Brussels Airport Departures

Bruxelles-National or Luchthaven Zaventem

Airport Codes: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) refers to the airport code BRU. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) uses EBBR.

Address: Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium
Phone: local 0900 700 00 or international +32 2 753 77 53 (€ 0.50/min)
Number of runways: 3
Elevation: 58 m
Serves: Brussels
Runway 07L/25R: 45 × 3638 m

BRU Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
06:50 07:02 Vienna (VIE) Brussels Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) SN2901 estimated
06:55 07:06 Munich (MUC) Brussels Airlines SN2641 estimated
06:55 07:06 Zurich (ZRH) Brussels Airlines SN2729 estimated
07:00 07:11 Frankfurt (FRA) Brussels Airlines SN2607 estimated
07:00 08:23 Antalya (AYT) Corendon Airlines XC1780 estimated
07:10 07:21 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3207 estimated
07:15 07:15 Faro (FAO) Transavia HV9007 estimated
07:15 07:18 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1942 estimated
07:30 07:30 Rome (FCO) Brussels Airlines SN3175 estimated
07:50 07:50 Warsaw (WAW) LOT (Podkarpackie Livery) LO232 estimated
08:00 08:00 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1722 estimated
08:00 08:00 Paris (CDG) Brussels Airlines (Tintin comics Livery) SN3633 estimated
08:00 08:13 Chisinau (KIV) FlyOne 5F836 estimated
08:10 08:10 Geneva (GVA) easyJet U21528 estimated
08:10 08:10 Eskisehir (AOE) SunExpress XQ757 estimated
08:15 08:41 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1005 estimated
08:30 08:42 Rzeszow (RZE) Tyrol Air Ambulance TYW431 estimated
08:50 09:01 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH2283 estimated
08:55 09:07 Florence (FLR) Brussels Airlines SN3139 estimated
09:00 Dubai (DWC) Ethiopian Cargo ET3713 scheduled
09:00 09:00 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR2947 estimated
09:10 09:20 Valencia (VLC) Brussels Airlines SN3751 estimated
09:15 09:27 Barcelona (BCN) Ryanair FR2917 estimated
09:15 09:26 Geneva (GVA) Swiss LX791 estimated
09:15 09:26 Hamburg (HAM) SAS SN2623 estimated
09:15 09:27 Lisbon (LIS) Brussels Airlines (Red Devils & Red Flames Livery) SN3815 estimated
09:20 09:31 Milan (LIN) Hibernian Airlines AZ151 estimated
09:20 09:31 Zagreb (ZAG) Croatia Airlines OU457 estimated
09:20 09:31 Faro (FAO) Brussels Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) SN3801 estimated
09:25 09:25 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR658 estimated
09:25 09:37 Berlin (BER) Brussels Airlines SN2581 estimated
09:25 09:37 Madrid (MAD) Brussels Airlines (The Smurfs Livery) SN3721 estimated
09:30 09:41 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1007 estimated
09:30 09:41 Prague (PRG) Brussels Airlines SN2809 estimated
09:30 09:43 Montreal (YUL) Air Transat TS155 estimated
09:35 09:46 Copenhagen (CPH) Brussels Airlines SN2257 estimated
09:35 Munich (MUC) Brussels Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) SN2643 canceled
09:35 09:46 Naples (NAP) Brussels Airlines SN3169 estimated
09:35 09:47 Lyon (LYS) Brussels Airlines SN3587 estimated
09:40 09:51 Riga (RIX) Air Baltic BT602 estimated
09:40 09:51 Tallinn (TLL) Air Baltic BT852 estimated
09:40 09:40 Toulouse (TLS) Brussels Airlines SN3667 estimated
09:45 09:56 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX787 estimated
09:45 09:45 Tel Aviv (TLV) Brussels Airlines SN3289 estimated
09:45 09:56 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY8981 estimated
09:50 09:50 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS352 estimated
09:50 09:50 London (LHR) Brussels Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) SN2093 estimated
09:50 Stockholm (BMA) Brussels Airlines SN2303 canceled
09:50 09:50 Milan (LIN) Brussels Airlines SN3147 estimated
09:50 09:50 Nice (NCE) Brussels Airlines SN3617 estimated
10:00 10:25 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC833 estimated
