Arrivals Antwerp Airport

The international Antwerp (IATA airport code: ANR & ICAO code: EBAW) airport is becoming increasingly popular. It starts to become a real regional airport. Antwerp Airport is also quite attractive to Dutch as the most close to the Dutch border. However, the Antwerp airport has major competition from neighboring airports Brussels Airport and Eindhoven Airport. Still, Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium (Brussels is the largest). Antwerp Airport is also called Deurne Airport. The number of passengers flying from Antwerp airport has never been above the 200,000 per year.

History of the airport
In 1923, all airport Antwerp was founded. Though there before the outbreak of World War II there were plans to make a big port, those plans were thrown into the trash after 1945. National politicians then decided to extend Brussels Airport instead of Antwerp Airport. The city of Antwerp had been the port, which is Europe’s largest port after Rotterdam harbor. This has always been so, there in terms of airport priority was given to Brussels.

Facts Antwerp Airport

  • The airport is located 5 kilometers from the city of Antwerp
  • Antwerp airport is located 135 kilometers south of Amsterdam
  • There is no time difference with the Netherlands