Since independence, Belgium has grown in 1830 to a country with over 11 million inhabitants, lives a large part in the Brussels area. Belgium with in northern Flanders (Dutch) and in southern Wallonia (French-speaking) has five airports that are used for passenger flights. A near Antwerp, a near Liege, a near Ostend and two near the capital Brussels (Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport). Useful information about the Belgian airports can be found here.

Flight times

Antwerp AirportArrivalsDepartures
Brussels AirportArrivalsDepartures
Brussels South Charleroi AirportArrivalsDepartures

Practical information:

  • Time zone: Central European Time + 1
  • Currency: euro, through Travelex, you can easily exchange for leaving money to buy!
  • National Day: July 21
  • Airport: Airport (Dutch) / aéroport (French)

belgium airports

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What are the biggest / busiest airports in Belgium?

Position Airport Number of passengers (2015)
1 Brussels Airport 23.460.018 (+7% from 2014)
2 Charleroi Airport 6.956.302 (+8% from  2014)
3 Liege Airport 299.292 (-1% from 2014)
4 Ostend Brugge Airport 276.000 (+9% from 2014)
5 Antwerp Airport 221.153 (+82% from 2014)