19 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) Porter Airlines PD357 A16 scheduled
15:20 June-2 Seattle (SEA) Alaska Horizon AS2019 scheduled
15:20 June-2 Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS3350 C57 scheduled
15:32 June-2 Edmonton (YEG) Air Canada Express AC8137 C72 scheduled
15:36 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada Jetz AC216 C50 scheduled
15:37 June-2 15:49 June-2 Paris (CDG) Westjet WS9 D84 estimated
15:40 June-2 15:32 June-2 London (LHR) WestJet WS19 D87 estimated
15:41 June-2 Fort McMurray (YMM) Air Canada Express AC8423 A13 scheduled
15:41 June-2 Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet WS3193 A23 scheduled
15:49 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS661 B37 scheduled
15:53 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS114 C56 scheduled
15:54 June-2 Los Angeles (LAX) Lynx Air DL4016 scheduled
16:09 June-2 Kelowna (YLW) WestJet WS3162 C58 scheduled
16:10 June-2 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC323 D78 scheduled
16:15 June-2 Portland (PDX) WestJet WS3627 D90 scheduled
16:22 June-2 Edmonton (YEG) Sunwest Aviation CNK215 scheduled
16:25 June-2 16:26 June-2 Rome (FCO) WestJet WS33 D76 estimated
16:25 June-2 Lloydminster (YLL) WestJet Link WS3065 A1 scheduled
16:29 June-2 16:32 June-2 Barcelona (BCN) WestJet WS7 D88 estimated
16:35 June-2 Winnipeg (YWG) WestJet WS269 C59 scheduled
16:36 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC220 C52 scheduled
16:44 June-2 Phoenix (PHX) WestJet WS1403 D83 scheduled
16:44 June-2 Denver (DEN) WestJet WS1571 D71 scheduled
16:47 June-2 Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS152 C57 scheduled
16:49 June-2 Los Angeles (LAX) WestJet WS1511 D73 scheduled
16:49 June-2 San Diego (SAN) WestJet WS1565 D82 scheduled
16:50 June-2 Las Vegas (LAS) WestJet WS1401 E95 scheduled
16:50 June-2 San Francisco (SFO) WestJet WS1509 D92 scheduled
16:53 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS116 C55 scheduled
16:53 June-2 Abbotsford (YXX) WestJet WS450 C55 scheduled
16:58 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC145 C50 scheduled
17:00 June-2 Penticton (YYF) WestJet WS3280 A3 scheduled
17:11 June-2 Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet WS359 C53 scheduled
17:11 June-2 Regina (YQR) WestJet WS3253 C54 scheduled
17:13 June-2 Victoria (YYJ) WestJet WS462 B35 scheduled
17:14 June-2 Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS665 B31 scheduled
17:15 June-2 Nanaimo (YCD) WestJet WS3234 A33 scheduled
17:20 June-2 Waterloo (YKF) Flair Airlines F8521 A20 scheduled
17:40 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) Flair Airlines F8802 A19 scheduled
17:53 June-2 Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS118 B37 scheduled
17:56 June-2 San Diego (SDM) scheduled
18:05 June-2 Ottawa (YOW) Flair Airlines F8557 A18 scheduled

About Calgary International Airport arrivals

Calgary International Airport is the main airport serving Alberta, Canada. Nearly 6 million passengers used the airport in 2021. This makes it a fairly small airport. It is the home of WestJet, and a major base of Air Canada. Canadian Air Transat flies between the two cities in high season.

The Calgary Airport Terminal consists of 2 terminals with 5 piers perpendicular to them, called Concourse A to Concourse E. All piers are a short walk from each other. The international terminal is quite new and opened in 2016.

Calgary International Airport is half an hour from the city by car / taxi. It takes 10-20 minutes longer by bus.

Terminals at Calgary Airport

There are 2 terminals adjacent to each other. There are domestic Calgary arrivals on parts A, B and C, international on D and for YYC Calgary arrivals  from the U.S. at part E. These are on the second floor. On the first floor is the Calgary airport arrivals hall with baggage reclaim area. There are 4 runways, 2 of which are quite long (12,675 and 14,000 feet). This is because there is a lower air pressure in Calgary. As a result, there is a higher speed that an aircraft must have to land / take off.


Flight routes

There are 250 thousand Calgary Airport arrivals to transport the 18 million passengers. Most YYC arrivals come from Vancouver and Toronto-Pearson and Edmonton. These flights are mainly operated by the airlines Westjet and Air Canada. Other international airlines that often have Calgary flight arrivals at YYC are Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air, KLM, United Airlines.

Top routes from YYC
  • YLW – Kelowna
  • YWG – Winnipeg
  • YXE – Saskatoon
  • YQR – Regina
  • YMM – Fort McMurray
  • YYJ – Victoria
  • YQU – Grande Prairie

Most international flights depart to the US. However, there are also some routes to Europe. You can fly to London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt in a direct flight. Options other than the US are in the Caribbean or Latin America. Some examples are:

Destinations across the US are widely spread across the country. Some busy airplane routes are as follows:

Ground transportation Calgary airport

You can easily take the taxi outside the terminal. The taxi is a pleasant and safe way to travel to or from Calgary International Airport.

Another option is to take the bus. You can take several buses to downtown Calgary. From international terminal door 15 on Calgary Airport Arrivals level, on the other side of the road is Pillar 32, where you can buy tickets. If you have a domestic flight and arrive at the domestic terminal: At exit 2 on arrivals, Pillar 7 is located on the other side of the road. Here are ticket machines for the buses. Some shops like 7-Eleven and The Sandstone pharmacy also sells bus tickets. A one-way ticket costs around $3.50.

Then there are 2 different routes:

  • Bus route 100 goes to McKnight-Westwinds Light Rail Train (LRT) Station. At this station you can take the CTrain Blue line, towards the center of Calgary.
  • Bus route 300 goes directly to downtown Calgary via Center Street (journey time 45 minutes). Buses leave every 30 minutes.