10:00 10:00 Manchester (MAN) Brussels Airlines (Tomorrowland Livery) SN2173 estimated
10:10 10:25 Camp Springs (ADW) United States – US Air Force (USAF) estimated
10:15 10:31 New York (EWR) United Airlines UA998 estimated
10:15 10:45 Atlanta (ATL) DHL QY300 estimated
10:20 10:20 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI631 estimated
10:20 10:20 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO236 estimated
10:20 10:20 Ankara (ESB) SunExpress XQ775 estimated
10:25 10:25 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1724 estimated
10:30 10:30 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK594 estimated
10:30 10:45 Kigali (KGL) Brussels Airlines SN467 estimated
10:30 10:30 Athens (ATH) Brussels Airlines SN3245 estimated
10:30 10:30 Porto (OPO) Brussels Airlines SN3811 estimated
10:35 10:50 New York (JFK) Brussels Airlines SN501 estimated
10:40 10:40 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR2983 estimated
10:40 10:40 Bordeaux (BOD) CityJet SN3555 estimated
10:40 10:55 Tangier (TNG) Fly2Sky 3O134 estimated
10:45 11:00 Washington (IAD) Brussels Airlines SN515 estimated
10:45 10:45 Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX1172 estimated
10:55 10:55 Oslo (OSL) Air Baltic SK4744 estimated
11:00 11:00 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR2915 estimated
11:00 11:00 Venice (VCE) Brussels Airlines SN3201 estimated
11:00 11:00 Marseille (MRS) Brussels Airlines SN3597 estimated
11:00 11:00 Bilbao (BIO) Brussels Airlines SN3711 estimated
11:00 11:15 Nimes (FNI) estimated
11:05 11:05 New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL141 estimated
11:05 11:05 Vilnius (VNO) Brussels Airlines SN2371 estimated
11:05 11:15 Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH9869 estimated
11:10 11:10 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3621 estimated
11:15 11:15 Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA973 estimated
11:20 11:20 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1009 estimated
11:20 11:20 Kinshasa (FIH) Brussels Airlines SN357 estimated
11:25 11:25 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK1938 estimated
11:35 11:35 Rome (FCO) ITA Airways (Born in 2021 Livery) AZ159 estimated
11:40 11:40 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY1542 estimated
11:40 11:40 Nador (NDR) Fly2Sky 3O132 estimated
11:40 11:55 Bordeaux (BOD) estimated
11:45 11:45 London (LHR) British Airways BA393 estimated
11:45 12:00 Cotonou (COO) Brussels Airlines SN231 estimated
11:45 11:45 Douala (DLA) Brussels Airlines SN369 estimated
11:45 11:45 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP647 estimated
11:50 12:05 Burgas (BOJ) Corendon Airlines XR7651 estimated
11:55 11:55 Kos (KGS) Brussels Airlines (Tintin comics Livery) SN3243 estimated
12:00 12:00 Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA951 estimated
12:00 12:15 Saint-Tropez (LTT) estimated
12:00 12:15 Milan (BGY) Luxembourg Air Ambulance estimated
12:05 12:05 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3203 estimated
12:10 12:10 Freetown (FNA) Brussels Airlines SN241 estimated
12:10 12:25 London (LCY) Luxaviation Belgium estimated
12:15 12:15 Dakar (DSS) Brussels Airlines SN203 estimated

Discover Brussels International airport departures

Brussels Airport, located north of  Brussels in Zaventem. The airport transports millions of passengers every year. More than 200 companies use the airport resulting in thousands of jobs. Brussels Airlines and TUI Fly Belgium offer most Zaventem departures. The first Zaventem airport departures were during the Second World War when it served as a reserve airport for Steenokkerzeel. Two of the three current runways are from that time. In the years after the war, a new terminal was built and various extensions and improvements were made to the building and the runways. Over the years, the airport grew more and more and the flights increased.

