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Address: 8016 Burgas, Bulgaria
IATA Airport Code: BOJ
ICAO Airport Code: LBBG
Alias: Sarafovo Airport


Learn About The History Of Burgas Airport And How Important It Is For Bulgaria

If you closely follow the tourist spots in Bulgaria, you may have heard about Burgas airport. This airbase corresponds to the second busiest in the country in southeastern Europe for a long time. You can dedicate a few minutes of your time to get to know the airport, its facility, and available airlines.


Burgas Airport in Bulgaria was built in 1937 by the CIDNA company, which is now known as Air France. This airport is among the favorites for tourists due to its large size and number of flights. You can have hub travel with airlines such as European Air Charter, Bulgaria Air, or BH Air if you prefer.

In 2018 the airport could handle 3,277,229 passengers in more than 30 thousand air movements. It is an admirable and beautiful airport with which you will be captivated by its beautiful terminal.


Burgas airport is located in the southwest of Bulgaria in the Sarafovo neighborhood, very close to the city center. You have to travel about 6 miles from Burgas to get to the international airport.


When you decide to travel to Burgas airport you will be surprised to see the quality of ground transportation available:

• You can rent a vehicle from the best companies in the country and ask to park it in the parking lot. With your hands behind the wheel, you have to take the national highway and head to Burgas.

• When leaving the airport you will have several taxi lines that will take you to Burgas without problems. It can take about 15 minutes to get to the city center.

• As a last resort, you can take the public bus to Burgas or other destinations. You must take line 15 from the airport.


The airport provides its operations for two terminals in which you will find several services available. Terminal 1 is the oldest, measures 20 thousand square meters, and is intended for domestic flights.

Terminal 2 would be the newest. It was expanded in 1990 and has various food services, rental services, and car rentals. In this terminal, you will find the baggage carousels, waiting rooms, and check-in counters.

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