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9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (0)52 573323
Fax: +359 (0)52 511825
Owner: Varna Airport ltd

Airport Codes
IATA code: VAR

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If you want to travel to Bulgaria or from the country, you can use the Varna airport in the locality. The Varna airport presents unique features that you cannot miss to have a fantastic trip. Find out what services the air facility opens for you as a tourist to enjoy now and have Varna departures.

Flight routes

There are really only domestic flights to the capital of Bulgaria. There are on average 2 to 3 flights per day to Sofia Airport with the airlines Bulgaria Air. Furthermore, Wizz Air offers most flights to countries such as Germany and the UK. Especially in winter there are few flights. There are options to travel to London Luton, Frankfurt, Vienna, Eindhoven and Istanbul with a few flights a week. Less popular but year round flights are to Berlin, Charleroi Brussels and the Russian city Moscow (Airport Domodedovo).

Varna Airport is particularly reliant on summer flights. It is located on the Black Sea, which makes it a holiday destination for many people. There will be flights from many regions of Europe with many different airlines. Some of these include Easyjet, Eurowings, Smartwings, Sunclass Airlines, TUI, Austrian Airlines, and Wizz Air. Some of these destinations are:

About Varna Airport

Varna airport in Bulgaria is recognized for its long history of operations that began in 1916 with Varna flight departures. It is an airport that served during the first and second world wars but later became a public airbase to offer VAR airport departures. It is an airport operated by the Bulgarian government and has Bulgaria Air, Voyage-Air, and BH Airlines as hub airlines.

In general, Varna airport has 30 international destinations and 20 airlines in operation. By 2019, the airport served over 2 million passengers with more than 17,000 airline movements. With a big decrease in Varna airport departures in 2020 there have been just 6,881 flights.

Location for VAR departures

The aerial installation is located in Aksakovo, which is part of the Varna province, hence its name. You have to travel 13 kilometers from Aksakovo to get to the international airport.

Transportation at Varna Airport

Varna International Airport is characterized by public transport services such as:

  • Varna departures by car: You can rent a car or order a taxi from the airport to go to Aksakovo. The tour can take about 20 minutes.
  • VAR airport departures by bus: You can take the 403 bus route that passes through the entire air terminal to go to Aksakovo. You can also take ground transportation to go to Mall Varna, Helena, or Saints Constantine.
Varna Airport terminals

The airport has two terminals in operation for Varna flight departures; one of them was inaugurated in 2013 for low-cost flights. In T1, which would be the oldest, you can find flights through Bulgaria and several retail stores. This terminal also has a check-in hall to start the Varna airport departures, a VIP lounge, and a smoking area.

Terminal 2 is available for charter departures with EasyJet and Bulgaria Airlines, which are the focus airlines. They are two very large terminals in which you can have a lot of information about the country you are visiting. Among other services you can have at the airport are the Wi-Fi zone, car rental, and bus station.