It has currently 3 runways for Brussels departures, of which the longest is 11936 feet (3638 meters) long. Zaventem Airport is 184 feet (56 m) above sea level. National / Zaventem Airport, Brussels, Belgium, is located in the UTC + 1 (DST + 2) time zone.

Passengers statistics Brussels Airport

There was a great rapid growth of passengers from 1990 to 2000. From 8 to almost 22 million passengers per year. The amount of Brussels Zaventem departures dropped quickly after the national airline Sabena went bankrupt. However, since 2002 there has been ups and downs again with a record of more than 26 million passengers in 2019 with 234,000 aircraft operations. Unfortunately, this could not be continued due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Routes from Brussels Airport

The busiest routes are within Europe. Most Bruxelles airport departures go to Spain (Madrid Airport and Barcelona El Prat Airport) with over a million passengers per year. The following destinations complete the busiest routes:

Looking at the international BRU airport departures most flights by far go to New York Newark and JFK together. Other major destinations with many flights are:

Zaventem Airport Airlines

In addition to TUI and Brussels Airlines, you can choose many other airlines to fly to many destinations. For example, choose Brussels flight departures with the carriers:

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Arabia
  • Air Canada
  • Air Europa
  • Alitalia
  • Blue Air
  • British Airways
  • Corendon Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Easyjet
  • El Al
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Eurowings
  • Iberia
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Ryanair
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Thai Airways
  • Vueling
  • United Airlines
  • Turkish Airline
Ground transportation Brussels Airport

There are several ways to get to or from Brussels Zaventem airport.

Brussels Airport departures by ground transport

We divide the options into four categories:

  • By car & parking: Many passengers drive to the airport themselves for various reasons. If you plan to travel yourself, you can easily park your car at one of the available parking garages. They are relatively all close by. There are also external companies that offer parking facilities further from the airport for a cheaper price. If you want to drop someone else off at the airport, you can drive to the Drop-off zone. You can park here for a few minutes. If you want a longer goodbye or a drink in the terminal, you can park your car at one of the parking garages. If you want to pick someone up, you can also do this via the garages. You could possibly go through the drop-off if the passengers are already there ready to leave.
  • By public transport: You can depart from the airport by bus or train. You can easily travel by train from Brussels Airport to the city center. There are several Brussels departures per hour. Other cities in Belgium or surrounding countries such as the Netherlands and France can also be reached quickly and easily by train. The train station can be found in the terminal on Level -1. There are also airport shuttles or special travel buses that can also drop or pick you up right in front of the terminal (P15 and P16). Then there are also intercity buses. These are often longer-distance buses for trips to Antwerp, for example. Use the Eurolines or Flixbus for example. At the same location are also the local transport buses that mainly run to Brussels city. Some hotels offer a free shuttle service. However, they are allowed to park directly in front of the terminal. Use this shuttle bus which is located at Level 0 of the terminal.
  • Rental car & Shared car: You could also rent a car. There are several car rental companies where this is possible. Brussels airport departures with a rental car is within walking distance of the terminal at the Car Rental Parking. There is a special ‘Car Sharing Zone’ in the section of P1. Shared cars are available there that you can reserve with an app. The Poppy and GreenMobility companies are the two options you have.
  • Taxi and Limousine: travel with a little more luxury when you arrive. You can quickly travel to your destination by taxi. They are waiting outside just in front of the terminal when you walk out of the arrivals hall. The price is per time meter and it costs about 45 euros to the center of Brussels. If you want to travel in a limousine, you can contact Direct Way or Modern Car.