St. Kitts Airport Arrivals & Departures SKB

Basseterre Robert L. Bradshaw Airport

Address: Robert L. Bradshaw Int’l Airport Basseterre St. Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Phone: +1 869-466-5576
Location: Basseterre
Owner: St Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority
Airport Codes
IATA code: SKB

St. Kitts Airport Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
19:00 September-15 18:32 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM355 estimated
06:40 September-16 Antigua (ANU) LIAT LI327 scheduled
08:45 September-16 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM303 scheduled
13:16 September-16 Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA318 scheduled
13:30 September-16 Bridgetown (BGI) Caribbean Airlines BW270 scheduled
14:06 September-16 Birmingham (BHM) Netjets scheduled
15:20 September-16 Antigua (ANU) British Airways BA2157 scheduled
15:35 September-16 Santo Domingo (SDQ) SKYhigh Dominicana DO980 scheduled
19:00 September-16 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM357 scheduled

St. Kitts Airport Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
19:15 September-15 19:30 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM356 estimated
20:20 September-15 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM356 scheduled
07:05 September-16 Castries (SLU) LIAT LI327 scheduled
09:00 September-16 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM304 scheduled
14:08 September-16 14:23 Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA318 estimated
14:15 September-16 14:15 Bridgetown (BGI) Caribbean Airlines BW271 estimated
16:25 September-16 Santo Domingo (SDQ) SKYhigh Dominicana DO981 scheduled
16:50 September-16 Antigua (ANU) British Airways BA2256 scheduled
18:15 September-16 Nevis (NEV) Air Sunshine RSI5514 scheduled
19:15 September-16 Sint Maarten (SXM) Winair WM358 scheduled

Robert L. Bradshaw airport arrivals

Formerly known as Golden Rock Airport, is located in the southeast on Saint Kitts Island. Together with the Island Nevis they form a duo together. Southern Nevis does not offer long haul SKB airport arrivals due to its small airport. In most cases you will have to take Basseterre departures in a smaller plane.


Robert L. Bradshaw airport departures larger planes

Major refurbishment in 2004-2006 makes it possible for larger aircraft to have St Kitts arrivals. The 8,000 feet long runway has served routes to Canada and the United States. Many of these Basseterre arrivals from there are seasonal SKB airport departures. Only the regional flights fly all year round. The regional flights are mostly operated by Air Sunshine, Seaborne Airlines, Sky High and Trans Anguilla Airways. The St Kitts departures with these airlines are to the surrounding islands such as Anguilla, Santo Domingo, Antigua, Saint Eustatius, San Juan and more.


The international Saint Kitts flight arrivals have been temporarily stopped due to corona in 2020 and 2021 but are expected to restart in the future. From Canada you can fly with Air Canada to Saint Kitts and Nevis via Toronto-Pearson. The only SKB departures to Europe is to London-Gatwick with British Airways. There are Saint Kitts flight departures with American Airlines via Miami all year round, but this has been temporarily reset due to corona. The seasonal Basseterre airport departures with these airlines are to Charlotte, New York-JFK and Dallas / Forth Worth. Delta Air Lines operates SKB arrivals from their Atlanta home base as well as JFK New York. Another route to New York is operated by United Airlines from Newark Airport.

There is a daily flight to/from Miami with Amerijet International for Cargo Shipping. They will fly to Sint Maarten as well.

Things to do at St Kitts

It sounds so simple but peacefully strolling through the city of Basseterre like at Port Zante, the Old Treasury and see the Berkeley Memorial clock. If you are looking for a market you have to go to Fort Street. They mainly sell local food there. Independence Square used to be a slave market. You can see colonial houses with cellars where the slaves slept.

The country has a lot of history with sugar. The sugar industry can be found everywhere on the island. There are several windmills, ruins, and a rum distillery.

For a nice view you have to go to the Brimstone Hill fort. Via a beautiful tourist road and gatehouses you arrive at the UNESCO heritage that was built by the British 3 centuries ago. The fort is also known as ‘The Gibraltar of the West Indies’.

If you prefer nature, you can take a walk through the rainforest. Around the mountains of the island there is a lot of natural rainforest. The forests are full of monkeys, birds and flora. You can also climb Mount Liamuiga with a guide. For a bit of adventure, you could also get off the funicular.

There is also happiness for train lovers. To transport sugar cane, a railway was used to transport everything to the capital where it was processed. There is still a train for tourists to have beautiful views over the former sugar fields.

St Kitts is an island in the Caribbean and that of course means beautiful beaches. Cockleshell Bay is a beach that is very popular among the people. You can enjoy yourself on a lounger with a cocktail. There are many beach bars available to enjoy a nice drink. You can of course also become active on the water. There are various options for snorkeling in St Kitts or paddling in a kayak.